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I can't make my pick up day and time. What happens?


Please let the owner know, and then you can either request to re-schedule, or cancel the reservation. Please review our cancellation policy. It causes major inconveniences to owners so please be mindful.

Owners can select from 3 policies:

  • Flexible Cancellation Policy (Recommended)
    Fee is free before 24 hours of trip start
    Fee is 25% after 24 hours of trip start
  • Moderate Cancellation Policy
    50% Fee if canceled within 7 days
    No fee if canceled >7 days in advance
  • Strict Cancellation Policy (Not Recommended)
    No refunds if canceled within 30 days
    25% fee if canceled before 30 days
    24 hour window post-payment to cancel for free, up to 7 days before trip start