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Prohibited Activities


Under our Terms of Service, participating in the following prohibited actives can result in an account suspension or coverage denial.

·   Operating your rental vehicle without a valid and appropriate license, to be presented and documented at time of drop-off

·   Renting a vehicle with a suspended license, or without full disclosure of your driving record or infractions.

·   Inability to operate the vehicle at the time of check-in

·   Operating the rental vehicle under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medications, or any type of impairment that might prevent safe operation.

·   Authorizing persons not specifically disclosed on the Reservation to operate the vehicle.

·   Riding without legally required safety equipment in acceptable condition, whether or not provided by the Owner

·   Failing to maintain the vehicle during your rental (i.e. replenishing fuel, fluids, maintaining tire pressure)

·   Altering the motorcycle in any way

·   Off-road operation, racetrack, or operation on anything other than finished, paved roads. (Some bikes will be approved for Off-Road, but you must agree to our Off-Road Policy, and pay an additional surcharge, determined by the vehicle owner.

·   Riding in a reckless manner i.e. Stunt driving, wheelies, burn-outs etc.

·   Riding motorcycle in manner not intended by the manufacturer

·   Failing to heed Owners specific instructions particular to the motorcycle being rented

·   Using the Motorcycle to tow or push an object, or in excess of manufacturers load limits.

·   For commercial uses, unless specifically approved by Riders Share or the Owner

·   While Renter is distracted, for example, smoking, eating, texting, operating a cellphone or other device while driving

·   To enter a race or competition

·   In the commission of any criminal or reckless act

·   Without reporting an accident, or malfunction as soon as possible to Owner, and/or Riders Share

Riders Share may decline, cancel, or terminate early any Rental at its sole discretion should such action be deemed by Riders Share in its or the owners best interest.

Owners may cancel a reservation at the time of drop-off, if Renter is unable to provide a valid motorcycle license, does not possess required safety gear, is visibly impaired, or demonstrates a lack of basic skill in the operation of a clutch, or manual transmission, or any skills fundamental to safe motorcycle operation