Is Austin, Texas Motorcycle Friendly?

Jun 16, 2024


Pennybacker bridge over the colorado river to austin texas Is Austin, Texas Motorcycle Friendly?

Since Austin is the hub of Riders Share, it’s hard for us to say that we don’t believe it’s motorcycle-friendly. But in this blog, we’ll go over why Austin, Texas, is such a great place for riders.

But To Quickly Answer Your Question…

Yes, Austin is motorcycle-friendly. Its scenic routes through the Texas Hill Country and the vibrant motorcycling community, supported by numerous bike-friendly events and policies, make it a great destination for riders. The city offers great year-round riding weather and a variety of rides that cater to all skill levels. 

Scenic Rides and Year-Round Riding

First off, the rides here are unforgettable. You have the Texas Hill Country with routes like the Twisted Sisters that are perfect for a day on the bike. And guess what? The weather here is ride-friendly pretty much all year. No freezing winters, which means more time on your bike! (okay, let’s not talk about the strange weather we had a few years ago- most of the time, the weather is great). 

Free Parking for Motorcycles & Mopeds

Yep, you got it right- Austin offers free street parking for motorcycles and mopeds with a 12-hour time limit.  

Food and Hangouts

After a ride, you’ll want to refuel, and Austin’s food scene is top-notch. Ever tried Asian fusion BBQ? Check out Loro, where two renowned chefs have mixed up something special. And if you're up for a classic, Austin's BBQ spots and lively areas like East 6th Street, Rainey Street, and the new Eastside are perfect to chill and grab a bite.

Cool Events and Laid-Back Vibes

Austin’s packed with motorcycle events like the Republic of Texas Rally and MotoGP. Plus, there's Blues on the Green—free music outdoors, which is pretty awesome. These events are super relaxed and a great way to meet fellow riders.

race track as circuit of the americas austin texas Is Austin, Texas Motorcycle Friendly?

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Flying Eyes sunglasses are specifically engineered to meet the needs of motorcyclists, focusing on comfort and durability under helmet use. Manufactured in Austin, Texas, these sunglasses feature ultra-flexible and virtually unbreakable frames made from a unique aerospace polymer, Resilamide™, which ensures they can be comfortably worn without the pressure points typically caused by traditional sunglasses under helmets. The design also includes thin, flexible temples that slide easily between the helmet and the wearer's head, minimizing discomfort.

For motorcyclists, non-polarized options are recommended to prevent visibility issues with LCD displays on vehicles. The lenses are made from polycarbonate, providing high impact resistance, which is crucial for riding safety. Flying Eyes sunglasses also offer full UV protection and adhere to ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2015 safety standards, ensuring both durability and protection from environmental elements. 

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So, whether you're cruising through the hills, grabbing some killer BBQ, or hanging out at a bike show, Austin has a spot for you. It’s the kind of city that welcomes bikers with open arms and an endless road of opportunities. Ready to ride? Austin’s waiting for you!

texas style BBQ pit Is Austin, Texas Motorcycle Friendly?