Top 5 Motorcycle Rentals and Riding Destinations in Tampa, Florida

May 2, 2022


Harley-Davidson ridden in Tampa, Florida.

While Tampa, Florida may not be as big a household name as Miami, it’s no less glorious a retreat for motorcycle riders seeking an escape from the hum-drum routine of life. Nestled in the Gulf of Mexico near the waters of Tampa Bay, this prominent Floridian city boasts a combination of exotic and modern attractions. Renting a Ducati in Tampa, or any other luxury street bike, is the easiest way to visit as many attractions as possible.

If you put one of our top-notch Tampa Harley-Davidson rentals between your legs, you’ll enjoy the open-air riding as much as the destinations. Discover the authentic side of Tampa by paying a visit to its historic Ybor City district, where the ruins of a massive cigar-making operation have long since been converted into an up-and-coming downtown area.  Then, ride over to the old Tampa Bay Hotel and gaze at the beautifully-manicured gardens and decorative architecture of the hotel’s south wing. But the fun doesn’t stop there—it might end at Tampa’s renowned Big Cat Rescue, where you can see tigers, leopards, and all manner of exotic felines, or at Busch Gardens, Tampa’s answer to Disney World. 

Whether you’re looking for a Harley-Davidson, BMW, or Ducati in Tampa, you can always rely on Riders Share to make motorcycle rental in the Sunshine State as easy as possible. Pick from its wide selection of luxury bikes and plow forward, full-steam-ahead into an unforgettable motorcycling adventure.

1. Henry B. Plant Museum and Ducati’s Scrambler Icon

Pick your favorite Ducati and begin a Sunshine State vacation with a visit to one of the most luxurious locations in the city. Located inside the Tampa University campus, and formerly the south wing of the Tampa Bay Hotel, the Henry B. Plant Museum is as interesting on the inside as it is outside. Indoors, you’ll discover numerous collections chronicling Tampa’s centuries-long growth into Florida’s top tourist destination. Marvel at the ornate Victorian architecture outside, a fusion of Baroque and Oriental styles. The gardens of the museum are expertly manicured and interspersed with statues, fountains, and an old cannon from the Spanish-American War. There’s plenty to admire when walking along the trails inside the gardens.

For this trip, we recommend the Ducati Scrambler Icon. This street bike is as tidy as the Henry B. Plant Museum’s architecture, but nimble to boot. The Scrambler Icon will allow you to tackle Tampa’s city roads and highways with guaranteed ease.

2. Ybor City and Harley-Davidson’s FXFB Fat Bob ABS

Cigar aficionados are bound to be impressed by Tampa’s Historic Ybor City. This bustling downtown area was once the premier cigar factory in all of America. Its red-brick buildings have churned out innumerable cigars since the late nineteenth-century. Once a top destination for immigrant workers, the factory shut down during the great depression and has now become one of Tampa’s most promising districts. 

This jumble of old cigar mills has been converted into a collection of classy bars, breweries, and restaurants catering to a young, hip crowd of locals and tourists. The Tampa Bay Brewing Company is an excellent example of the district’s penchant for craft brews. Art galleries have also sprung up out of the abandoned depots! Just imagine cruising down 7th Avenue on one of those Tampa Harley-Davidson rentals, the whole district practically begging you to explore its historic nooks and crannies. Now located on America’s National Register of Historic Places, Ybor City is guaranteed to give you a good time.

For this outing, you can’t go wrong with the Harley-Davidson FXDB Fat Bob ABS. This motorcycle rental from Tampa is perfect for leisurely rides along the beach or through downtown areas like Ybor City. With plenty of torque and versatility, this bike is a solid choice.

3. Hillsborough River State Park and Harley-Davidson’s XL1200X Forty-Eight

Ride out of Tampa and into the wild with a journey to Hillsborough River State Park! This park is near the northern edge of Tampa and consists of a combination of bayous and wetlands. Within, you’ll see webs of vine-encased trees and impressive oak canopies, not to mention the occasional tropical bird or alligator. Hillsborough is the oldest state park in the region and remains untouched by the modern conveniences of civilization. Go canoeing along its waterways and walk along the Wetlands Restoration Trail to escape from the artificial and immerse yourself in the natural. Visit the interpretive center to learn about the Seminole Wars which took place in the region before heading back into town.

For this trip, take a spin on the XL1200X Forty-Eight. This Sportster is loads of fun, especially if outfitted with a Stage II performance upgrade, Vance & Hines pipes, and a custom comfort seat. Grab it before someone else does!

4. Busch Gardens and BMW’s G 310 R

You can’t stay in Tampa without visiting Busch Gardens. Rivaling Disneyland and Disney World as a classic American theme park, Busch Gardens has been in operation since 1959. Now it covers 136 hectares of land on the northern edge of Tampa. This theme park is famous for its spine-tingling roller coasters like the Gwazi, a Moroccan-themed ride with speedy drops. Busch Gardens is also known for its wildlife exhibits. In fact, it was one of the first parks to allow its animals free-range in mock-ups of their original habitats. Here you’ll find the standard zoo fare, from rhinos and giraffes to hippos and flamingos. It’s impossible to have a bad time at Busch Gardens—all you need is a motorcycle rental to get there. The highly-maneuverable BMW G 310 R is a responsible choice for urban cruising. 

5. Big Cat Rescue and Harley-Davidson’s V-Rod Night Rod Special

Can’t get enough of the feline wildlife at Busch Gardens? Fascinated by the Tiger King television series? Satisfy your curiosity by heading to the city’s Big Cat Rescue. This rescue facility was started in order to offer sanctuary to abused pets and former circus acts, including lions, tigers, and bobcats. Big Cat Rescue features some 80 different species of cats and offers day tours, guided photo tours, and night safaris. Seeing these big cats is worth the cost—visitors like you keep this non-profit institution open!

If you’re going on a night safari, then the Harley-Davidson V-Rod Night Rod Special is the right tool for the job. One of the more stylish Tampa Harley-Davidson rentals, this motorcycle is bound to impress, especially when it’s parked beside a big cat rescue.

Now that you’ve got a chance to run through this exciting itinerary, we bet you’re rearing to take a look at those Tampa Harley-Davidson rentals and make a decision. Need more trip ideas? Read the Motorcycle Riding Routes and Trips Near Tampa, Florida article.

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