Most Comfortable Harley-Davidsons You Can Buy or Rent

May 24, 2024


feature biker on a harley-davidson sportster Most Comfortable Harley-Davidsons You Can Buy or Rent

Are you on the hunt for the most comfortable Harley-Davidson? Finding the right one is important to make sure your rides are as enjoyable as possible. Nobody wants a sore bottom or aching back, searching for foot pegs while trying to maintain a comfortable posture…

In this guide, we'll highlight some of the top Harley-Davidson models known for their comfort, tailored to suit different riding preferences and body types. Towards the end of the article, we even asked some of our friends what they thought, too. 

First Off- What Makes a Motorcycle “Comfortable”? 

Okay look- this list below is general information. We 100% understand that what makes a bike comfortable to one is completely uncomfortable to another. But let’s also be honest here- some bikes are, across the board, more comfortable than others. With factors such as height having such a big impact on how comfortable a bike is- keep that in mind as you work your way through this article. If you want to see a list of bikes we recommend for tall riders, visit this blog

  • Ergonomic Seating: Look for a bike with a cushioned, wide seat. This makes a big difference on long rides.
  • Handlebar and Footpeg Position: These should allow you to sit upright without straining. Your arms and legs should feel relaxed.
  • Suspension Quality: A good suspension absorbs bumps and rough roads, making your ride smoother.
  • Wind Protection: A fairing or windshield that blocks the wind can reduce fatigue, especially at high speeds.
  • Weight and Size: A bike that's easy to handle, not too heavy, helps in maintaining comfort, especially when you're moving at slow speeds or stopping frequently.

The Short List: Most Comfortable Harley-Davidsons

[in no particular order]

  1. Electra Glide
  2. Road Glide
  3. Road King
  4. Ultra Limited
  5. Softail Classic

Electra Glide Standard

2021 harley davidson electra glide standard Most Comfortable Harley-Davidsons You Can Buy or Rent

  • This bike keeps your back and shoulders happy with a laid-back riding position that reduces strain. No hunching over here!
  • The broad, well-padded seat offers ample space for both rider and passenger, ensuring a fatigue-free ride.
  • Ditch the cramped footpeg position. Floorboards provide a relaxed leg position, promoting better blood flow and reducing fatigue, especially on longer rides.
  • Add an optional backrest for your passenger to transform the Electra Glide into a touring loveseat.

Road Glide

2024 harley davidson road glide Most Comfortable Harley-Davidsons You Can Buy or Rent

  • The fixed fairing acts as a shield, deflecting wind and pesky bugs, keeping you comfortable at higher speeds. No more fighting wind resistance, just pure cruising enjoyment.
  • The Road Glide hosts a large, plush seat designed for maximum comfort on long journeys. Say goodbye to a sore rear end after miles on the road.
  • The suspension system effectively absorbs bumps and road imperfections, delivering a smooth and comfortable ride, even on less-than-perfect roads.
  • Pack everything you need. The Road Glide comes equipped with spacious saddlebags and a tour pack. Storage space can make things a LOT easier on long rides, obviously. 

Road King:

2024 harley davidson road king special Most Comfortable Harley-Davidsons You Can Buy or Rent

  • The detachable windshield offers the best of both worlds: enjoy the open-air experience or add the windshield for wind protection on longer rides.
  • Similar to the Road Glide, these built-in bags provide ample storage for essentials and gear, eliminating the need for uncomfortable backpacks or sissy bars.
  • The well-padded seat offers a good balance of comfort and support, making it ideal for both cruising and long-distance rides.
  • The comfortable seating with a built-in backrest (optional) and ample legroom ensures your passenger enjoys the ride as much as you do.

Ultra Limited:

2024 harley davidson ultra limited Most Comfortable Harley-Davidsons You Can Buy or Rent

  • This might be the most comfortable seat Harley-Davidson offers. It's wide, plush, and features built-in backrests for both rider and passenger, making every mile feel like first class.
  • The built-in infotainment system with a sound system and navigation keeps you entertained and informed on your journey, reducing boredom and fatigue.
  • The full fairing with a large windshield deflects wind and weather, allowing you to ride comfortably in various conditions.
  • Pack it all! The Ultra Limited boasts extensive storage compartments, including saddlebags, a tour pack, and even a trunk, ensuring you have room for everything you need and more.

