How to Ship a Motorcycle Across the Country with Ease

Jan 21, 2022

Shipping a motorcycle will always begin with the coordination and booking of the shipment. You should start by figuring out when you need your motorcycle at its destination by. Once you determine this, you must consider that longer distance shipments will take more time. As a general rule of thumb, these are estimated transit times for a motorcycle shipment:

  • A cross-country shipment will take about two weeks. Connecticut to California is one such example.
  • Medium distance shipments will take about one week. Florida to Ohio is an example of a medium distance shipment.
  • Shorter distance shipments will take from three to five days. Texas to Georgia is an example.

The above transit estimates are subject to change based on weather, traffic and shipping availability/demand. Your pickup and delivery dates will always be windows of two to three days.

Once you know where you need your bike shipped as well as when, you will need to shop around for the right company to ship with based on your particular needs. The easiest way to do this will be to see what each company is charging as well as what shipping availability each company has by using their instant quote form on their website. You can also choose to call each company for a quote. After you have limited your choice to just a couple of companies, give each a call and ask questions that you may have and see which company works best for you.

How Far Ahead to Arrange Your Motorcycle Shipment

You should always book your motorcycle shipment at least four weeks ahead of your preferred pickup date. This means that you would need to officially lock-in your shipment with your transport carrier six weeks ahead of your preferred delivery date for a cross-country shipment. The reason for this is that there are fewer auto carriers that have the trucks with the ability to ship motorcycles. Thus, there is less overall shipping availability for motorcycles than there is for regular cars. As a result, you should schedule your shipment several weeks ahead of your preferred pickup date to avoid carriers being out of space to ship your bike.

How You Can Easily Get Ready for Your Shipment

Thankfully, preparation for shipping a motorcycle is quite easy. It is even easier than it is to prepare for shipping a car. The three things you will need to do are get your motorcycle cleaned, remove any personal items and/or detachable accessories, and be sure the gas tank is about a quarter full.