How to Make Money With Your Motorcycles

Feb 23, 2023


Suzuki SV650 rental motorcycle.

So you’re thinking about making money with the motorcycle sitting idle in the garage? Learn how to list your motorcycle for rent with Riders Share. After listing your street bike, here’s some helpful tips to ensure it’s rented faster.

Of course, the listing needs to have nice photos and be available for rent at a fair price. Lower prices attract more booking. We think the sweet spot is $99 per day for a premium touring bike, for example. Once you get a five-star review, you are more likely to get added bookings. You also want to respond to messages fast and avoid cancellations at all costs, to avoid getting penalized by the search engine. Be sure to read the Make Money With Your Motorcycle article for more insight.

The basics:

  • Good prices: make sure your bike is priced a little lower than similar bikes in your area
  • 5 star reviews & no cancellations
  • Offer Delivery to attract higher dollar transactions
  • Excellent photos & description

Now that you have those bases covered, it's time to build some added marketing.

Google My Business

In the Internet Age, shopping is done on the web. One of the most important things you can do is make sure your rental company is listed on Google My Business. 

When folks search for motorcycles near them with Google, they can see yours in the maps section if it’s listed in Google My Business. To do this, follow the link below and fill in the info. 

You can provide a link to your bike, or profile (which contains all your vehicles), and use it to drive web traffic to your Riders Share account. If you don't feel comfortable sharing your contact info, use the email handle and our phone number: (657) 200-5470. We can take care of the rest. 

Once you are confirmed, you’ll receive a letter from Google in a few days to verify your address. It's a very simple and super effective way to appear on local searches.


Yelp for Business Owners

Yelp isn’t just for foodies. If you want to stay ahead of the latest motorcycle industry trends, you can’t neglect this helpful tool to help attract would-be customers. 

Good 'Ole Craigslist

Even though we’re covering tips and tricks that will help you the most, Craigslist is still a viable domain where would-be motorcycle renters search. You don’t want to miss out on any potential customers, so you should definitely create a listing. 

Create a listing under "For Sale by Owner" in the motorcycles section. Make sure to clearly title it "For Rent Only," or something to that effect. This way you will only be contacted by people looking to book your bike rather than buyers. 

Again, you can use your contact info or you can use ours. Make sure not to use a link to us, but instead to the vehicle on Riders Share's website (to be compliant with Craigslist's policies). By using Craigslist, people looking for a rental motorcycle can find your listing without using Google or Riders Share directly.

Social Media

Any article on how to take advantage of these opportunities would be incomplete without taking a look at social media. Free advertising no longer travels by word of mouth—it travels on the digital highways of social media! This is especially true for people looking to rent a street bike: they’re likely to find it from their friends, family, and other people they trust online.

So don’t be shy! Mention Riders Share on your social media accounts as often as you can. Believe it or not, people do look for motorcycles on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Oftentimes, they might be thinking about it but won’t bother conducting a search until they see one of their friend’s recommendations.

Also, if you know a social media influencer—someone with a wide reach and many followers— you can contact them and perhaps have them promote your rental in exchange for some form of compensation. While bigger influencers are likely to be far out of your price range, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Any Free Listing Website

Last but not least, you can use any free listing website to target people looking for a motorcycle rental. Now that shopping is moving to the virtual world, you have the Web at your disposal, not just select platforms or search engines.

Dealership Referrals

Dealerships have an interest in your business doing well: you will buy more of their bikes if it does, and they might service them too, or replace parts. It is important to create a good relationship with them so they refer you when their customers' bikes are unavailable. Use Riders Share's referral program to give them a discount and earn yourself a credit in the process.

Tax Write Offs

Some of you may use Riders Share to write off taxes. You can write off the depreciation on your bike, the maintenance and insurance costs and other costs associated with running your bike. So even if you don't plan on turning your motorcycle rentals into a full time business, you can still use it to subsidize motorcycle ownership by paying less taxes. Consult with a CPA!

We invite you to tell your friends about Riders Share on forums and other location listing websites like Yelp. is also a great tool, too. Read our Referral Policy. You never know what platform would-be renters will be using when they’re searching for a motorcycle! Need more tips to get your motorcycle(s) rented? Read the Top 10 tips to get your bike rented on Riders Share article.