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As a motorcycle enthusiast, you might have considered KTM motorcycle rental an exciting option to explore the open or off road. 

This guide will outline several compelling reasons why renting a KTM motorcycle can cause some serious happiness while riding, with a focus on street-legal motorcycles such as the 390 Duke and 890 Adventure, two of the brand’s most popular bikes. 

We'll cover how rentals offer potential buyers a chance to try out different models before committing to a purchase while often including essential riding gear in rental packages.

And for those who already own a KTM bike, we'll explain how you can earn money by sharing your prized possession with fellow riders through platforms like Riders Share—promoting responsible sharing within the motorcycle rental community while enjoying financial benefits at the same time.

KTM Motorcycles: A Brief History of Quality Performance Machines

KTM, an Austrian motorcycle manufacturer established in 1934, has come a long way from its metalworking shop beginnings.

From producing its first motorcycle in 1951, the R100, to entering MotoGP in 2017, KTM has expanded its product line, initially known for the off-road and motocross, to include street bikes like the RC 390 entry-level sportbike to the 1290 Super Adventure R.

KTM has also ventured into developing eco-friendly and sustainable riding options like their Freeride E-XC electric off-road motorcycle. Here’s a brief KTM history of milestones.

Notable KTM Milestones

  • 1951: First KTM motorcycle developed - R100 - goes into production in 1953.
  • 1981: Introduction of water-cooled engines for motocross bikes
  • 1987: Production begins on the first four-stroke engine model.
  • 2008: Debut of KTM's first street-legal superbike, the RC8
  • 2013: Acquires former Swedish motorcycle company Husqvarna Motorcycles from BMW Motorrad AG.
  • 2017: KTM enters MotoGP World Championship with a partnership with Red Bull Racing Team
  • 2019: KTM acquires Spanish brand GasGas

KTM's continuous innovation and expansion into various segments have solidified its position worldwide as a top choice among riders.

Top KTM Motorcycles for Rent

Looking for a powerful and agile street or off-road ride? KTM motorcycles offer a variety of engine sizes, from the lightweight 390 Duke naked superbike to the robust 1290 Super Adventure R.

Here are some of the most rented KTMs on Riders Share:

KTM 390 Duke

  • Versatile: The 390 Duke is perfect for daily commutes and the occasional canyon carving.
  • Powerful: The 390 Duke’s engine offers 44 horsepower, one of the most powerful in its class, and offers optimal street manners for everyday use. 
  • Advanced: Equipped with dual-channel ABS for enhanced rider safety.

KTM 790 Adventure

  • All-terrain: The 790 Adventure is built to handle any terrain with its WP XPLOR suspension system and high ground clearance.
  • Fuel-efficient: This motorcycle features an LC8c parallel-twin engine that delivers up to 280 miles per tank.
  • Safe: Equipped with multiple riding modes, off-road ABS, and cornering-enhanced traction control systems.

Where to Rent a KTM Motorcycle?

Suppose you're interested in renting a KTM motorcycle. In that case, Riders Share connect renters with owners who want to earn extra income by renting out their motorcycles, making it easy for riders across America to find the perfect bike for their needs.

Riders Share simplifies this process by providing an extensive database of available bikes, complete with detailed descriptions and user reviews.

Using the Riders Share Platform is simple:

  1. Create an account: Sign up on the Riders Share website using your email address, Google profile, Facebook, or Apple login.
  2. Browse listings: Search for KTM motorcycles based on factors such as location, price range, engine size, and more.
  3. Contact owners: Once you've found the perfect bike, reach out directly to its owner via the platform's messaging system.

This allows both parties to discuss details about pick-up/drop-off times and any additional requirements (such as gear).

When using Riders Share, you can rest assured that all transactions are secure and protected by a comprehensive insurance policy. Renters and owners alike can benefit from 24/7 customer assistance throughout the rental experience with Riders Share.

Renting a motorcycle in Los Angeles or other areas across America has never been easier, thanks to online platforms like Riders Share.

By connecting riders with bike owners looking to earn extra income through rentals, these services create a win-win situation for everyone involved while promoting responsible sharing within the motorcycling community.

Also, some renters offer riding gear with their bikes, including:

  • Helmets are crucial for protecting your head during any ride, and many rental companies provide helmets that meet or exceed safety standards.
  • Gloves are a must-have for safeguarding your hands and keeping hold of the handlebars while riding, an absolute necessity for safe cycling.
  • Jackets are another must-have for safe riding.

Requirements for Renting a Motorcycle on Riders Share

  • Aged 21+ (must have 3 years of experience if under 25)
  • Motorcycle license if renting a motorcycle
  • Helmets for motorcycle rentals

Earn Money From Your KTM Motorcycle with Riders Share

Owners can set their rental price and availability, and Riders Share offers insurance coverage for rented motorcycles, making it a stress-free experience,

Renters earn, on average, $150 per booking and can earn thousands monthly by renting out one or more of their bikes to hungry riders ready to experience what a KTM motorcycle has to offer for motorcycle touring or a day trip to the city.

All bikes are thoroughly vetted and approved in as little as 12 hours. Riders can list their bikes for whatever they want and communicate directly with renters before approval. 

Just list your bike, honor your booking requests, and start earning money. It’s that easy!