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How to prepare your bike for a long trip (High Mileage Rentals)

Multi-day and high mileage trips are not uncommon, especially with renters visiting from other countries. Although these trips can be very profitable for owners, it can also present some challenges. We ask renters to contact the owner of the bike they are interested in, ahead of time, and inform them of their intention to take the bike on a long trip. However, it’s always a good idea to reach out to any long term renter and ask them what kind of trip they are planning, this way you can prepare your bike accordingly. 

In order to help you prepare your bike for long trips we have put together some best practices:

Ensure your motorcycle’s maintenance is up to date! If the next service interval will be reached during the renters trip, be proactive and have the maintenance completed before the bike is picked up, and/or arrange for maintenance to be performed during the trip. 

  • Pay extra attention to the wear items on your bike. Make sure fluids are topped off/changed, tires have enough life left to cover the planned trip distance (or arrange to have tires changed during the trip). Check brake pads, chain/sprockets, clutch, cables and lines etc.
  • Consider having accessories available to make the trip a better experience for the renter. Things like a phone/gps mount, gps system, bluetooth systems (Cardo, Sena, Lexin, etc.), locks/chains etc. can make a big difference in the peace of mind of the renter. These can be provided for a daily upcharge, which could pay for any investments you make in these items.

In addition there are things you can do to protect your bike and make the rental more worthwhile:

  • Set mileage limits. You can set a limit to the miles a renter can travel daily. You can then charge an amount per mile overage and claim this through the reimbursement function on our site after the trip ends. A simple approach we like to use to calculate your cost/mile is to add the cost of the previous service, to the expected cost of the next service (including tires), then divide that amount by the mile interval between the two. So say both services will cost $1,200 in total for a 5,000 mile interval, that leaves you with about $.25/mile. Feel free to use this amount or a figure that you feel more comfortable charging.
  • Switch to the Premium option under the “Protection & Commissions” section of the bike’s listing. This will cover any mechanical issues arising during a trip, provided the motorcycle has a documented maintenance history. In addition it covers loss of Income up to 14 days of loss of use, in the event of an insurance claim.  Please note: If you had the Standard option chosen at the time the renter booked, they will need to rebook after you have made the change within your listing. 

Following these recommendations will greatly reduce any issues arising during the rental period and mitigate them if they do.