Ride, Laugh, Repeat: The Four Corners Motorcycle Rally in Colorado is a Hilarious Adventure

May 16, 2023


Get ready to rev your engines and join the craziest, wildest, and funniest motorcycle rally in town—the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally Colorado! As American Bikers reviews lovers, We're here to give you the lowdown on this epic motorcycle rally. 

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Event History

Once upon a time, in the early 90s, an event brought together the roaring sounds of motorcycles, the thrill-seeking bikers, live music, and the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado.

It was none other than the "Iron Horse Motorcycle Rally," later known as the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally (FCMR). 

In 1992, Senator Campbell and Mike Lavato brought their vision to life by launching the Four Corners Rally. The event found its home at the Sky Ute Fairgrounds, nestled on the mesmerizing Southern Ute Indian Reservation just outside the charming town of Ignacio, Colorado. 

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During its prime, the rally attracted many motorcycle enthusiasts from far and wide, with over 40,000 attendees descending upon the picturesque Four Corners area. It was a gathering of kindred spirits, drawn together by their shared passion for motorcycles and the allure of the Million Dollar Highway. This renowned scenic route winds through the region. 

Dates and Schedule

Get ready for an adrenaline-packed extravaganza! From August 31st to the labor day weekend of September 4th, 2023, the picturesque town of Durango will transform into a biker's paradise. But that's not all—the fun spills over to the Sky Ute Casino in Ignacio for some unforgettable weekend events.

The event schedule is bursting with excitement stunt shows, and activities that will keep you up all weekend. Prepare for heart-pounding motorcycle stunt shows that showcase the most impressive rides on two wheels. Marvel at the precision and skill of professional stunt riders as they defy gravity and push the limits of what's possible on a bike.

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If you're in the mood for some competition on a flat track, gear up for thrilling motorcycle races that will get your adrenaline pumping. Feel the rush as riders head-to-head, vying for the top spot on a track and leaving spectators on the edge of their seats.

But it's not just about the bikes—music enthusiasts will have a blast with live performances from talented bands, creating a rocking atmosphere at bike shows that will make you want to groove to the rhythm of the road.

When you need a break from the action, stroll through the vendor area, where you'll find an impressive array of motorcycle gear, accessories, and apparel. Whether you're looking to upgrade your ride or enhance your style, you'll discover everything you need in one place.

Places to Visit

As a motorcycle rider during the event, you'll have the opportunity to explore some of the most picturesque and awe-inspiring destinations in the Four Corners region.

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From the majestic Rocky Mountains to the stunning canyons and deserts, this area offers abundant natural beauty to feast your eyes upon. Take the chance to ride through iconic landmarks where you can capture breathtaking photos on your brand-new bike (or a rented one from us):

  • Durango: Start your Four Corners Motorcycle Rally adventure in this cute town. Visit the historic downtown area, which has a lot of small shops, restaurants, and breweries. Don't miss a ride on the famous Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, which takes you through the San Juan Mountains and gives you stunning views of the area.
  • Million Dollar Highway: Take the famous Million Dollar Highway, which is part of the beautiful San Juan Skyway, for a thrilling ride. This part of the road between Durango and Ouray is full of exciting curves and turns, and the views of the mountains will take your breath away.
  • Mesa Verde National Park is where you can find ancient cliff dwellings and other archaeological wonders. Ride through the park's winding roads and stop to see the well-preserved ancestral Puebloan dwellings, like the famous Cliff Palace.
  • Telluride: Take a side trip to the beautiful town of Telluride, which is tucked into a box canyon and surrounded by tall peaks. Enjoy the town's lively atmosphere, look at art in the galleries, and eat a tasty meal at one of the restaurants.
  • Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park: Head north to see the beautiful Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. Ride along the beautiful Rim Rock Drive and stop at the overlooks to see the steep cliffs that drop into the canyon.
  • Silverton: Take a ride up into the San Juan Mountains to the old mining town of Silverton. Look at the well-kept Victorian buildings, check out the unique shops and museums, and enjoy the town's old-world charm.
  • Pagosa Springs has natural hot springs where you can take a break and feel better. After a day of riding, jump into the warm mineral-rich waters and take in the beautiful scenery of the San Juan River Valley.
  • Cortez: Go to the town of Cortez near the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park. Take a break from riding and learn about the history and culture of the area by going to museums, art galleries, and restaurants.
  • Chimney Rock National Monument is a place where you can learn about the ancient Puebloan people who lived there. Ride your horse to the top of Chimney Rock and look out over the San Juan Mountains and the valleys below.
  • Four Corners Monument: Visit the famous Four Corners Monument as part of your Four Corners Motorcycle Rally experience. As you stand on the border between Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, you are in all four states at the same time.

Places to Stay

Gear up for the Four Corners Rally and find your ideal haven to unwind and recharge. With options ranging from cozy hotels to RV parks, bikers of all kinds will discover their perfect match. If you're rolling in on your wheels, the RV Park is a brotherhood-filled hub where stories flow late into the night.

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Seek a traditional retreat? JW Durango Riverside, a short 13-mile ride away, offers tranquility and scenic views. Hotels abound, from the luxurious Sky Ute Casino Resort to the conveniently located Fairfield Inn & Suites Durango. Purgatory Resort promises adventure amidst breathtaking landscapes, while Black Diamond Lodge offers upscale pampering. Lastly, the Best Western Plus Rio Grande Inn ensures a comfortable getaway near the rally action. Get ready to ride and relax!

Where to Eat? 

Well, you'll need to refuel your bike and your hungry belly. Luckily, the Four Corners region is a food lover's paradise, offering many culinary options. You'll find it all here, from mouthwatering burgers and sizzling steaks to southwestern specialties and delectable desserts. 

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Take the chance to taste the local flavors and indulge in well-deserved post-ride feasting. Some popular dining spots include the Grassburger South Durango, the Gazpacho Restaurant, and Lola's Place, where you can savor delicious meals and share laughs with fellow riders.


Here, the fun never stops. Get ready to experience an adrenaline rush with various thrilling activities. Join exhilarating group rides that will take you through winding mountain roads and breathtaking scenic routes.

Demo trucks, custom builds, flat track races, motorcycle giveaways, and bike shows!

Test your skills in motorcycle games and competitions, showcasing your riding rally expertise and battling it out for glory. And, of course, remember to let loose and dance the night away to live music performances by top-notch bands. There's never a dull moment at this rally! Some suggestions:

  • Million Dollar Highway
  • Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
  • Mesa Verde National Park
  • San Juan Skyway
  • Animas River Trail
  • Downtown Durango
  • La Plata County Fairgrounds

Additional Details

Before you hit the road, staying updated on all the essential details best riding rally is important. Make sure to visit the official motorcycle rally website https://fourcornersmotorcyclerally.com for the latest news, registration information, and any updates regarding the event.

Safety should always be a top priority, so ensure you have the necessary gear, follow traffic rules, and ride responsibly. And remember to bring your sense of humor because this rally is about having a good time and creating memories that will make you laugh whenever they come into your mind.

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So, fellow riders, gear up for the year's most hilarious and action-packed motorcycle rally—the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally in Colorado. 

Over the years, the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally has grown and evolved, leaving behind a legacy of unforgettable memories and thrilling adventures. Although the event has seen changes and transformations, its spirit remains intact—a celebration of the open road, the freedom of two wheels, and the remarkable landscapes that make Colorado a haven for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Get ready to embrace the open road, forge new friendships, and create memories that make you chuckle whenever you reminisce about this wild ride. You won't want to miss this event, so rev those engines and let the good times roll!