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About Us

Hello, and welcome to Riders Share, the largest motorcycle sharing community in the world! Our folks are motorcycle riders that love to share their passion, help the broader motorcycle community and experience more bikes in the process.

Riders Share's mission is to enhance the riding experience by making it accessible, fun and encouraging safety.

  • Safe: all the gear, all the time advocates; and no excessive risk taking.
  • Accessible: a wider variety of prices, locations and bike for a wider number of riders
  • Fun: we are here to enjoy the ride, after all!
  • Empathetic: we are courteous to each other, we treat each other with respect and manners. We do not try to take advantage of the other folks of our community, we try to show them better roads. And we throw the biker salute.

Meet Brendon Lamb, Chief Technical Officer of Riders Share:

Brendon Lamb, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Marco the Hog, Chief Fun Officer (CFO)

We are a diverse team of people (and a pig!) with one thing in common: a love for motorcycles. We want to make riding a motorcycle more accessible.

In light of news about the impending doom of the motorcycle industry and how young people don't buy bikes anymore, our goal is to offer a solution. Riders Share makes owning a motorcycle a bit more affordable, and more importantly, it makes riding a motorcycle possible without having to buy one. We are using the latest and greatest advances from Silicon Valley and as a result our median user is 25 and still a safe rider.

Every time we facilitate a great riding experience that wouldn't have been possible otherwise, riders talk about it to their friends; and organically, people get interested in riding, sometimes for the first time or sometimes just to return to the sport. Similarly, at Riders Share people pay lower prices when they are safe riders: we encourage safety, because every time a rider dies, dozens of people quit the sport or start to hate it (with good reason).

While we started out as the "Airbnb for motorcycles", our vision is now to transform the motorcycle industry into the experience industry. The experience of the open road, fresh wind in your face and freedom; the experience of disconnecting from the world for a few hours, enjoying camaraderie, or maybe adrenaline and challenging mountain roads. Our goal is to enhance every aspect of the motorcycle experience.

Guillermo Cornejo, CEO