Breaking Down the Terms and Conditions for Listing Your Bike on Riders Share

Dec 1, 2023


Riders Share Owners Terms & Conditions; Owner rents bike to riders on peer-to-peer motorcycle rental platform

We understand that complex legalese might be more challenging to understand or less straightforward than explaining it conversationally. That’s why we’re here this week to break down the legal jargon of our Owner’s Account Terms to ensure you’re in the best position to list your bike for rent on Riders Share. Our commitment to transparency for our riders and owners is at the heart of our peer-to-peer platform.

Disclaimer: While this blog seeks to simplify the Owner’s Terms at Riders Share, it does not replace the terms you agree to when creating an account. Please feel free to use this as a guide to understanding our terms. Policies are also subject to change.

Why does it matter, anyway?

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s talk about why it’s important to grasp these terms. Legal documents are binding agreements, and not understanding them thoroughly before you “sign on the dotted line” could lead to unexpected bumps in the road. We want to ensure your ride with Riders Share is smooth, with no unwelcome surprises.

Owner decides to rent bike on Riders Share and exchanges keys with rider

Here’s what you’re about to find:

In the following sections, we’ll break down the most common legal terms you’ll encounter when sharing your bike, what they mean, and what implications they have for you. We've got you covered, whether it's waivers, indemnity clauses, or liability agreements.

1. Before you get started on Riders Share

Before sending out your application to list your bike on our platform, we require you to review the Owner’s Terms first. These terms include the Terms of Service for Riders Share. When you finally get ready to hit “send” on your application, you’ll have to check off that you acknowledge and agree to all of this information. Once you agree to these terms, you can use them for contracting purposes with other Users/Riders on the Riders Share platform.

2. Application & Eligibility to List Your Bike

You may be required to provide the following information to Riders Share. It is up to our discretion to accept these documents or not:

  • Proof that your motorcycle is legally registered
  • Valid proof of title
    Or, you have the legal authority to form a contract to rent your bike
  • You have the necessary authorizations to act on behalf of an owner, leaser holder, or other party (defined by the “Manager” section below)

What does “up to our discretion” mean? - We will determine if the information you submitted meets our standards or requirements for listing your bike. In other words, we have a document verification process to ensure legitimacy and accuracy.

3. Maintenance and Safety

By agreeing to this, you promise to keep your motorcycle in tip-top shape, just like the law and the bike's manufacturer say you should. It's essential to make sure your ride is safe and ready to go because everyone using Riders Share is counting on bikes that are well taken care of. When you sign up and as you keep using your bike with Riders Share, we trust that you're giving us the real deal about your bike's condition and that you're keeping up with its care.

Sometimes, we ask you to show us some extra paperwork to prove that your bike is being looked after properly. This could be a note from your mechanic or technician who's got the thumbs up from us at Riders Share. This helps us ensure all the bikes listed are in great condition. Keeping your bike in good working order and checking it between each rental is part of the deal when you use our services as a bike owner.

4. Your Owner Account and Listings

By signing up, you promise to help keep the Riders Share community top-quality. This means when you make a listing for your bike, you've got to be honest and transparent. Don't forget to add real photos and details like the bike's make, model, and year, just like our Owner Guidelines suggest.

Be Honest!

If your listing isn't honest or has some fishy details, someone might flag it. If that happens, you'll need to fix it up, or you might risk losing your ability to use Riders Share.

We’re here to help, but your agreement with the renters is your responsibility!

But remember, when you make a deal with a renter, it's your agreement, not ours. We don't jump into your legal matters—we just provide a standard template for your agreements. We also don't promise that everything communicated between users is clear. However, if someone isn't playing by the rules and not following our Terms and Conditions, we might have to say goodbye and suspend or end their account. We'll help you navigate situations as best we can, and when in doubt, it's best to reach out.

5. Riders Share is here to help you rent!

Riders Share helps users make deals with each other by acting as a go-between. This means we help with payments and insurance by working with trusted companies, such as Stripe or insurance companies!

6. Our responsibilities

  • Riders Share is not an insurer, payment processor, or a party to users’ contracts
  • We’re here to maintain the services and platform to ensure a smooth and quality user experience.
  • For our responsibilities, such as administrative services, user accounts, etc., we charge transaction fees equivalent to 25% of user transactions before rental fees are sent to you as the owner.
  • Other additional fees may apply depending on the services you offer!

7. Finally, renting your motorcycle

  • Owners are responsible for responding to potential riders promptly.
  • If a “reservation request” does not include all required or requested information…
    It is up to you, the owner, to ensure the reservation agreement matches the terms set forth by yourself and Riders Share in compliance with our terms and conditions.
  • Users will receive the address to pick up & drop off the reservation within their user dashboard.
  • Before pickup, you have to inspect your own bike, perform necessary maintenance, and ensure you’re providing them with any gear they rented from you… on time, of course.
  • As the owner, you are responsible for checking the rider’s motorcycle license, ensuring it is up-to-date, valid, and reflects the information they provided you on Riders Share.
  • Take a picture of their license next to your odometer.
  • If they DON’T present a valid license, do NOT rent out your bike!
  • If their license is valid, give them a quick tour and information on using your specific bike.
  • Repeat your maintenance requirements to the rider and make sure they understand!
  • Do you think someone is engaging in prohibited activities, such as being under the influence? We allow you to make a judgment call. A short dispute is required, but you are still entitled to your reservation fee.

8. If Things Go Wrong

If the bike gets damaged or there's an accident during the rental, report it. If you find damage after the renter has returned the bike, or if there are fines or tickets, Riders Share has ways to help you get paid back minus a small fee. We’re here to help you where we can!

9. Choosing a Manager

If you want, you can have someone else manage your rentals. This manager needs to be signed up with Riders Share, too. You and your manager are in charge of everything that happens with your bike, and you need to tell Riders Share if you choose a manager or end the arrangement. Riders Share won't check your manager for you; that's your job.

List Your Bike Today on Riders Share!

Head over to our “List a Bike” page and create a new account! From there, we’ll prompt you with all of the next steps. Be sure to have the necessary documents, such as title, registration, bike photos, and more. Get ready to make money with your bike on our peer-to-peer network of riders in the motorcycle community globally!


Riders Share’s Owners Terms are straightforward for a good reason- we want to maintain the most transparency possible with owners. After all, you are likely renting out a bike that means something to you. And bike aside- you care about your safety and liability, too. That’s why we’re here to be as helpful as possible.

Still, have questions or don’t quite understand some of the terms, but want to make sure before you agree to list your bike? Contact us by email or phone today!