Best Motorcycle Rides near Mesa, Arizona

Jan 18, 2024


best motorcycle rides near Mesa, AZ with a motorcycle rental from Riders Share

The Mesa, Arizona, area has long been an underrated motorcycling destination. From the Apache Trail's forests to the Salt River Canyons' mountainous backdrop, your next ride will surely be memorable. So, let's explore our four top favorite motorcycle rides in and around Mesa. Each ride offers scenic beauty, thrilling twists, and a glimpse into Arizona's rich natural and cultural heritage. Whether you're a local or just visiting, these rides promise an exhilarating journey through some of the Southwest's most picturesque landscapes.

Ride 1: Apache Trail

Running for roughly 40 miles, this spectacular route offers breathtaking views of the Tonto National Forest and the Superstition Mountains. However, it's best reserved for intermediate to advanced-level riders as it is known for sharp turns and abrupt inclines. Despite this, it offers a unique opportunity to take in desert landscapes and lakeside views.

  • Start Point: Start at the entrance of the Tonto National Forest, where the Apache Trail starts.
  • End Point: Complete the approximately 40-mile journey at the end of the Apache Trail, where it intersects with a major road or designated stopping point.

Ride 2: Salt River Canyon

This rugged 44-mile ride parallels the Salt River and takes riders along the Salt River Canyon wilderness with its imposing cliffs and impressive waterfalls. Consider it an excellent course for intermediate to advanced-level riders, with plenty of challenging curves and sweeping turns. Also, remember to visit the Salado cliff dwellings and their well-preserved ruins made famous by the Salado culture, a pre-Columbian group that made its home in the area more than 700 years ago.

  • Start Point: Begin at the entrance of the Salt River Canyon area, where the route starts parallel to the Salt River.
  • End Point: Conclude your ride at the end of the Salt River Canyon route, where it meets a major road or designated stopping area.

Ride 3: Usery Mountain Regional Park

Located on the western end of the Goldfield Mountains, Usery Mountain Regional Park is an excellent scenic route for motorcycle enthusiasts of all levels. It's popular for its rock formations and desert wilderness, with the majestic Usery Mountains as its backdrop. If you want to take a break, there's no shortage of hiking and picnicking opportunities, making it an excellent choice for a half-day excursion.

  • Start Point: Start your journey at the Usery Mountain Regional Park entrance, located on the Goldfield Mountains's western end.
  • End Point: Finish your ride within the park, making it a perfect half-day excursion for riders looking to explore and unwind in nature.

Ride 4: Beeline Highway

For an even greater immersion into the scenic mountain and valley landscapes, the Beeline Highway does the trick. It starts in Mesa and goes to Payson, with stops at the Tonto National Forest and Natural Bridge State Park, home to the world's largest travertine bridge. Finally, if you want to catch a bit of history, stop by the mining town of Globe and visit the Besh-Ba-Gowah Archaeological Park, which pays tribute to Salado Indian culture with a breathtaking array of historical buildings and museums.

  • Start Point: Begin your journey in Mesa, where the Beeline Highway starts.
  • End Point: Conclude your ride in Payson or choose to return to Mesa, marking the end of a culturally enriching and scenically splendid motorcycle journey.

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Rolling Out

As we reach the end of our journey through the best motorcycle rides near Mesa, Arizona, it's clear that this region holds a treasure trove of experiences for every kind of rider. Whether you're weaving through the challenging turns of the Apache Trail, absorbing the historical essence of the Salt River Canyon, enjoying the serene beauty of Usery Mountain Regional Park, or exploring the Beeline Highway's diverse landscapes, each ride promises a unique and unforgettable adventure.