Best San Francisco Motorcycle Riding Routes

May 24, 2021


A rented Ducati motorcycle in San Francisco.

To help plan an epic motorcycling trip this summer, we’re showing off a few street bikes available for rent on Riders Share near San Francisco. After selecting your favorite motorcycle, ride it on one of these fun routes across SF. Dress in layers as the ambient air temperature varies greatly from the coast to inland areas.

If you have any memorable rides that you’d like to share with our motorcycling community, please email us. Also read, A Guide to Renting Motorcycles in Sunny California and the 5 Beautiful Motorcycle Routes near the San Francisco Bay Area for more insight on epic rides in the Golden State.

Our first route takes you through Marin County. Start the day by meeting up with riding buddies over breakfast at Donut Alley or Farm House Local. Both are located half a block from each other in Larkspur.

The Marin County route does a big loop around Mount Tamalpais and traverses coastal mountain ranges and quieter, more scenic country back roads. This loop takes about two hours even though it’s only 52-miles in duration. For lunch, take a break at the Iron Springs Pub & Brewery in the center of Fairfax.

For turn-by-turn Google Maps directions, click here: San Francisco Bay Area loop.

Another option is to ride south of the city on California's infamous Pacific Coast Highway. The road meanders down Northern California’s rugged coast line and surprises riders with spectacular views through Pacifica and Half Moon Bay. Hungry? There are plenty of options, especially if you’re craving seafood or fresh clam chowder.

Get ready for some serious curves as you head east on Pescadero Creek Road. Redwood trees line the pavement and are a stark difference to the openness of the coast. Depending on the time of day, the contrast between light and dark areas inside the forest can be tricky, so take your time, and keep your eyes on the road.

Head north on La Honda road and up the infamous Skyline Boulevard. It’s a nice stretch of slow to medium speed corners. Although fun, this stretch of roadway is prone to accidents, especially during weekends. So pay attention, ride with all appropriate motorcycle safety gear, and ride within your limits.

Fuel up at Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside before continuing north and back toward SF on Skyline Boulevard. Tip: sit outside in the back of the restaurant and experience its picnic-like atmosphere.