Softail Classic:

2024 harley davidson softail heritage classic Most Comfortable Harley-Davidsons You Can Buy or Rent

  • The relaxed, upright riding position takes the pressure off your back, shoulders, and wrists, making even longer cruises enjoyable.
  • The wide, well-padded seat offers exceptional comfort, providing ample support and minimizing pressure points for both rider and passenger.
  • The dual shock absorbers hidden under the frame deliver a surprisingly smooth ride, effectively absorbing bumps and road imperfections for a comfortable journey.
  • These footboards provide a relaxed leg position, promoting better blood circulation and reducing fatigue on extended rides compared to forward-mounted pegs.

Let’s Chat With Friends

We decided to go off and ask some of our friends and relatives who were HD riders, which Harley they thought was the most comfortable ride and why. Here’s what they said.

Not Built for Touring? 

“I've ridden a few Harleys—Iron, 48, Nightster, Fat Boy, Fat Bob, and Street Bob—but never a bagger. I'm really fond of my Fat Bob; it's not built for touring, but the seat is comfortably soft, and the springs suit me well, so there's no need for upgrades. Even cruising at about 70 mph, I can empty the fuel tank and still feel relaxed.

I enjoy the setup of the forward controls and T-bars; they just fit me right. If I were to log more miles, I bet there would be better options out there, but for sheer coolness, none can match this one, in my opinion.”

Go for a Used Dyna

“Go for a Dyna. They're seriously cool, handle well, and lean nicely thanks to good suspension. I've taken it on some decently long rides—over 300 miles in a day—and had zero issues. I just add a quick-detach fairing, and it's perfect. Aim for a later model, like a 2014 or newer Lowrider, to avoid too much tinkering. The post-2014 Dynas have most of the earlier issues with the twin cam drivetrain resolved. I suggest the Lowrider because it comes with dual disc brakes upfront for better control in sharp turns, plus it's stable on the highway for longer hauls. The full fender looks great, too. After 2016, they included the HO103 engine, which is powerful enough to enjoy as is. If you're considering a Dyna, I'd definitely recommend getting one- used, of course.”

Best Harley for Two-Up

“When you mention the type of bike you're looking for, two models immediately come to mind: the Road King (RK) and the Heritage Softail Classic.

Both bikes feature detachable windshields and saddlebags alongside other removable accessories like backrests and luggage racks, allowing you to easily switch from a cruiser setup to a more tour-ready configuration. The RK leans more towards the touring category with its heavier build and softer suspension that offers more travel, making it ideal for longer rides. On the other hand, the Heritage Softail Classic offers a nostalgic look and provides a comfortable ride, even with a passenger. It's also lighter and sits lower than the RK, which makes it easier to handle.

My wife and I have had quite the experience with these models; we’ve owned two RKs (still have one) and four Heritage Softail Classics (she still has one). I also have a Heritage Softail Springer for variety. While I use a '13 CVO Ultra for my longer journeys, my wife prefers riding her Heritage exclusively.

If you’re looking for a third option, I’d point you towards the Street Glide. It's similar to the RK but comes with a higher price tag, mainly because of the stereo system that many riders enjoy. However, its fixed batwing fairing and windshield, which are not removable, could be a downside for some.

I recommend visiting a dealership to test ride  or renting a bike for a few days to really see which one fits your needs before making a decision.”

Rent a Harley-Davidson and See Which is Most Comfortable For Yourself

Rent a Harley-Davidson from Riders Share and discover for yourself which model offers the ultimate comfort for your riding style. With Riders Share, you can easily browse through a wide selection of Harley-Davidson motorcycles available for rent from owners across the country. Take advantage of the opportunity to test-ride different models, from the Electra Glide to the Softail Classic, and find the one that suits you best. Experience the freedom of the open road and make your next ride unforgettable with Riders Share.

Bottom Line

Let’s revisit our top picks for the most comfortable Harley-Davidsons, tailored to specific needs:

  • If you’re looking for a bike that combines long-haul luxury with cutting-edge technology, consider the Ultra Limited. Its plush seating and comprehensive infotainment system make it ideal for extended trips.
  • For those who value stability and smooth handling, the Road Glide offers an excellent balance with its fixed fairing and ample storage, perfect for longer journeys.
  • Thanks to its detachable windshield and comfortable seating, the Road King is an excellent choice if you enjoy the flexibility of quick configuration changes, from city cruising to cross-country touring.
  • If you prefer a bike with a nostalgic feel but don’t want to compromise on comfort, the Heritage Softail Classic is your go-to option. It’s lighter and sits lower, making it easier to handle while offering a comfortable ride.
  • Lastly, for riders who appreciate a laid-back position and a roomy seat, the Electra Glide Standard provides a relaxed riding posture with its broad, well-padded seat, ideal for those longer rides.

Each model has unique features that cater to different comfort needs, so be sure to test-ride them to find your perfect Harley-Davidson match.

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