Top 5 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Rentals in San Francisco, California

Apr 15, 2022

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Harley-Davidson motorcycles ridden in San Francisco, California.

San Francisco is known for its integral connection to Silicon Valley, America’s premier hub of technological innovation. But San Francisco is more than its economic prominence. There’s a reason why films as famous and renowned as Vertigo and Bullitt have been shot there. This unique city, with all its stunning natural beauty and hilly roads, is as big a dream for filmmakers as it is for motorcycle riding enthusiasts. Find a Harley-Davidson rental and you’ve got yourself a ticket to an endless array of world-class attractions and the most interesting street bike riding in any major American city.

Travel to Ghiradelli Square and satisfy your sweet tooth before satisfying your curiosity at the Aquarium of the Bay, home to tens of thousands of native sea life. Then, take your Harley to San Francisco’s chief beauty spots at the Palace of Fine Arts and Twin Peaks, where you’ll be greeted by monumental architecture and sweeping vistas. If you’re willing to cross the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, the centuries-old trees of the Muir Woods National Monument await!

The Bay Area’s a big place with a lot of riders. That means renting a Harley-Davidson in San Francisco is like casting a stone in a glass house—you’re sure to hit something wherever you aim! Read the How to Rent a Harley-Davidson Cruiser Motorcycle article for added insight.

1. Ghirardelli Square and Harley-Davidson’s Sportster Iron 883

The first thing to do once you pick up a Harley in San Francisco is to make a sweet trip to Ghiradelli Square. Fans of Ghiradelli chocolates—or pretty much anyone with a sweet tooth—are guaranteed to have a good time at this collection of snazzy restaurants, shops, and hotels. The square itself began life as a chocolate factory established by Italian-American immigrant Domenico Ghiradelli. Nowadays, you can pick up any chocolate treat your heart desires at the square, from bite-sized confectionery to chocolate-coated milkshakes. 

For the perfect afternoon date idea, you need an equally-impressive ride. As far as Harley rentals in San Francisco go, you can’t do better than the Sportster Iron 883. This cool, compact ride is ideal for the occasional rider who wants to cruise along the rolling roads.

2. Muir Woods National Monument and Harley-Davidson’s FLHR Road King

Just because you’re visiting the city doesn’t mean you have to feel trapped in it! Take your Harley out of the city and head north to Mount Tamalpais for an evening of riding and hiking around the Muir Woods National Monument. It is located inside the larger Golden Gate National Recreation Center. Much of the area features monumental redwoods which have made northern California famous (before extensive logging, the state had about 2 million acres of redwoods). Although you can’t picnic in the area, you’re more than welcome to hike the miles upon miles of trails within the park.

For this trip, the FLHR Road King is the right Harley-Davidson to ride. This touring bike is designed for day trips and long hauls, so you’ll be able to ride to your heart’s content once you’re north of the city. USB charging, fog lights, heated gear, and other amenities make this bike a wise choice for riding the misty roads of Marin County.

3. The Palace of Fine Arts and Harley-Davidson’s Sportster XL1200X Forty-Eight

The Palace of Fine Arts is an iconic piece of San Francisco scenery. Prominently photographed in Alfred Hitchock’s 1958 film Vertigo, this SF Designated Landmark was built in 1915 for displaying nothing other than works of art. Over its 100-year history, the Palace of Fine Arts has also been used for military storage and as a tennis court. In 2021, the best reason to find a Harley in San Francisco and visit this architectural wonder is for the beauty of its design and the wildlife in the surrounding park. All those ducks, geese, and swans lend an idyllic and romantic atmosphere to the place and make it hard to forget.

If you want good fuel economy and a subtle stock exhaust note for this laid-back outing, you can’t do better than the Sportster Forty-Eight. Choose this Harley rental in San Francisco, and you’ll avoid scaring the geese as you ride into the Palace of Fine Arts for a relaxing stroll by the water. 

4. Aquarium of the Bay and Harley-Davidson’s Dyna Wide Glide

One of the most unforgettable experiences in SF is a visit to the Aquarium of the Bay. Fittingly located on the San Francisco waterfront, this aquarium features all of the native wildlife you can’t see on two wheels. Walk through 300 feet of clear glass tunnels, containing 700,000 gallons of water. You’ll encounter 20,000 species of animals from the Bay, including leopard sharks and jellyfish!

Get where you want to go in a quick and hassle-free manner with the Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide. Of all the Harley rentals in San Francisco, this bike will send you gliding down the city streets with the grace of a manta ray.

5. Twin Peaks and Harley-Davidson’s FXDFSE CVO Fat Bob

The best way to top off your Bay Area adventure is with a journey to the top of San Francisco itself! Twin Peaks is a double-peaked hill sprouting out of the middle of the city. Each peak stands at 922 feet and provides expansive views of the cityscape. The views are especially stunning in the nighttime when the multitudinous lights of the city blend and waver in the distance. The ride up to peaks itself is full of plants and animals and worth the journey if you happen to have picked up a Harley-Davidson in San Francisco.

The FXDFSE CVO Fat Bob is the right bike for the job. Equipped with custom exhaust pipes and a keyless start, this Fat Bob is a loud-and-proud cruiser.

Last but not least, we’d like to reiterate the importance of booking a bike with Riders Share. Whether you’re looking for a Harley in San Francisco or any other town, you can count on Riders Share to make the rental, pick-up, and drop-off processes a breeze. You can coordinate everything from the comfort of your home, so the only hard part of your West Coast journey will be picking and choosing which sights to see out of so many top-notch attractions. Need more destination tips? Read the Best San Francisco Motorcycle Riding Routes and Top-5 Motorcycle Routes Near San Francisco writeups.