Hawaii's Best Motorcycle Groups, Clubs, & Meetups

Nov 28, 2023


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When you think of Hawaii, you envision crystal blue water, surfers, luaus, volcanoes, and hula dancers. But for motorcyclists, it’s all about the open road and that fresh air. Whether it’s touring exciting motorcycle routes in Maui, making hairpin turns down the Hana Highway, or exploring the volcanic peaks on the Big Island, Hawaii truly is a motorcycle rider’s paradise. 

Fortunately, Hawaii stays true to its biker roots, promoting several motorcycle events and meetups each year across all eight islands. Whether you’re in town visiting on a Hawaii motorcycle rental or a long-time resident, there are several Hawaii motorcycle meetups and events to keep you occupied year-round. 

Hawaii Motorcycle Clubs

Imagine riding through the beautiful islands, feeling the wind on your face, and sharing this unique excitement with fellow riders. That's what Hawaii motorcycle clubs are all about—they're like the heartbeat of the local motorcycle community. These clubs are more than just meetups; they're the soul of the riding experience, bringing together riders from all over the islands. 

Below, we'll highlight some fantastic groups that make Hawaii's motorcycle community so vibrant. Each group has its own style and passion for riding, adding unique colors to the canvas of Hawaii's motorcycle culture. 

Street Bikers United Hawaii in Oahu and Maui

Street Bikers United Hawaii is a group committed to riding in support of their communities and charities in need of financial aid. They hold annual Toys for Tots, Tools for Tots, and Toy Run Rides, as well as participate in rallies and scholarship events to support local veterans, students, and others in need. 

Check out the Street Bikers United Hawaii event calendar to find the perfect event for you. If you’re in town, grab the perfect Maui motorcycle rental so that you can show up in style and have more fun. 

Divine Guardians Motorcycle Club in Honolulu 

Divine Guardians Motorcycle Club hosts several motorcycle riding events throughout the year, from fundraisers to rides. The events help out local charities and give riders an excuse to log some miles. This MC club has a variety of events year-round. Check out its Facebook page for any upcoming events. 

Kanaka Hekili Motorcycle Club in Oahu

The Kanaka Hekili Motorcycle Club is a long-standing motorcycle club that started in Oahu and has since traveled across many of the islands. During the holidays, it’s not uncommon to see riders dressed as Santa Claus and his elves and bikes adorned with garland and glitzy holiday decorations. You can stay informed on the club’s many merry celebrations through its events page.

Hawaii Motorcycle Events & Meetups

Exciting local meetups are what bring many motorcycle enthusiasts together. From casual rides to themed events, these gatherings offer a unique chance for riders to unite, share stories, and build lasting friendships. It's not just about the destination but the journey and the company you keep along the way! Below are a few meetups you should check out the next time you’re in the area. 

South Sea Cycles and Cycle City in Honolulu

South Seas Cycles and Cycle City have joined forces in Honolulu to provide bikers with several fun events throughout the year. These dealerships often host barbecues at Cycle City’s Megastore in Honolulu, as well as fun rides through the country. Check out Cycle City’s social media page to see when the next shindig is scheduled.

Bikes-And-Coffee Hawaii Motorcycle Meetup in Honolulu

For a purely social gathering of motorcycle and coffee enthusiasts, consider joining a Bikes-And-Coffee Meetup. This meetup lets folks bench race over a strong cup of coffee. They host events intermittently, so be sure to check out their social media page for the next meetup. 

Koa Puna Motorcycle Club Events in Hilo

If you are interested in motorcycle events on The Big Island of Hawaii, the Koa Puna motorcycle club hosts many year-round events that promote the Hawaiian culture and the beauty of the islands. Contact them directly over their website or Instagram for more information. 

Holy Ghost Riders Events in Maui 

The Holy Ghost Riders out of Lahaina, Maui, combine a love of motorcycles with their commitment to fellowship and faith. They are the Hawaiian chapter of the National Christian Motorcyclist’s Association with the stated mission of sharing their love of Jesus Christ with other motorcyclists. They hold the Run for the Son and other evangelical and outreach events throughout the year.

Motorcycle Rental in Hawaii

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In a Nutshell

Hawaii has a wealth of options for motorcyclists. No matter what charity rides or other events you participate in, you will enjoy experiencing Hawaii’s unique landscape and natural beauty from your motorcycle. And if you’re looking for more to do, check out the best motorcycle rides in Hawaii for fun routes across the island chain. 

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