Top 5 Motorcycles to Rent in Las Vegas, Nevada

May 12, 2022

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BMW S 1000 XR ridden near Las Vegas.

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” A desert city awash in neon, Las Vegas is the place where fortunes are lost and made, where Lady Luck rules, and where everyone goes at least once in their life to say, “I’ve been there.” Riders making use of Las Vegas’ Harley-Davidson rentals, or any luxury motorcycle rental, are in for a uniquely fast-paced experience in this city of nightclubs, resorts, and concerts. Learn more in the How to Rent a Motorcycle in Las Vegas write up.

For one, you’ll be treated to scenic desert hiking trails if you ride to the Las Vegas Springs Preserve near U.S. Route 95. If the desert vegetation is a little too sparse for your taste, ridei back to Vegas and visit the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens for lush floral arrangements, free-of-charge and open to the public. 

Next up, the fascinating Mob Museum on Fremont Street, full of interactive exhibits and information about U.S. law enforcement’s long battle with organized crime. Finally, rest your feet high above the city on the High Roller Ferris Wheel or Stratosphere Tower Observation Deck and snap envy-provoking photos to show friends and family back home!

It doesn’t matter if you’re only looking for BMW motorcycles in Las Vegas or searching for the perfect Harley or Ducati. Riders Share brings local riders and out-of-town renters together on an online motorcycle rental marketplace. Nothing stands in the way of your next legendary Vegas tour. Want more tips? Read the Best Harley-Davidson Cruisers to Ride in Las Vegas, Nevada article.

1. Las Vegas Springs Preserve and BMW’s S 1000 XR

First off on our list is the Las Vegas Springs Preserve. Originally the source of water for the entire city of Las Vegas, this historically-significant location has since been developed into an eight-acre nature preserve.

Head on over to the Origen Museum located within the preserve to learn about the geology and history of the Mojave Desert. Once you’ve become acquainted with the past, pay your respects to the present by hiking the roughly 3.5 miles of trail which spiderweb throughout the preserve. In the spring, some 1,200 plant species bloom in the region, including cacti, vegetables, roses, and herbs. Be on the lookout for Gila monsters, spiders, tortoises, snakes, and cottontail rabbits on the way! Later on, feel free to look into the future at the Desert Living Center, a complex containing 43 exhibits of sustainability projects undertaken in the region.

You’ll need a set of wheels to reach this area of unsurpassed natural beauty located off of U.S. Route 95. If you’re not partial to Las Vegas Harley-Davidson rentals, try the BMW S 1000 XR for a change. This bike was made for speed and adventure.

2. High Roller Ferris Wheel and Ducati’s Scrambler Icon

If you’re feeling like a high roller, visit the High Roller Ferris Wheel on the LINQ Promenade. Located across from Caesars Palace, this massive tourist attraction was built in 2014 in order to give people an eagle’s-eye view of the city and surrounding desert. As of 2021, the High Roller was the highest Ferris wheel in the world and featured 28 passenger cabins, with a maximum capacity of 40 people. Park your street bike after sunset and grab yourself a seat on the High Roller while it’s illuminated by 2,000 LED lights. There’s even a “happy half-hour” option for those who want beverages to accompany their 30-minute ride in the sky. This is a can’t-miss attraction!

If you’re torn between renting Ducati or BMW motorcycles in Las Vegas, the Ducati Scrambler Icon might force you to make a choice. With this bike, expect a mix of comfort and agility, along with a healthy dose of old-school style. Its wide handlebar, round headlight, LED guide-lights, and dual-sport wheels make it both easy and fun to ride!

3. Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and Ducati’s Multistrada 1200 Enduro

Whether you’re riding a Ducati in Las Vegas or another luxury brand, you should consider a visit to the Bellagio for something more than just a classy hotel room. Next to the hotel lobby lies the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, maintained by a dedicated team of 120 horticulturists and landscape designers. The gardens feature rotating displays of floral arrangements, as well as several picturesque bridges, gazebos, and ponds. The gardens change with the seasons and the holidays. Expect red, white, and blue flowers in the summer, lots of reds and oranges in the autumn, and a giant Christmas tree by the end of the year. No entrance fee required: these gardens are free and open to the public.

Putting aside Las Vegas Harley-Davidson rentals, a Ducati like the Multistrada 1200 Enduro may be the ideal choice for your floral romps. This bike is fast, powerful, and loaded with goodies and extras.

4. Mob Museum and Harley-Davidson’s XL 1200N Nightster

You’ve watched mob movies like The Godfather, Goodfellas, and Scarface, but have you visited the Mob Museum? If you haven’t, pick a winner from the Las Vegas Vegas Harley-Davidson rentals lineup and ride on over to one of the most fascinating stops in the desert. You’ll find the Mob Museum north of Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, occupying what was once the Las Vegas Post Office and Courthouse. Built in 1933, this is the very building where the 14 Kefauver Committee hearings were held in the 1950s, exposing organized crime across the country. 

Now the Mob Museum features grisly exhibits depicting the costs (and profits) of crime and U.S. law enforcement’s struggle to put an end to it. You’ll find this particular museum to be highly interactive; a “crime lab” lets you compare your fingerprints to those of famous mobsters, and the Use of Force Training Experience puts you in the position of a police officer in tense situations. Perhaps the cherry on the top of this multilayered experience is the Underground bar, built to look like a speakeasy from the Prohibition Era.

Once you’ve looked through the BMW motorcycles of Las Vegas, consider checking out the Harleys too. In particular, the XL 1200N Nightster is worth serious consideration. Equipped with chopped exhaust pipes, you’ll go roaring down the Strip with maximum style.

5. Stratosphere Tower Observation Deck and Harley-Davidson’s FXBB Street Bob

Rounding off as exciting a trip to Vegas as outlined above can be difficult, but all you need to do is look up for inspiration. The Stratosphere Tower Observation Deck stands 1,149-feet above the Vegas skyline and sits atop the Stratosphere hotel and casino complex. This observation tower is the second-tallest in the Western hemisphere and affords stunning views of the Strip and the Spring Mountains in the northwest. 

Head on over to this impressive attraction with an empty stomach; you can eat at a revolving restaurant located at the top! The 107 Skylounge bar will provide you with additional refreshments and a 360-degree view. Make sure you check out the tower’s four rides before you depart: the Big Shot will launch you 164 feet above the observation deck, and SkyJump Las Vegas will send you nearly 900 feet below.

Whether you choose a Ducati from Las Vegas or another make for your Vegas adventures, you’re bound to have loads of fun. Let us recommend the Harley-Davidson FXBB Street Bob for a visit to the Stratosphere. While this bike won’t take you up into the air, it will take you from Point A to B in style and comfort.

Don’t just look for BMW motorcycles and destinations in Las Vegas—actively take advantage of the surrounding motorcycle routes, too (read the A Self-Guided Motorcycle Tour of Las Vegas, Nevada post). If you’d like further information about why you should consider ditching a car rental for a motorcycle rental in Sin City, read the Why You Should Ditch Car Rentals for Motorcycles in Las Vegas article.

Finding a Ducati in Las Vegas, or any other luxury motorcycle rental, doesn’t have to be a complicated game of hide-and-seek between you and the bike of your dreams. Using Riders Share, you’ll see how the motorcycle rental industry has adapted to the digital age. Find the right ride and gear at the right location, coordinate with the seller, and you’re set. Getting around Vegas has never been easier.