Rent These Harley-Davidson Motorcycles in Orange County, California

Apr 13, 2022


Harley-Davidson motorcycle in Orange County, California.

The city of Irvine sits in Orange County, the third-most populous county in California and the sixth-most in the United States. The county, named after the orange groves planted in the region to persuade potential settlers of the region’s “tropical nature,” is now the second-most densely populated county in the state behind San Francisco County. This urbanized portion of California still retains several popular beaches along its 40 miles of coastline and is home to many regional parks. Irvine itself is home to the University of California, Irvine, and serves as an attractive vacation destination in its own right.

The best way to experience a fun, whirlwind tour of the city’s top destinations is via motorcycle. Ride to the Marconi Automotive Museum and take a look at their $30 million collection of race cars before checking out the Irvine Museum and its collection of impressionist nature paintings. Then explore your natural surroundings up-close-and-personal by taking an invigorating hike through Irvine Regional Park or the Botanical Gardens at the UC Irvine Arboretum. These attractions and others are part of what makes Irvine the rapidly-growing city it is today.

In contrast to the lack of variety at traditional motorcycle rental operations, you’ll find unique and powerful Harley-Davidson motorcycles available for rent on Riders Share. Cut through the red tape (and the traffic) so you can squeeze the most out of Orange County. Want to know more? Read the How to Rent a Harley-Davidson Cruiser Motorcycle and How to Rent a Motorcycle in California articles.

1. Marconi Automotive Museum and Harley-Davidson’s FLSTFB Fat Boy Low

Southern California, home of Hollywood, is known for its fast cars and famous celebrities, so what better way to acquaint yourself with luxury rides than by hopping off your Harley-Davidson in Irvine and visiting the Marconi Automotive Museum? This unique car museum houses a breath-taking collection of top-notch automobiles collectively worth over $30 million. Here you’ll find cars of every stripe, although the museum’s specialty is racing cars, like Michael Schumacher’s 1996 Ferrari Formula One race car. Ferrari fans and adrenaline junkies won’t soon forget their visit to the Marconi Museum.

While you might be spending your time looking at cars, there’s no need to rent them when you’re touring the city. No Harley-Davidson in Irvine will serve you better than the FLSTFB Fat Boy Low.

2. Irvine Regional Park and Harley-Davidson’s FXDL103 Low Rider

Taking a stroll through the Irvine Regional Park is about the nicest way you can spend your day in sunny Southern California. Park your Harley-Davidson in Irvine and prepare to tackle trails that have been open for over a century (since 1897). With a paved walking path that runs through the 475 acres of the park, you’ll have a variety of afternoon pastimes to choose from. The park also boasts several softball fields and a lake for additional recreation.

3. Irvine Museum and Harley-Davidson’s FXBB Street Bob

Pair a visit to Irvine Regional Park with a stroll through the Irvine Museum for an extra dose of nature. This art gallery houses numerous impressionistic paintings of the state’s beautiful Italianate landscape, so you can see what California looks like during every season of the year. In addition to the fixed exhibits which are always on display, new exhibits are held regularly, so you’re bound to see something new and novel every time you hop off your Harley-Davidson in Irvine.

We recommend the Harley-Davidson FXBB Street Bob for this excursion. This bike, one of the less generic Harley-Davidsons available in Irvine, is guaranteed to turn heads and give you a unique ride on the sun-drenched roads of Southern California. USB charging is included.

4. Tanaka Farm Tour and Harley-Davidson’s Dyna Low Rider

Get in touch with the world’s oldest profession—farming—at the Tanaka Family Farm! Owned and operated by Glen Tanaka and his family for the last 30 years, this family farm is a major source of Irvine’s organic produce. The tour of the farm grounds, in particular, is a fantastic way to learn about how a farm is run and a great opportunity to pick up some produce of your own. Whether you’re a local or an out-of-town traveler, the Tanakas cultivate their farm’s family atmosphere just as devotedly as its produce.

Of all the Irvine Harley-Davidsons available for rent, you’re best off with the Dyna Low Rider for this trip. It’s got plenty of torque and handles well on any road Southern California will throw at you.

5. UC Irvine Arboretum and Harley-Davidson’s FLSL Softail Slim

Our final recommendation for your Irvine adventure is the Botanical Gardens at the UC Irvine Arboretum. This destination will give you a chance to get off your bike and stretch the legs on the expansive UC Irvine campus. It’ll also give you the opportunity to meditate in serene surroundings without the hustle and bustle of larger public parks, often crowded with families and bicyclists. The botanical gardens themselves boast plenty of native California flora and even a collection of plants from South Africa. All 12.5 acres are open to the public from Tuesday to Thursday.

Go for the Harley-Davidson FLSL Softail Slim for a journey to this destination and beyond. This Harley features bobber-style and painted gloss black. Combine these stylish traits with a six-speed transmission, and you’ll have a fun time riding through Irvine.

With the right Harley-Davidson street bike rental, your time on the road can be just as exciting as it’ll be on foot. For more routes that are guaranteed to give you a rush of adrenaline, read our Motorcycle Riding Routes in Southern California article.

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