Top 5 Cross-Country Motorcycle Road Trips

Feb 14, 2024


top 5 cross-country motorcycle trips with a motorcycle rental from Riders Share, a nation-wide motorcycle rental company

North American geography is fascinating. Few regions in the world can brag about having so much detail and diversity when it comes to landscape, climate, and scenery. That’s why cross-country motorcycle road trips feel like the ultimate adventurer’s dream for experienced riders and enthusiasts.

With the right guidance, gear, and planning, you can create unforgettable memories on the open road and see some of the U.S.’s most impressive sights. Let’s take a look at the top 5 cross-country motorcycle routes.

1. Coast-to-Coast Journey

cross-country motorcycle road trip - coast to coast journey

Embark on a classic American adventure: a motorcycle trip from New York City to San Francisco, one of the best motorcycle routes from East to West Coast. This journey covers over 3,000 miles, offering a diverse glimpse into the heart of the United States. From the urban energy of the East Coast through the serene landscapes of the Midwest to the vibrant vibes of the West Coast, this route is an epic exploration of America's essence.

Starting in New York, you'll ride through Pennsylvania's historical sites and into the vastness of the Midwest. The journey includes iconic stops like Chicago's bustling streets and the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains, leading you all the way to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

This trip isn't just about covering miles; it's about the experiences along the way. From exploring small towns to enjoying the natural wonders of national parks, there's plenty to see and do. While it's possible to complete the journey in about 50 hours of riding, taking your time to immerse yourself in the diverse cultures and landscapes will enrich your experience.

The Coast to Coast Journey is an unforgettable ride connecting two of America's most iconic cities through various roads and experiences. It's a must for those looking to discover the vastness and variety of the U.S. For tips on preparing for your trip, including how to get your motorcycle ready, visit This journey is more than a trip; it explores the American spirit.

2. Route 66 Road Trip

cross-country motorcycle road trip - route 66

Route 66 is arguably the most famous cross-country motorcycle road trip for Americans and foreigners. Going on this trip will take you all the way from Chicago to Santa Monica, California. You’ll travel through Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and California for over 2,100 miles.

If you were to keep to speed limits and ride without a break, the Route 66 cross-country road trip is a 31-hour journey. But you’ll want to make quite a few stops to admire the scenery and check out some landmarks and cool hotspots.

As far as scenic routes go, Route 66 offers a bit of everything. You start in the bustling streets of the Windy City and go through national forests and desert terrain, only to finish the ride on the coast of the North Pacific Ocean.

You can start your trip at the famous Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame & Museum. It has a rich repository of memorabilia representative of the Mother Road’s glory days. It’s an excellent place to meet up with your group, learn a few things about the trip ahead, and fine-tune your itinerary. Then, you can stop at iconic gas stations, dive bars, and roadside museums and have your pick of biker-friendly lodging options.

Riders worldwide regard the Route 66 trip as one of the best motorcycle routes across the USA and one of the best open-road adventures.

Even if you’re not near Route 66, shipping your bike to any point along the way is worth doing at least once. Learn how to prepare your bike for shipping before your Route 66 adventure.

3. The Atlantic Coast Road Trip

cross-country motorcycle road trip - atlantic coast

If you want to take a motorcycle trip across America from north to south, the Atlantic Coast motorcycle ride is one of the East Coast’s top five cross-country motorcycle road trips. You can start your journey in New York and ride 2,600 miles until reaching Key West.

The majority of the trip will have you within sight of the Atlantic Ocean. Although you’ll pass through a few cities, the Atlantic Coast route provides some of the finest scenery for open-road riders.

You’ll go through many iconic locations like Atlantic City and Roanoke Island. You can visit Civil War sites like Fort Sumter or the naval battlegrounds of Chesapeake Bay.

The Atlantic Way route even takes you through the Kitty Hawk dunes, the location of the first flight in human history.

And don’t forget that you’re in for a culinary treat. Aside from the seaside town menus, you can find many locations serving some of the country’s best BBQ and fried chicken.

It’s a great trip for foodies, history buffs, and riders who want to stick close to the ocean breeze.

4. The Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

cross-country motorcycle road trip - pacific coast highway

Riding your motorcycle from the Olympic National Park in Port Angeles, Washington, to San Diego, California, is a great way to add 1,400 miles or so to your bike’s odometer. This road trip has you following the Pacific Coast Highway and traversing multiple national parks and temperate climates.

You can visit cities like Seattle, Newport, Portland, San Francisco, Monterey, and L.A. and be close enough to the North Pacific Ocean.

It’s a great way to experience an authentic West Coast vibe and pass through vast stretches of untouched coast. The pristine beaches make for stunning ocean views and offer excellent photography opportunities.

The Pacific Coast Highway route is more appealing to wildlife and nature enthusiasts than similar motorcycle road trips.

5. The Great River Road to Florida Trip

cross-country motorcycle road trip - great river road to florida

The Great River Road could be your ideal choice if you fancy taking a motorcycle trip from north to south. This ride covers over 2,500 miles and takes you from Itasca State Park in Minnesota to Jackson, Louisiana.

But that’s just the first part of the journey. Once you finish riding the scenic Highway 61 and end the Great River Road ride, you can head down Highway 1. That will take you from Louisiana to Key West, Florida.

The second part of the journey stretches around 100 miles, but the narrow route has stunning sights to see, including parts of a living reef. You will also pass the iconic Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys, one of the longest bridges in the country.

It’s an epic journey with fantastic sightseeing and wilderness adventure opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and thrill-seekers.

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Don’t Let Opportunities Pass You By

The top five cross-country motorcycle road trips are unique, fulfilling, and tiring. Waiting until retirement to hit the open road on your hog might not be wise. Take advantage of these scenic routes sooner to create long-lasting memories and see a different side of an otherwise bustling and noisy country.

Between the fantastic scenery, historic landmarks, and meeting new interesting people, cross-country motorcycle road trips should be on every rider’s bucket list.