IdeasMotors Motorcycle Events and Community Smartphone App

May 27, 2022


Suzuki Hayabusa.

Make a motorcycle rental experience better with the IdeasMotors smartphone app for motorcyclists! With this app, you can fill your days with fun motorcycle events and plan trips together with friends. Don’t have a motorcycle? Read the How to Rent a Motorcycle Safely and ​​How to Rent a Harley-Davidson Cruiser Motorcycle articles for practical tips. 

IdeasMotors is a mobile application created for motorcyclists that contains over 60,000 motorcycle events across the world. Think festivals, shows, motorcycle rides, club meetings, parties, motocross days and more. You will never have to spend hours searching for motorcycle events in the depths of the Internet. From now on, all you need is a smartphone and the IdeasMotors app.

The app can be used for both choosing a route while riding, or, planning ahead. It provides the opportunity to search for motorcyclist events by date and location. Plan longer trips, as well as use the dynamic map and check out any location, virtually, all over the world. The dynamic map also contains various motorcyclist-friendly places to stop, if needed (services, shops, cafes, bars, etc.). It is worth noting that the application contains events inside 44 countries. Thus it will be easier to discover motorcycling events abroad.

Another plus – if you find yourself in Europe, and do not understand the language, you can easily translate any event description in your preferred language. Detailed information about each event is available - pictures, description, website and social networks, as well as the opportunity to use your favorite navigation application to get to the location of the specific event. 

You can also create a list of favorite events in the application or add them to your phone calendar so you won't forget. It is possible to share any event with friends, and in this case, it does not matter whether the person has downloaded the application. He or she will receive information about the event so planning events together is easy.

In turn, for motorcycle event organizers and motorcyclist friendly places / businesses, we offer cooperation opportunities and advertising in this application. There’s a special system for advertising and highlighting events in our list, but motorcycle businesses have the opportunity to be added to our map or advertise in the form of banners. 

If interested about the possibilities of cooperation with the IdeasMotors mobile application, write to

The app is free and can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. Or use this link:

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