Why Not Just Sell Your Motorcycle? Here's Why You Should Rent It.

Dec 4, 2023


covered motorcycle collecting dust - should I sell my motorcycle?

Making the decision to sell your motorcycle isn’t always an easy choice, especially if you love your bike or ultimately wish you could keep it. There are tons of reasons you may want to sell it or get it off of your hands. Whether it’s financial hardship, you no longer ride it, you’re having trouble maintaining it financially, or other issues, the choice is ultimately yours. 

But what do you do when you’re not using your motorcycle? How long can it actually sit unused? Should you sell it to ease the stress of payments? In this quick chat, we’ll talk about 5 reasons why you should maybe reconsider turning your beloved bike into a listing and make money off of it instead

1. You’re having difficulty making payments

We understand that keeping up with bike payments is getting tough, especially in the current financial climate, and might be weighing on you. You might feel that the looming payment deadline creeps up each month with no remorse, and it’s not an extra expense you want to deal with. You’re not alone in this; many riders have been there. But what if we told you selling your motorcycle wasn’t the only option for easing the financial burden you’re facing? Turns out, your bike might be a part of your solution. 

How renting your motorcycle can help you make payments

Renting your motorcycle can be a game changer when managing your payments. It turns your bike from a financial burden into a potential source of income. Imagine this: while your motorcycle sits unused, it could be earning you money ($1,000-2,000+ a year or even $10,000 a month with top owners!), helping to offset those monthly payments. It's a smart way to leverage an asset you already own, giving you some breathing room financially. Plus, it's a win-win; you get to help out other riders who are looking to have an experience, all while making your financial situation a bit easier to handle and still riding it when you want to. Renting out your bike can be the clever move you need to stay on top of your finances.

2. Health concerns

Your health can be a significant reason why you might consider selling your bike. As we get older or deal with physical issues, our abilities can change, sometimes making it hard to handle a motorcycle safely. The demands of riding – balancing the bike, maneuvering it through traffic, or even just mounting and dismounting – can become difficult. These limitations can stem from a variety of health conditions, like arthritis, back problems, or reduced mobility, impacting your comfort and safety on the road. If this happens, it's important to prioritize your well-being. Selling the motorcycle you love can be a tough but necessary decision, ensuring you avoid potential risks associated with riding when your body is telling you it's time to step back.

Help the community love your bike as much as you do

Renting out your motorcycle offers a unique opportunity to share your love and passion for your bike with others, especially if you're dealing with temporary health issues and plan to return to riding in the future. Imagine the joy of introducing other members of the motorcycle community to the unique characteristics and complexities of your bike. You can play a part in their riding adventures, imparting your knowledge and experiences. 

It's not just about renting a bike; it's about passing on the stories, quirks, and nuances that make your motorcycle unique. If you can’t be there directly to rent out your bike, we allow you to select a manager for your account. This experience can be incredibly fulfilling, knowing that your cherished bike is not just idly waiting but is creating joy and new memories. It's a way to keep your passion for riding alive, even when pausing for health reasons.

3. Your bike is collecting dust

When life's pace picks up, it's easy for things like riding to take a back seat. Work demands, family commitments, and a whole host of other responsibilities can fill up your days, leaving little time for hobbies that once brought you so much joy. Your cherished bike starts to gather dust, sidelined by the pressing needs of daily life. It's not just about a lack of time; sometimes, it's a shift in priorities, where weekend family outings or work projects become more pressing than hitting the open road. 

This change doesn't diminish your love for riding; it just reflects how life's phases can temporarily redirect your focus. So why sell your bike if you hope to ride it again one day? This makes sense if it’s just sitting in a garage under a cover, but what if it didn’t have to?

How long can my motorcycle sit unused?

The length of time a motorcycle can sit unused without issues largely depends on multiple factors. Still, generally, a bike can be left for about a month before you start to see problems like battery drain, fuel degradation, or tire flat spots. If you plan to leave it unused for longer, it's necessary to prepare your bike. This includes using a fuel stabilizer, maintaining the battery with a trickle charger, and properly inflating the tires or using stands to prevent flat spots. For extended periods, we also advise changing the oil, covering the bike (to protect it from dust and moisture), and possibly draining the fluids to prevent internal corrosion. Properly preparing your motorcycle for storage can extend the period it can sit unused while minimizing potential issues.

It might be time to dust it off

Renting can be a way to dust off your bike and put it back in action without permanently parting ways. When you rent out your motorcycle, not only does it help maintain and keep it up to date through regular use, but it brings in some extra cash flow that can cover upkeep costs. The perks of renting are its flexibility, scheduling it around your life, making your bike available when you're not using it, and having it ready for those rare moments when you can hit the road. 

Compare this to constantly wondering, “Should I sell my motorcycle?” which might seem like a quick solution but can lead to regret, especially when life slows down and you find yourself missing those riding adventures. Renting out your bike keeps the door open for future rides, ensuring you don't lose that part of your lifestyle forever.

4. You’re having licensing issues

If you're dealing with licensing issues for your motorcycle, it's understandably a tough spot to be in, and it may be why you’re asking yourself if you should sell your motorcycle. These problems can come from different places, like tricky paperwork, delays in processing, or even new rules that suddenly pop up. When you're stuck in this situation, being unable to ride your bike legally is tough, especially if you love hitting the road. The best step is to tackle these issues directly, maybe getting some advice from experts or people who know the rules well. While you're sorting this out, your bike sits unused, which can be a bit disheartening. 

You don’t need to part with it in the interim

If you're dealing with license issues that prevent you from riding your bike, selling it might seem like the only option. However, renting it out could be a viable alternative. By renting your bike, you can avoid the permanence of selling while focusing on resolving your licensing issues. This way, your motorcycle stays in use is maintained by responsible riders, all while providing you with some extra income during this period. Once your motorcycle license is sorted out, you'll still have the option to get back on the saddle without going through the regret of selling your motorcycle. Renting offers a flexible solution that keeps your motorcycle active and ready for you when you can ride again.

Should I sell my motorcycle?

5. Your style changed

Imagine you've always loved the thrill of speed and agility that comes with a sleek sports bike. It's been your companion on many adventures. But over time, your preferences evolve. Maybe now, you find yourself drawn to the idea of long, scenic journeys on a touring bike, craving comfort over speed and a desire to see the world from a new perspective. It's a natural shift and one where it may make more sense financially to sell your motorcycle in exchange for a new one. This evolution in your riding style opens up a whole new chapter of exploration and enjoyment on two wheels. Still, it doesn’t mean you have to go into your next bike-purchasing adventure without any assistance.

Looking for a new ride? Rent your old bike out to help save.

Thinking of getting a new bike? Renting out your current one can be an easy way to support this change. It turns your old bike into a source of extra income, helping fund your new motorcycle purchase. This way, your trusty ride still hits the road while you get closer to owning the bike you're now dreaming of. It's a practical step towards your next two-wheeled adventure. Plus, maybe you’ll want to ride on it again every now and then, just for old-time's sake. 

Looking to Sell? Make Money With Your Motorcycle Instead

Riders Share is the largest peer-to-peer motorcycle rental platform worldwide, offering hundreds of styles of bikes for rent across the United States. If you’re considering selling your motorcycle, we can understand! But, renting it out may provide you with a source of income that better helps meet your current situation. So whether your bike is collecting dust, you can’t ride it at the moment, or you’re looking to fund a new adventure, we’re here to help. For more information on listing your bike, visit our “List Your Bike” page to get started today.