Top Motorcycle Trips around Las Vegas, Nevada

May 21, 2022


Suzuki cruiser ridden near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Looking for some fantastic motorcycle rides in Las Vegas to fill your stay? The Strip may be great to cruise down a few times, but what if you crave something with a little more adrenaline or natural? 

We have you covered with some of the best motorcycle rides in Las Vegas and amazing day trips that take you to some of the most scenic locations in the southwest, from Nevada to Arizona. 

Read on for some motorcycle rides around Las Vegas that will get you a bit of everything from wild west desert towns to red rock formations.

1. Red Rock Loop and Mount Charleston: 100-Mile Round Trip

There is no natural landscape more scenic and beloved in the Las Vegas Valley than the incredible Red Rock Canyon. Located just 45 minutes from the city, Red Rock Canyon has awe-inspiring views of natural red rock formations that will make you think you’re driving across Mars. 

Make it a day trip by completing the Red Rock Canyon to Mount Charleston Loop, just a meager 100 miles and packed with a wild diversity of landscapes. 

Leave early from the Las Vegas strip and travel along the SR 160 and SR 159. If you have time, head west for a detour to the Pahrump Winery. There are also many nature trails on the way too, and the road itself is pleasantly windy. There are some sharp bends and curves through the desert, making it a hotspot for local motorcycle riders.

From SR 159, continue to the Red Rock Loop. Here you’ll find Bonnie Springs Ranch and Red Rock Canyon.

Bonnie Springs Ranch has been featured on a number of popular TV shows as it is rumored to be haunted. Really it’s just a fun place to experience their kitschy yet well-done Wild West recreations. There are staged gunfights, melodramas at the old saloon, an on-site zoo, and an old jailhouse. Even if you don’t plan on staying all day, it’s a good place to stop off and get a great burger.

From Charleston Boulevard, head up the CC 205 beltway until you reach Mt. Charleston. Mt. Charleston Lodge is a popular stop-off, with excellently prepared food in a crisp mountain setting. You’ll find the elevation change from dry desert and cactus to bristle pines and snow-capped mountain peaks to be refreshing and exhilarating. 

Complete the circuit by taking the US 95 South back to Las Vegas, and you’ll be home before dinner.

2. Hoover Dam and Tillman Bridge: 70-Mile Round Trip

Built back in the 1930s, the Hoover Dam remains one of the greatest feats of engineering in the world, as nearly seven million tons of concrete were used in its creation.

People are often surprised by how close Hoover Dam is to Las Vegas, as you can get there within an hour. Simply head to Boulder City and stay on US 93, following signs for the Hoover Dam.

Boulder City is a good place to stop off, as it’s famous for the Fox Smokehouse BBQ, which boasts amazing food. You can also stop at The Dillinger for craft beers or The Coffee Cup for a morning boost.

We suggest you make your trip on a weekday if possible, as the road gets busier on weekends.

Also, when you reach the Hoover Dam, park in the covered parking to avoid the direct sun. 

Guided tours are available at a low price, taking you over 500 feet down into the dam. It’s a fun tour worth checking out if you’re interested in engineering.

Once you leave, you’ll immediately see signs for the Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. Crossing the bridge is free, so take a saunter across for some great photos of the Hoover Dam. After you’re finished, take Interstate 11 back to 515 and head straight back to Las Vegas. 

3. Oatman, Arizona: 250-Mile Round Trip

Riding the line between historical accuracy and modern entertainment, Oatman is a three-hour ride from Las Vegas. However, it may require an overnight stay if you want to experience the fun at length.

Oatman is a mining ghost town that offers a slice of the old Route 66 life, with wandering wild burros and wild west shows. Note that the streets are dirt-covered, so ride with caution.

Make it a loop by swinging up US10 to Kingman and then up US93 up to Boulder City, and you’ll be back within an hour of Las Vegas. 

4. Valley of Fire Loop: 120 Miles

The iconic Valley of Fire gains its eponymous name from the sight of fire that occurs in the valley once the sun hits the red rocks a certain way. As a result, the 150 million-year-old rocky and sandy valley offers plenty of excellent views of scenic red rocks and unique flora and fauna you won’t see anywhere else. 

Begin by taking Lake Mead Boulevard down Route 167 east across the rough and tumbling desert landscape. We suggest fueling up before you get too far, as gas stations are far and few between. Once you arrive at the lake, there are plenty of stop-offs on the right side that delivers you to picnic and hiking areas to stretch your legs, 

You’ll then hit the Lake Mead fee station, where you’ll pay a fee to ride the highway for a small stretch. Next, head east from Lake Mead, straddling the canyon walls, and you’ll soon find yourself in the iconic valley. From here, you’ll be able to explore all the campground has to offer. 

Once finished, make your way to the Valley of Fire Highway and ride it west back to Interstate 15, where you can follow signs back to Las Vegas. 

5. Death Valley National Park Loop: 195 Miles

For a longer day trip with some seriously unique views, head west from Las Vegas toward Death Valley National Park. Be warned; this ride can be treacherous as you will encounter long stretches of empty desert roads and serious heat. Fuel up and hydrate whenever possible. 

With that said, you’ll want to start in Pahrump and take Highway 372 to California to Shoeshone. From here, you’ll ride to Ashford Junction and Jubilee Peak, where you’ll encounter Badwater Basin, the setting of several westerns, and even some of the sets used for Star Wars.

The desert opens itself up to you as you’ll straddle along snow-capped peaks, wild fields of wildflowers, and dry desert gorges on each side. Follow signs to ride up the cliffs toward Dante’s Peak, where you’ll encounter spectacular views of Badwater Basin. 

There are truly endless things to enjoy in the park, from sunset at Zabriskie Point to treks across the desert sand. If you want to experience more of the park, there are plenty of spots to go camping. Finish up by heading to the Death Valley Junction and taking Highway 178 back to Pahrump. 

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