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Riders Share Kawasaki Motorcycle Rentals

Rider’s Share is the world’s largest network of Kawasaki motorcycle rentals in the United States. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, no matter what city you’re in, Riders Share has the perfect Kawasaki motorcycle to rent. 

Whether you’re after the infamous Ninja or the Vulcan, Riders Share offers the largest selection of Kawasaki motorcycle rentals. 

Riders Share is the best place to rent Kawasaki motorcycles for a low price. We offer 24/7 protection on all bikes and make the rental process quick and painless. If you’re interested in renting a Kawasaki motorcycle, find out what all the buzz is about. 

Popular Kawasaki Motorcycle Models

If you’re into cruising, the Vulcan family of motorcycles provides classic cruiser style with V-Twin muscle (engine sizes vary). If sport touring is your preference, the Kawasaki Concours is a perfect tool for the job, blending a sporty frame with a powerful engine. 

For law enforcement aficionados, who can forget the classic KZ1000? Then we have the indestructible KLR650 for those who like dual-sport riding on both the pavement and the dirt. And finally, for the speed junkies, the Ninja lineup has sportbikes to satisfy almost anyone’s inner speed demon.

Reasons to Rent a Kawasaki Motorcycle

You can find them everywhere!

Kawasaki motorcycles are some of the most popular in the world, so you’re bound to find one in every corner of the country. That’s convenient, too, because Kawasaki has bikes like the Versys and KLR650. Both of these can go virtually anywhere in comfort. The KLR can even do it in the dirt!


Kawasaki has plenty of powerful motorcycles in its lineup, including one very special family of motorcycles: the H2 series. These are special because the H2 lineup is the only family of bikes with a supercharger. 

In fact, Kawasaki is the only manufacturer that sells a motorcycle with a supercharger and the riding experience is unlike anything else out there. Imagine an instant burst of power and torque no matter where you are in the RPM range or gear.  


Whether you opt to rent the Vulcan, Concours, KZ, KLR, or even the ZX-14, Kawasaki models blend performance with comfort so you can burn away miles quickly without breaking your body. It’s the best of both worlds, really.


The aforementioned superchargers found in the H2 line of motorcycles are a technological and engineering feat, but even if you’re not a gearhead, late-model Kawasaki models come with the tech you’ve come to expect. Think traction control, ABS, cruise control, and even the ability to pair with your phone to make/take calls or get turn-by-turn navigation (on select models).  

Tips for Renting a Kawasaki Motorcycle

Watch Your Speed

This one is literal–watch your speed! Kawasaki motorcycles are capable of reaching high speeds, especially the Ninjas. Keep yourself in check when riding your Kawasaki rental, both for your sake, but also for the safety of others and the condition of the motorcycle. 

Find the Right Model for You

Kawasaki makes motorcycles for all types of riding and skill levels. Some of these motorcycles are capable of propelling you to insane speeds very quickly while others are much more docile. Understand your skill level and what kind of riding you intend to do, and research which Kawasaki motorcycle is right for you. Whether you want to play on the roads or in the dirt, knowing what you’re after and what you can handle will prove to be very important in ensuring a pleasurable rental experience.

Read Your Rental Agreement Carefully

As part of the standard rental process, there is a rental contract provided by the owner of the Kawasaki motorcycle that you agree to abide by. Look it over carefully, as it contains important information about what you can and can’t do with your Kawasaki rental. Breaching this contract could result in unwanted fees and penalties.

Always Wear the Proper Gear

It’s true that not every state mandates that you wear a helmet, but we at Riders Share strongly encourage you to wear one along with all the other pieces of safety gear. Accidents happen, and being dressed for the crash will hurt a lot less. It could even be the difference between life or death. 

Earn Money From Your Kawasaki Motorcycle 

Do you own a Kawasaki motorcycle and want to earn extra cash? Riders Share helps motorcycle owners like you monetize their bikes to earn extra income. 

Renters earn, on average, $150 per booking and can earn thousands monthly by renting out one or more of their bikes to hungry riders ready to experience what a Kawasaki motorcycle has to offer for motorcycle touring.

All bikes are thoroughly vetted and approved in as little as 12 hours. Riders can list their bikes for whatever they want and communicate directly with renters before approval. 

Just list your bike, honor your booking requests, and start earning money. It’s that easy!