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Pittsburgh, PA Motorcycle Rental

Motorcycle Rental Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, known by many as "the Steel City", is the perfect place to start your authentic Pennysylvania motorcycle adventure. Despite its gritty reputation as an industrial city, nearby surrounding areas like the Laurel Highlands and the Three Rivers Heritage Trail offer a welcome refuge. 

If mountain backdrops are more your style, check out the 150-mile Great Allegheny Passage with spectacular views from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, Maryland. Do not forget to take a ride down Route 837, with its rolling hillsides and industrial landmarks like the Homestead Steel Works and the Carrie Furnace.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to share the road with horse-drawn buggies? PA Route 340 through Amish Country brings you through verdant farming communities with plenty of opportunities along the way to stop and take a tour. If rugged coal mining towns are more your style, check out the Coal Miner Town’s Loop. Along the route, you will pass by historic coal mining communities with many options to stop and get some authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine.

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Best Motorcycle Rides Near Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh offers plenty of stretches you can ride your motorcycle on. Whether it's catching stunning views of Pittsburgh's skyline or venturing an hour away through Laurel Highlands winding paths, here are some of our favorite routes:

Three Rivers Heritage Trail

The Three Rivers Heritage Trail is a 24-mile trail that cuts alongside the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers. Its relatively flat and paved terrain allows riders to take in the Pittsburgh skyline and the stunning North and South Shore Riverfront Parks. You will also see some of Pittsburgh's most iconic attractions, such as PNC Park and Heinz Field, home of the Pirates and the Steelers.

The Laurel Highlands

Sitting roughly an hour southeast of Pittsburgh, the Laurel Highlands is the antithesis of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. It is known for its winding roads cutting through several state parks, including Ohiopyle State Park, known for its rich backdrop of forests and rivers. However, its claim to fame is the 68-mile Laurel Highlands Scenic Byway with rolling hillsides as far as the eyes can see. This route is easily our top pick. 

Route 30

Also known as the Lincoln Highway, this stretch starts in Pittsburgh's eastern suburbs. Then, it cuts through to western Pennsylvania, passing some of the state's most iconic landmarks, such as the Frick Art & Historical Center and the Westinghouse Air Brake Factory. Remember to take in all the nondescript small charming towns throughout this stretch.

Great Allegheny Passage

Running from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, Maryland, the Great Allegheny Passage is a 150-mile trail through the Allegheny Mountains and Ohiopyle State Park. You will see remnants of the state's illustrious railroad history through charming rail towns, complete with biker-friendly cafes and guest houses.

Route 837

Running along the Monongahela River, Route 837 brings out the best of western Pennsylvania with breathtaking views of rolling hillsides. The entire route is famous for its twists and turns, and its pavement is relatively smooth. If you are a history buff, you will especially appreciate the nearby Homestead Steel Works and the Carrie Furnace landmarks that pay tribute to Pittsburgh's industrial tradition.

Best Places to Visit in Pittsburgh

For motorcycle enthusiasts, no visit to Pittsburgh can be completed without a visit to Route 30 which cuts through the Laurel Highlands. If you want to explore the city, popular spots include the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, and the Strip District with its dazzling array of ethnic markets.

Best Motorcycle Hangouts in Pittsburgh

If you want to unwind after a long motorcycle journey in or around Pittsburgh, here are a few of our favorite motorcycle hangouts.

The Pittsburgh Motorcycle Club:

One of the longest-standing motorcycle clubs in the United States, the Pittsburgh Motorcycle Club is an excellent place to meet fellow riders and coordinate group rides, many of which participate in local charity fundraisers.

Carson City Saloon:

Located in the city's southside, the Carson City Saloon Is one of Pittsburgh's most popular biker bars, steeped in Pittsburgh game day tradition. It is housed in the German Savings Deposit Bank building, one of Pittsburgh's oldest buildings built in 1896. 

The Bulldog Pub:

The Bulldog Pub is a laid-back biker bar in the Lawrenceville neighborhood, offering craft beers and live entertainment. It proudly serves all nearby surrounding areas, including Bloomfield and Highland Park.

The Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh:

Located in Pittsburgh's South Side District, the Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh pays homage to the famous Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany, complete with a large beer hall and fresh, authentic German fare. Here, bikers can enjoy the latest German dishes, including schnitzel and sausages. After a long motorcycle day, it's an excellent way to unwind.

Best Times of Year to Rent a Motorcycle in Pittsburgh

One of the best times to rent a motorcycle in Pittsburgh is during the spring and summer. Both seasons offer an excellent time to ride through the Laurel Highlands and Ohiopyle State Park combo. However, try to avoid the winter season with its heavy snow and icefall. Although Pittsburgh does not boast extreme winter weather, average snowfall in the region clocks in at ~ 41 inches per year, so motorcycle enthusiasts are not out of the woods. 

If you visit in the summer, be sure to visit Johnstown, located just 60 miles from Pittsburgh, which hosts its annual summer motorcycle event every June. 

Tips for Renting a Motorcycle in Pittsburgh

With the Laurel Highland boosting winding roads in and around scenic lakes and plenty of dirt roads, we highly recommend keeping your protective gear in top shape. Do not forget to pack your helmet, riding jacket, motorcycle boots, and gloves, all must-haves. 

Also, plan your rides during off-peak hours and take advantage of scenic routes with much less congestion. That way, it’ll create a much more memorable trip. 

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