Don’t Despair! The Future of Motorcycles Is Bright

May 11, 2021


Motorcycle rider taking a break at a scenic lookout.

Have you noticed the pessimistic tone about the state of the motorcycle industry in the media recently? Two big issues always seem to pop up: first, that baby boomers are getting too old to ride motorcycles. Second: that young people aren't nearly as interested in riding bikes in the U.S. as they are elsewhere in the world.

Of course, there’s some credence to those concerns, but a few years ago there were similar myths being peddled about the automotive industry. One of the big ones claimed that millennials don't like driving cars anymore.

As it turns out, after some studies and recent sales results, millennials simply couldn’t afford to buy cars and were postponing their purchases. Things were a lot different for the boomer generation. It had a much more robust middle class thanks to things like higher tax rates on the rich and competitive wages for the average American. This new generation is saddled with student loans and salaries that, when adjusted for inflation, are quite a bit lower than their parents' generation.

Since motorcycles are usually a second vehicle or more of a luxury item than a car, it’s not surprising young people aren’t buying them like their parents did. But here comes the good news!

Self-driving cars are on the horizon, and advancements in automobile safety technology will also serve to make motorcycle riding safer.

For example, many cars today already have safety features that alarm the driver if they are swerving out of their lane. An alert system like that pays off for motorcyclists riding alongside such a vehicle, since it becomes less likely that a distracted driver drifts into a lane unexpectedly. Advancements like that absolutely help create a more fear-free atmosphere for motorcycle riders on the road.

And traffic is only going to get worse in the years ahead. So things like lane sharing/lane splitting (as it continues to be legalized throughout the U.S.), and the convenience of a motorcycle stand to become much more appealing traits for would-be commuters, moving motorcycles from a leisure activity to a staple of transportation in the U.S. There are a lot of things moving in the right direction for motorcycles, in other words.

Meanwhile, to help make motorcycling more appealing to millennials and boomers alike, Riders Share offsets the costs of owning a motorcycle, offering low cost, and high-variety motorcycle rentals. We also qualify would-be renters to ensure only the safest motorcyclists are out on the road.

Lower Cost + Lower Risk = More Motorcycle Riding.