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What are the eligibility requirements for listing motorcycles?

For full details, please refer to the "Specific Terms for Owners" under our Terms of Service.

How does insurance work?

We purchased an insurance policy that protects your bike for the duration of the rental. Every rental is covered, whether the renter chooses to purchase protection or not. Your personal policy may not work for rentals, unless it is a commercial type of insurance. On your listing, you will find a link to an insurance card. In the event of a claim, please file a claim on the website. Bear in mind the limit on our insurance policy for damage is $30,000. You may list more expensive motorcycles than that, and in the event of a total loss accident we will attempt to bill the renter the difference, but we can't guarantee they will pay. Make sure you take pics before and after each rental using the Check-in feature to ensure insurance covers you.

For full details, please see our Insurance Policy page.

How much do I get paid?

You have control over the daily price of your bike, and you can also give discounts for longer rentals (Hint: longer rentals mean more money for the same amount of work!). Riders Share takes a fee of the rental price you set (see Owner Guidelines for the current fee) . Please note we may assess renters additional fees or sell them ancillary services.
My bike needs a key. How does the renter get it from me?

You or someone you know needs to be there to deliver and receive keys. You will need to inspect your motorcycle before and after the rental, as well as make sure the renter is capable of riding it. Please follow all the procedures: inspecting and taking pictures of the bike, making sure renter is capable of riding (ex. sober and skilled enough),  verifying identity of the rider matches the license and the identity on Riders Share. License must be valid, not expired and not temporary. We do not accept learner permits.

Can anyone I know do the key exchange for me?

We recommend you do it yourself to ensure instructions are followed so you are protected. You may list motorcycles on behalf of other people only if you have written consent from them to do so, and if they have agreed to our Terms of Service.

What happens when I get a booking request?

When you get a booking request, you will receive the trip details and contact information of the owner. You may discuss the trip details and you will have the option to accept or decline each booking request at your convenience. Bear in mind, we have very strict requirements for renters so this should be more about your availability than vetting the renter!

After you approve bookings, at the time the trip starts you must:

  • Check renters have a valid motorcycle license. We accept non-US licenses too
  • Verify their identity matches the identity provided by Riders Share
  • Make sure they are capable of riding the bike (ex. sober!) and that they adhere to helmet laws

If they fail to pass any of the above checks, do not hand the bike ; notify us and you still receive full payment.

If they pass the checks:

  • Give them a quick tour of the bike, show them its quirks
  • Document the bike condition before and after the trip. We will send you a sample checklist you can use
  • Hand the keys and smile! It gets a lot easier after the first time

What happens if someone doesn't return my bike on time?

We have a policy for Late Fees.  In the event of a late return, owners are entitled to charge late fees to renters if they choose to do so. They must notify Riders Share immediately, which will attempt to contact the renter to verify the claim. We encourage renters to contact owners if they know they are going to be late to prevent misunderstandings.

When do I report a missing bike?

You must email Riders Share immediately if the renter is 15 minutes late to return the motorcycle. If neither Riders Share nor the owner can contact the renter after an hour of the rental termination time, the owner must report to the police. Please read our Terms of Service.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND WHEEL LOCKS. Please train renters to always lock the steering wheel and be careful with the bike. Additionally, we strongly recommend providing them with wheel locks. Theft occurs rarely (less than 0.1% of trips) but when it does, it is a painful process and it's best for everyone involved to try and prevent it.

What about fuel?

Your only responsibility is that the bike is delivered with enough gas to arrive to the next gas station. Fuel gauges are notoriously inaccurate in motorcycles, and some of them don't even have them. Furthermore, fuel tanks are small. To spare everybody the trouble, fuel is included in the rental price and we ask renters to fill the tank when they return the bike as a courtesy. We will soon add a review system to reward those that do. So far, most people seem to be returning bikes with thanks full! Great community.

How do I get paid?

You get paid within a week of the end of the rental. We need your bank account information to process them. We do not store bank account data, instead we rely on trusted payment processor Stripe for that. The entry in your bank statement will read Stripe. If your account information was entered incorrectly, we will not know until the payment has been declined by your bank, so please double check! Contact support@riders-share.com with any questions.

I just got a parking ticket in the mail. How do I process it to get reimbursed?

Pay the ticket before it accrues late fees. The renter must pay all tickets (other than photo tickets*) for events occurring during the trip. The renter is also responsible for all parking tickets/fines received up to 24 hours after the end of the trip, if the parking ticket was due to the renter’s improper parking.

The renter should notify the owner if the renter receives a ticket during their trip, and, so long as it is not a photo ticket, should pay the full cost immediately.

You may charge the renter for tickets using the Reimbursement tool in the Booking view.

*If the ticket is for a moving violation captured by a camera, and the owner receives a ticket in the mail, Riders Share will provide the necessary information to the owner in order to allow the owner to contest the violation and transfer the liability to the renter. While the processes to contest or transfer these tickets varies by jurisdiction, the owner typically would complete an affidavit of non-liability in order to request it be removed from their record and transferred to the renter’s. Note: Paying a “photo ticket” will often prevent an owner from being able to contest these type of tickets, so the renter must not pay these photo tickets.

Several people have rented my bike. It's been a while since I've personally seen it and now that I have, I'm noticing scratches and damage. What do I do?

Please remember to file damage claims within 3 days of ending a rental. Otherwise, it is impossible to prove that damage occurred during the rental and not afterwards. Alternatively, if the renter is kind enough to admit they did the damage, then it is possible to resolve the issue. Remember, everybody is innocent until proven guilty.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Should issues arise, don't hesitate to contact us 24/7 at support@riders-share.com or (657) 200-5470 during business hours. To report damage, you can file a reimbursement in the booking details or an insurance claim if it is over $500 in damage. You can learn more in our Insurance Policy page.

Disclaimer: Riders Share offers guidance based on what we have found to be effective and helpful for our Users and Community members. In the event of conflict, remember our Terms of Service and incorporated policies will control. Review your Account Policies, and any Reservation Agreement presented to you. These strategies and tips our Community members have found useful are offered for informational purposes.