Why Road Wheelies are Illegal in the United States

Aug 18, 2022

While doing tricks on a motorcycle is fun, it can pose dangers to those around you. Motorcycle parks are supposed to keep this activity away from the public. You can drive a motorcycle on the highway and roads, but driving unsafely is not acceptable. Wheelies are one of the most notorious motorcycle tricks. Many make the poor decision of doing wheelies in public. Here is why wheelies aren’t permitted in several U.S States.

What Is A Wheelie?

The wheelie trick consists of a thrust in motion that causes the front wheel of a motorcycle to completely lift off the ground. This sudden jolted motion is not only a danger to motorcyclists, but surrounding drivers as well. Performing the wheelie trick takes both skill and proper motion. Doing a wheelie is not permitted in many states because of the implications of this action. These laws are in place to prevent accidents, injuries, and other conflicts. The biggest danger of a wheelie is the fact that one wheel is no longer touching the ground. One wheel being in the air causes an imbalance. Many crash, tip over, or run into other drivers when doing wheelies. While showing off to your friends at home is okay within reason, doing wheelies in public is a stupid idea.

Are Wheelies Still Illegal When It’s Not Busy?

The most common circumstance that convinces motorcyclists to go through with wheelies is lack of traffic. Though you could be driving down an empty highway, you never know when traffic levels may increase. Those driving a motorcycle may not realize that just because nobody is around them that doing a wheelie is still illegal and dangerous. If one purposely does this trick on highways in certain U.S states, they can be charged. For example, in Tennessee, motorcyclists who do wheelies can be charged for their actions. This is because their wheelie law wants to prevent dangerous tricks from being done in public places. “Since this act is incredibly risky, it’s good that they are not permitted on public roads and highways. Wheelies can easily cause an accident,” concludes Jude Winters, marketing blogger at Write My X and Australia2write.

Laws Statewide

Depending on the state, laws against wheelies differ. The majority of states have laws against any reckless driving. This means there are standard regulations that punish people for driving improperly with any vehicle in most states. Other states including Illinois, Tennessee, Maine, and Florida have laws specifically against wheelies. While the other states may not have specific policies against reckless motorcycle driving and tricks, doing wheelies anywhere can get you into trouble. Trick riding and abnormal driving in general are both against the law in the U.S. Being aware of what wheelie laws your state has is important, especially if you ride a motorbike. 

Misconceptions About the Legality of Wheelies

When you search "wheelies," millions of results come up of motorcyclists doing this popular trick. These viral hits have caused many Americans to believe that wheelies are okay to do anywhere. So many don’t realize that motorbike driving requires the same caution as driving any other type of vehicle. Fortunately, you can do wheelies and not get arrested. There are motorbike parks and tracks meant for professional riding. Trails, expedition places, and teaching centers meant for motorcycling also allow bikers to ride at a higher intensity. “While doing a wheelie on your street isn’t right, you can go to places meant for this sport. As long as you're doing wheelies in permitted areas, there shouldn’t be any legal issues,” shares Lisa Rivers, business writer at Assignment Help and Britstudent.

Prioritizing Safety

Wheelies are not for beginner motorcyclists. Doing tricks takes both effort and practice. You should not be doing wheelies if you don’t have a motorbike license. With or without proper training, you are at the risk of getting seriously hurt. Any imbalance can lead to a serious accident. Ensure that you are in a safe area, are wearing proper equipment, and take precautions when performing motorcycling tricks. 

If you are not sure about motorcycling law details in your state, research them before you do anything crazy on the road. Your safety and the safety of others is highly important. 

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