The Best Motorcycle Trips Around Las Vegas

Aug 11, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 7 Best Motorcycle Trips Around Las Vegas

Sin City: This long stretch of concrete in the desert, known for its high-flying gamblers and outlaw motorcycle gangs, was historically not a place for the faint of heart. However, Las Vegas has since evolved from a rough and tumbling city into a cultural mecca where solo backpackers and families can vacation in the lap of luxury. 

But if gambling and glitzy hotels are not your thing, there’s one thing Las Vegas offers that almost no place in America can match: excellent motorcycling. Between natural red rock formations and long stretches of empty twisties, Las Vegas is like a motorcyclist’s paradise: a true hog heaven. 

If you’re looking to explore the best motorcycle rides in Las Vegas, Riders Share makes it easier than ever. Using Riders Share, you can access affordable Las Vegas motorcycle rentals from riders like you. 

So take a tour of the Hoover Dam on a touring motorcycle or a Harley Davidson with Riders Share. And be sure to check out these awe-inspiring motorcycle rides in Las Vegas, handpicked by our staff.  

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is just a half hour outside of Las Vegas and offers some of the most stunning views in Nevada. The scenic byway is home to many hiking trails, rock climbing spots, and scenic overlooks that will take your breath away. It’s also popular with photographers who want to capture its colorful landscape.

Take SR 159 out toward the Red Rocks and stop by Pahrump Winery on the way home for some good food and a bottle to store in your cargo. Bonnie Springs Ranch is also nearby the Red Rocks Formation and is a popular spot to tour on your trip through Las Vegas. 

The Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is one of the most popular areas for bikers in Las Vegas. Located just 30 miles from The Strip, this beautiful park offers stunning red sandstone rock formations and a wide range of activities for visitors.

There are ten scenic trails to choose from at this park, which include easy walks and strenuous hiking paths. Or take advantage of their other services like horseback riding and golfing at their golf course. 

Travel around Lake Mead, enjoying some scenic views and windy turns you can take at any pace you’d like. This trip is a great way to spend a cool morning or early afternoon. 

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park is the largest national park in the United States and one of our favorites. A road trip in itself, the scenic route from Las Vegas through Panamint Valley offers breathtaking views of the desert landscape. You can stop at Scotty's Castle or explore nearby ghost towns like Rhyolite.

Take Route 95 for half the trip and cut down through the Death Valley Junction, where you’ll experience some fun roads. The journey takes little more than 2 hours there, and there is so much to explore once you arrive. 

If you're more into hiking than sightseeing, check out Telescope Peak Trailhead for an easy overnight backpacking trip, or make reservations at Furnace Creek Campground if you're looking for more comfort. 

Of course, we understand motorcycling can be strenuous. So take a hot springs plunge to soothe those sore muscles in water heated to just about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is a mountain range in Clark County, Nevada, popular among hikers, bikers, skiers, and snowboarders. If you’re looking for a challenging and windy trek up a mountain, this is the place to be. 

Just 45 minutes outside of The Strip, this gorgeous mountain offers sweeping views of the Las Vegas Valley. You’ll also enjoy transitioning from cacti to junipers and bristlecone pines that line the mountain trails.  

Hoover Dam Loop

Head southeast along US 93 and follow signs for the Hoover Dam to tour this great man-made artifact. Just 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas, the trails around the Hoover Dam are windy, long, and fun. 

Stop by nearby Boulder City for some great BBQ, or follow signs for US 93 toward the Pat Tillman Bridge for a fun and unforgettable experience. 

Oatman and Kingman

If you’re looking for a truly fun and wild ride through the Nevada desert, take the southbound route down US 95 to Oatman, Arizona, and loop it back east to Kingman and back up to Las Vegas via US 93. This fun 5-hour loop takes you into the heart of the desert by some truly abandoned towns and down some dirt roads. 

The roads in Oatman are covered in dust, so beware, but you’ll also see fun wild west shows and be able to tour some truly authentic saloons right off of famous Route 66. Just be sure to fuel up beforehand, as there are large stretches of wilderness between Las Vegas and Oatman. 

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Finally, if you’re looking for something a little greener, you can tack on Spring Mountain Ranch State Park onto your Red Rock Canyon trip. This unique little area offers fun Western reenactments and stays true to the pioneer lifestyle.  

Is Las Vegas Motorcycle Friendly?

One reason to rent or bring a motorcycle to Las Vegas is to tour the city itself. The magnificent strip is nothing short of spectacular, and the city offers motorcyclists several amenities.

Between a litany of biker bars, designated motorcycle lanes, and even motorcycle valets at most of the signature hotels in the area, Las Vegas is the perfect place to tour on your motorcycle. 

When Is the Best Time to Visit Las Vegas on a Motorcycle

Like many southwest cities, the early spring and late fall will be the best time of year to visit Las Vegas, especially on a motorcycle. The temperatures are cooler, and there are several motorcycle events in Las Vegas that occur during this time, including the Las Vegas Bike Fest (typically late September to early October, but TBD). 

Where Can I Rent a Motorcycle in Las Vegas

Riders Share is the best place to find affordable motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas. With a large selection of bikes from riders all over Las Vegas, Riders Share is like the Airbnb of motorcycle rentals–except without all the crazy fees.

All bikes come with liability protection, and riders can list when and where they want to rent out their bikes. It’s the perfect way to explore Las Vegas and bring bikers together.