This is the Spring Redneck Rumble 2023: Lebanon's Premier Gathering of Vintage Car and Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Jun 8, 2023

Get your engines roaring and brace yourself for an unparalleled motorcycle experience in Lebanon, TN! Get ready to unleash your inner rebellion at Spring Redneck Rumble 2023! It's time to saddle up and experience the untamed thrill of biking like never before. 

Experience the ultimate adventure of a lifetime at our rally, designed to cater to seasoned riders and curious newcomers alike. 

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Get ready to be swept away by the ride's thrill, camaraderie's warmth, and the unmistakable charm of the redneck culture. Join us now for an unforgettable journey!

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History of the event

Motorcycle fans nationwide love the Spring Redneck Rumble. Join a group of passionate American bikers who want adventure and a unique gathering. Lebanon, TN, where the Redneck Rumble began, is full of charm and open-road love.

Years ago, a group of redneck motorcycle enthusiasts created an event to celebrate the biker community's unique and captivating spirit. This special group's first run embodied freedom, camaraderie, and offbeat charm. From 40 bikers, a remarkable phenomenon has emerged, attracting hundreds of riders and their bikes from around the world.

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Spring Redneck Rumble thrills are unmatched! This event will captivate you year after year with thrilling rides, mind-blowing stunts, and nonstop laughter. Experience how passion and adventure unite bikers from all backgrounds.

The event became popular with its quirky charm and unique offerings. Spring Redneck Rumble thrills! Our own car show, hilarious redneck games and jaw-dropping stunt shows will test you. Take advantage of unforgettable moments. Spring Redneck Rumble!

Dates and schedule

The 2023 Spring Redneck Rumble in Lebanon, TN, promises an exciting weekend! Our event features exciting stunt shows, live music, and tons of fun for motorcycle enthusiasts. 

Expect an epic weekend! Friday brings vendors, campers, and vehicles to start the fun. Feel the excitement and anticipation as the gates open. Saturdays are thrilling! Enjoy many kid-friendly activities and make memories. 

You'll find poker runs, a car show; swap meets, and more

The Kids Build competition and stunt bike shows are exciting. Nothing's boring! Explore a variety of motorcycle gear and accessories from different vendors to discover new possibilities. As the sun sets, the best artists perform on stage. 

The awards ceremony, the evening's finale, builds anticipation as the sun sets. Biker stars are honored at this time. So, the 2023 Spring Redneck Rumble is an unforgettable mix of high-octane action, camaraderie, and riding. Lebanon, TN, offers unforgettable thrills. Start your engines for a unique adventure.

Places to visit

Lebanon, TN, and its surroundings offer exciting destinations for motorcycle riders during the Spring Redneck Rumble. Hop on your trusty two-wheeler and explore scenic routes that will take you through winding roads, breathtaking landscapes, and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. 

Let's be ready for the rat rod redneck rumble

Take advantage of local attractions, charming diners serving up lip-smacking Southern cuisine, and roadside oddities that will add a sprinkle of quirkiness to your journey:

  1. Nashville Superspeedway
  2. Cedars of Lebanon State Park
  3. Fiddlers Grove Historic Village
  4. Wilson County Fairgrounds
  5. Lebanon Premium Outlets

Places to Stay

Rest easy and recharge for the next day's adventures at the biker-friendly accommodations near the Spring Redneck Rumble. Whether you prefer cozy motels with a touch of redneck charm or campgrounds where you can pitch your tent under the starry Tennessee sky, Lebanon, TN, has options to suit every rider's taste and budget. 

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Take advantage of the welcoming atmosphere and camaraderie shared among fellow bikers as you recount the day's thrilling experiences:

  1. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lebanon
  2. Comfort Suites Lebanon
  3. Hampton Inn & Suites Lebanon
  4. Quality Inn Lebanon
  5. Econo Lodge Lebanon

Where to Eat?

When hunger strikes, Lebanon, TN, is ready to satisfy your cravings with a mouthwatering selection of local eateries. From finger-licking BBQ joints that will have you licking your fingers to down-home diners serving classic Southern comfort food, you'll find a culinary journey to fuel your adventures and keep your taste buds cheering.

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Don't forget to try the unique Redneck Rumble specialties that will surely make your belly rumble with delight!

  1. Demos' Restaurant
  2. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
  3. Peking Chinese Restaurant
  4. Legends Steakhouse
  5. Uncle Pete's Truck Stop & Café


At the Bike Show, you'll be awestruck by the machines' beauty. Experience the stunning craftsmanship, unique designs, and exquisite modifications that make each bike a masterpiece. The Bike Show will captivate bike lovers and admirers.

Let live music move you as the sun sets. Talented bands will rock the stage and create an unforgettable atmosphere. Music ignites passion and adds dynamism to the event. From classic rock to country, enjoy a musical journey. Every listener will find aural pleasure.

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The Swap Meet is a must-see for treasure hunters. Find motorcycle parts, accessories, vintage toys, memorabilia, and more. Discover unique items, provide features, and connect with like-minded bikers. Explore the Swap Meet and find that hard-to-find part. Visit this car show a must-see.

This motorcycle event features a Bike Show, Live Music, and Swap Meet. Join the fun! At this unique biker event in Lebanon, TN, rev your engines, embrace the thrill, and dive into their exhilarating activities to improve meta products.

Additional Details

For tickets, additional event details, and the latest updates about the Spring Redneck Rumble 2023, visit the official event website. Please stay connected with the rumble through their Facebook and Instagram, where you can join the vibrant community, share your excitement, and get a sneak peek into the upcoming festivities in Tennessee and all around the US. 

Swap meets everywhere!

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