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How does renting work?

  1. Browse through our listings and pick the bike you'd like! We recommend messaging the owner to confirm availability before requesting to book.
  2. Once you request to book, the owner has 12 hours to approve your request. Most of our owners are very responsive, but If they decline, or don't respond, we refund the full amount we've placed on hold from your card.
  3. The exact location of bike is revealed upon approval, along with contact info and other important info via email.
  4. Ride day! Meet the owner, show your license (or foreign license if non-US), document preexisting damage on the bike using our check-in process, get the keys and get going! Please be safe and wear a helmet.
  5. Remember, only YOU can ride the bike. Do not lend it to anyone else.
  6. Make sure the bike's handlebars are always locked when parked. If available, always use the wheel lock too.
  7. Upon return, document the bike again for damage, using our check-out process.

We would love to hear about your trip. Send pictures, experiences, comments and suggestions to support@riders-share.com.