Best Motorcycle Gear for Summer & Hot Weather

Jun 2, 2024

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motorcyclist stops and removes helmet Best Motorcycle Gear for Summer & Hot Weather

Choosing the right motorcycle gear for motorcyclists looking to stay cool while riding in hot weather can mean the difference between a miserable ride (or even risk of heat stroke) versus a comfortable, breezy day. Remember, gear will only get you so far. Make sure to be mindful of when it’s just, well, too hot to ride. Here’s our list of what to wear when riding a motorcycle in hot weather, along with materials to look for and those to avoid:

Best Motorcycle Protective Gear For Summer

1. Cooling Vests

cooling vest Best Motorcycle Gear for Summer & Hot Weather

Cooling vests are designed to help regulate body temperature during rides in hot weather. They can be activated by water or come with gel packs that are cooled in a refrigerator or freezer before use.

Materials to look for:

  • Lightweight synthetic fabrics that allow for air circulation
  • Hydrophilic fibers that can absorb and retain moisture

Materials to avoid:

  • Heavy materials that can trap heat
  • Non-breathable fabrics that prevent evaporation

2. Ventilated Helmets

helmet ventilation Best Motorcycle Gear for Summer & Hot Weather

Ventilated helmets feature built-in air channels that help improve airflow around the head, a must-have for reducing heat buildup during rides.

Materials to look for:

  • Lightweight composites or carbon fiber that offer both ventilation and protection
  • Internal linings that are moisture-wicking

Materials to avoid:

  • Solid, non-vented helmets that restrict air movement
  • Heavy materials that increase neck strain

3. Perforated Leather Gear

perforated leather gear Best Motorcycle Gear for Summer & Hot Weather

Leather gear with perforations offers a traditional look with added ventilation, making it suitable for warmer climates.

Materials to look for:

  • Perforated leather that allows for airflow while providing abrasion resistance
  • Mesh panels integrated for enhanced breathability

Materials to avoid:

  • Solid leather without any perforation
  • Synthetic materials that don’t offer the same level of protection as leather

4. Mesh Riding Pants and Jackets

mesh gear Best Motorcycle Gear for Summer & Hot Weather

Mesh gear is key for hot weather, providing essential airflow to cool the body while maintaining protection.

Materials to look for:

  • Mesh panels that cover large areas for maximum air intake
  • Durable, abrasion-resistant fabrics like Cordura or Kevlar for critical areas

Materials to avoid:

  • Non-breathable, fully lined, or waterproof materials that can be too hot and retain moisture

5. Moisture-Wicking Undergarments

base layer Best Motorcycle Gear for Summer & Hot Weather

Moisture-wicking undergarments are designed to pull sweat away from the skin, helping to keep you cool and dry.

Materials to look for:

  • Synthetic fabrics such as polyester or polypropylene that are known for their wicking abilities
  • Light, breathable fabrics that dry quickly

Materials to avoid:

  • Cotton, which retains moisture and can lead to discomfort and overheating
  • Thick, heavy fabrics that don't breathe well

By selecting the right materials and styles, riders can enhance their comfort and safety when riding in hot weather. Always prioritize gear that offers both cooling properties and necessary protection.

6. Ventilated Motorcycle Boots

boots Best Motorcycle Gear for Summer & Hot Weather

Ventilated motorcycle boots are designed to keep your feet cool while providing the necessary protection during rides in hot weather. Here’s what to look for in terms of materials:

Materials to look for:

  • Breathable mesh panels that allow for air circulation while riding.
  • Lightweight, perforated leather that offers a good balance of protection and breathability.
  • Moisture-wicking interior linings to help keep feet dry and comfortable.
  • Hard plastics or metal inserts can be used to reinforce critical impact zones, such as the ankle, heel, and toe areas.

Materials to avoid:

  • Fully sealed, non-perforated boots that can trap heat and moisture, increasing discomfort.
  • Heavy materials don't allow airflow, making them impractical for warm climates.
  • Boots without adequate ventilation can lead to overheating and sweating of the feet.

UV Protective Gear

UV protection neck gator Best Motorcycle Gear for Summer & Hot Weather

When riding in sunny conditions, it's essential to consider UV protection as part of your gear. Extended exposure to UV rays can lead to sunburn and other skin damage. Motorcycle gear with UV protection can help mitigate these risks.

