How Do I Ride a Harley-Davidson Cruiser Motorcycle?

Apr 15, 2024


Harley-Davidson cruiser motorcycle parked over a scenic bluff in California.

Exploring the open road on a Harley-Davidson Cruiser offers a distinct blend of power, style, and comfort unmatched in the world of motorcycles. There’s more to riding a Harley Cruiser than meets the eye, so let’s take a closer look at what makes it such a unique riding experience. 

What to Know Before Getting on a Harley-Davidson Cruiser

Before you ride a Harley-Davidson Cruiser, it’s important to know about the bike's features, the required safety gear, and your intentions for using it. Let’s get started:

Harley Cruiser Specifications

Harley-Davidson cruisers are known for their large size, heavyweight, and lower riding position. Typically, these bikes feature a V-twin engine celebrated for its torque and iconic rumble. The engine size can vary widely, from 500cc in smaller models to 1800cc in the largest. These cruisers are designed for comfort over long distances with features like adjustable seats, forward-set foot pegs, and handlebars that allow you to sit back and relax.

Required Safety Gear

Riding a Harley-Davidson Cruiser requires specific safety gear that protects you on the road. A Department of Transportation (DOT) approved helmet is mandatory, and additional protective gear such as a leather jacket, gloves, riding pants, and over-the-ankle boots is highly recommended. These items protect you from injuries in the event of an accident and from road debris and weather elements.

What Are You Intending to Use It For?

Your purpose for riding a Harley Cruiser can greatly influence your experience. Whether you're planning leisurely countryside rides, everyday commuting, or long-distance touring, understanding the bike’s strengths and objectives will make your riding experience that much better. Knowing what you want to do with your cruiser allows you to choose routes that are most enjoyable and appropriate for your riding style.

Types of Riding We Recommend with Harley Cruisers

A cruiser motorcycle is often characterized by lower seat height and a larger displacement engine. With their laid-back feel, these types of motorcycles are great for short to medium-distance rides. HD Cruisers are known for their customization options while featuring a more classic or traditional design, with plenty of chrome and a focus on aesthetic appeal.

  • Leisure Riding: Are you looking for a relaxed getaway? A cruiser may be the perfect option for you. Loosen up and explore scenic routes at your own comfortable pace.
  • Daily Commutes: Do you prefer a stylish and comfortable ride to and from work? Cruisers are an excellent choice for you. They combine style with comfort, making your daily commute something to look forward to.
  • Group Riding: Love being part of the biking community's social gatherings? Cruisers are often the stars at meet-ups and social events.
  • Countryside Rides: Do you enjoy exploring rural and back roads? Cruisers, known for their stability and ease of ride, are ideal for taking on these less-traveled paths. They'll ensure your journey is as smooth as it is enjoyable.
  • Motorcycle Events: Are you a fan of motorcycle events? Cruisers, especially those that are custom-built or classic, often take center stage in bike shows and rallies. They're not just modes of transport; they're a statement on wheels.

Which HD Cruiser Model Should You Go For?

Now that you have an understanding of the type of riding that a Harley cruiser is made for, let’s take a look at the models that’ll provide some of the best riding experiences.

harley davidson softtail cruiser

The Softail is perfect for both city trips and long rides across the country. It looks like a classic bike but rides smoothly, thanks to modern technology. It’s a top choice if you love a comfortable ride that looks great, too.

harley davidson dyna cruiser for rent

The Dyna model is fun and easy to handle, making it great for quick rides and city living. It’s lighter than other Harleys, which makes it nimble and quick. If you like a bike that you can also easily make your own through customization, the Dyna might be the right pick.

harley davidson sportster for rent

The Sportster is smaller and easier to manage, so it is ideal for daily rides in the city and short weekend trips. It’s a good starter bike for those new to Harleys, offering reliability and easy handling.

How to Ride a Harley-Davidson Cruiser

Riding a Harley-Davidson Cruiser is an exciting experience that combines power, style, and comfort. Whether you’re new to cruisers or looking to refine your skills, here are some tips to help you get the most out of riding a Harley.

1. Get Comfortable with the Bike

Before hitting the road, familiarize yourself with the basic controls and features of your Harley. Adjust the seat, mirrors, and handlebars to suit your size and riding style. Make sure you can reach all the controls comfortably. Spend some time sitting on the bike while it's stationary to get a feel for its weight and balance.

2. Start Slow

Harley cruisers are heavy and powerful, so it’s important to start slow. Practice in a safe area, like an empty parking lot. Get used to the bike’s throttle response, braking, and turning radius. Practice smooth gear changes and use both brakes - the front for more powerful braking and the rear for stability.

3. Master the Art of Balancing

Balancing a heavy cruiser like a Harley requires some skill, especially at lower speeds. Keep your feet ready to stabilize the bike when stopped or moving slowly. As you gain speed, use your body weight to help steer the bike—lean into turns, push down on the foot pegs, and gently pull on the handlebars.

4. Ride Defensively

Always assume you’re not visible to other drivers on the road. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles, especially in heavy traffic and poor weather conditions. Use your lights and signals properly to communicate your intentions. Always be alert and watch out for road hazards like potholes, slippery surfaces, and debris.

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Wrapping Things Up

Riding a Harley-Davidson Cruiser is a breeze and a blast, whether you're up for a big road trip or thinking about getting your own bike. We've covered the essentials – picking the right model, understanding the bike's features, and finding the best place to rent. Whether it’s through local shops or Riders Share, you've got plenty of choices. All set with this info, you're just steps away from hitting the road and enjoying the awesome ride that only a Harley can offer.