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Intro: Rider’s Share is the world’s largest network of Buell motorcycle rentals in the United States, including motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Brief History of Buell Motorcycles

Founded by Erik Buell, a former Harley-Davidson engineer, in 1983, Buell motorcycles initially gained attention for using Harley-Davidson V-twin engines in smaller sportbike frames. One of their early standout models was the Lightning XB9S and XB12S, known for their minimalist design and exposed components.

Over the years, Buell introduced new models such as the adventure touring Ulysses XB12X and XB12XT, as well as limited-edition and concept bikes like the track-focused 1125RR and the futuristic Barracuda.

In 1993, Buell re-established its relationship with Harley-Davidson, eventually leading to the acquisition of Buell Motorcycles. However, in 2009, Harley-Davidson discontinued Buell due to restructuring. Despite no longer being an active manufacturer, the Buell brand continues to have a loyal fan base worldwide.

Most Popular Buell Motorcycles

Renowned for their innovative design and performance, Buell motorcycles have garnered a devoted following. Although the company no longer produces motorcycles, its iconic models are still highly regarded. Here are the three most popular Buell motorcycles:’

  • Lightning XB9S
    The minimalist XB9S features a 984cc V-twin engine for responsive power. Its rear fully adjustable Showa shocks and upside-down front forks contribute to improved aerodynamics and a controlled ride.
  • Firebolt XB12R
    Known for its aggressive styling, the Firebolt XB12R boasts a powerful 1203cc, 45-degree V-twin engine, and proprietary KTL brakes, offering impressive acceleration and responsive braking. Its focus on aerodynamics is evident in the "Uniplanar" frame, which utilizes the fuel tank as a structural element, reducing weight and enhancing handling. The Zero Torsional Load (ZTL) braking system also reduces unsprung weight.
  • Ulysses XB12X
    Designed as an adventure tourer for off-roading and long-distance touring, the Ulysses XB12X features a rugged design with a 1203cc air/oil-cooled, 45-degree V-twin engine for exceptional torque and power. Its higher seating position provides better visibility, while the front suspension handles bumps effectively. Riders can adjust the rear fully adjustable Showa shock for personalized responsiveness and shock absorption.

Where to Rent a Buell Motorcycle?

Riders Share is an excellent choice for renting a Buell motorcycle. As a leading peer-to-peer motorcycle rental platform, Riders Share allows you to search for available bikes in your location, with the option to filter by "Buell."

Compared to traditional rental agencies, Riders Share often offers more cost-effective rental rates, as motorcycle owners are more inclined to provide favorable terms. Enjoy your next Buell motorcycle adventure without exceeding your budget.

Reasons to Rent a Buell Motorcycle


Buell motorcycles come in various styles and configurations. Whether you prefer the muscular design and sport-tuned suspension of the Lightning XB12S for street riding or the off-road capabilities and high ground clearance of the Ulysses XB12X for adventure touring, Buell offers options to suit different preferences.

Powerful Engines

Buell motorcycles are known for their powerful engines. Across different models, you can find air-cooled V-twin engines and liquid-cooled options, providing impressive performance.

Head Turners

With their aggressive stances and distinctive lines, every Buell model is a head-turner. Whether you're riding through city streets or scenic mountain routes, you can expect to attract attention wherever you go.

What are the Requirements for Renting a Motorcycle on Riders Share

  • Aged 21+ (must have 3 years of experience if under 25)
  • Motorcycle license if renting a motorcycle
  • Helmets for motorcycle rentals

Earn Money From Your Buell Motorcycle 

It is effortless to start earning money by renting out your Buell motorcycle to like-minded riders who are interested in exploring your city and its surrounding areas.

All you have to do is sign up for Riders Share, a leading peer-to-peer motorcycle rental platform that allows you to list your bike and set rates, availability dates, and rental terms. 

After going through the vetting and approval process, which typically takes as little as 12 hours, you can actively engage with potential renters, answering their questions and arranging pickup or delivery of your Buell.

Getting started with Riders Share takes less than 10 minutes. Simply sign up, list your Buell motorcycle, and start generating a steady passive income today!