Materials to look for:

  • UV-resistant fabrics: Some motorcycle jackets, pants, and suits are made with UV-resistant materials. These fabrics are treated to reflect or absorb UV rays, reducing your exposure.
  • Special coatings: Some gear have special coatings that enhance UV protection. These coatings are often applied to the outer layer of the gear.
  • Bright or reflective colors: Lighter colors reflect more UV rays than darker colors. Reflective strips or patches can also help deflect UV rays while increasing visibility.

Materials to avoid:

  • Untreated synthetic fabrics: While synthetic materials like polyester are excellent for moisture-wicking, if untreated, they can allow UV rays to penetrate. Ensure synthetics are treated for UV resistance.
  • Thin, lightweight cotton: Cotton is generally not the best fabric for UV protection unless it is specifically treated or woven tightly.

Specific UV Protective Items

  • Helmets with UV protection: Some helmets have visors that offer UV protection to shield the face and eyes from the sun.
  • Gloves and arm covers: For hot weather riding, look for gloves and arm covers made with UV-protective fabrics to shield your hands and arms, which are often exposed directly to sunlight.
  • Neck gaiters and face masks: These can be made from UV-protective materials to cover the neck and lower face area, which are also vulnerable to sun exposure.

Using UV-protective gear helps prevent sunburn and reduces the risk of long-term skin damage, ensuring a safer and more comfortable ride in sunny conditions.

Okay.. Okay.. What Happens if You Don’t Wear The Right Gear in the Summer? 

Well, for one, you’ll definitely sacrifice some level of your own comfort. The bigger picture here is when riding in hot weather, and we mean hot, making sure you’re wearing appropriate gear to still keep yourself safe without increasing your risk of heat-related illnesses. 

Not wearing the right gear in hot weather can have several adverse effects on motorcyclists, both in terms of comfort and safety:

  • Increased Risk of Dehydration and Heat Exhaustion: Without proper ventilation provided by suitable riding gear, riders can experience increased body temperatures. This can lead to excessive sweating, which if not adequately managed, might result in dehydration. If the body continues to overheat, it can lead to more severe conditions like heat exhaustion or even heat stroke, which are potentially life-threatening if not addressed promptly.
  • Decreased Riding Performance: Overheating and discomfort can significantly impair a rider's concentration and physical ability, leading to decreased performance. This can affect a rider's reaction time, decision-making, and overall ability to operate the motorcycle safely.
  • Sunburn and Long-Term Skin Damage: Riding without protective clothing exposes skin to harmful UV rays, which can lead to sunburn. Repeated exposure without proper protection can increase the risk of more serious skin conditions, including skin cancer.
  • Increased Risk of Severe Injuries in Accidents: The right gear often includes reinforced materials that protect against abrasions, cuts, and blunt force injuries in an accident. Without such gear, riders are at a higher risk of sustaining more severe injuries if they crash, regardless of the temperature.
  • General Discomfort and Fatigue: Wearing non-breathable, heavy gear in hot weather can lead to general discomfort and fatigue, making long rides particularly challenging and less enjoyable.

To mitigate these risks, motorcyclists should choose gear specifically designed for hot weather, which usually includes moisture-wicking materials, ventilation systems, and UV protection. This ensures safety and comfort, allowing riders to enjoy their journey even during the warmer months.

Rent a Motorcycle With Riders Share for Your Next Summer Vacation. Don’t forget to gear up!

Renting a motorcycle through Riders Share for your summer vacation allows you to explore new destinations from a unique perspective. However, it's essential to be equipped with the appropriate gear to manage the summer heat while ensuring your safety. Here's what you should consider before hitting the road:

  • Helmet with UV protection: Choose a helmet that shields your head and eyes from sunlight.
  • Ventilated riding jacket and pants: Select gear with breathable materials and mesh panels for cooling.
  • Moisture-wicking base layers: These garments help keep sweat away from your skin, maintaining comfort and dryness.
  • UV-protective gloves: Opt for gloves that provide both sun protection and breathability.
  • Perforated boots: Ensure your boots allow for airflow while offering proper protection.
  • Cooling vest: A cooling vest under your jacket can be beneficial on especially hot days.
  • Hydration pack: Keeping hydrated is essential, especially during warm weather rides.

By gearing up appropriately, you enhance your comfort and safety, making your motorcycle rental from Riders Share a truly enjoyable experience.

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