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Riders Share turns your motorcycles into businesses.

List For Free • Average $140 per booking • Top users make $500 per month

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Protection & Trust

  • Riders vetted using machine learning
  • 21 or older renters
  • Property & Liability Insurance
  • 24/7 Support

1. List Your Ride.

It's like a profile for your motorcycle. Scooters and three wheeled motorcycles welcome too!

  • What do I need? It takes a few minutes, pictures and an awesome description of your ride. Download our insurance card, print it and put it in your bike.
  • Who can book? You decide to accept or decline trips as you see fit. You may pause your listing at any time
  • Street Legal & Ready To Ride. Make sure your bike is properly registered and insured to comply with local laws

2. Riders find you and book.

You will get a booking request with details and contact info only from users vetted by us.

  • Contact renters. Arrange the trip, ask and answer questions to make sure it works for you both.
  • Approve within 12 hours. If the trip works for you, please approve within 12 hours or else it will be auto declined and your motorcycle will be paused.
  • Payment. It is handled online by Riders Share. No need for awkward negotiations.

3. Hand over the Ride.

Feel free to recommend local roads, events and sites

  • Verify identity and license. Take a pic of their license. Make sure it is valid, motorcycle endorsed and that it matches the renter and the identity on Riders Share. If not, do not hand over the bike - you will still get paid!
  • Go Over Bike. Explain rider anything they need to know to operate the vehicle. Document pre-existing damage, check fluid levels and tire thread
  • Locks. Train rider that they must always use the steering lock when not riding the bike. We STRONGLY recommend providing them with a wheel lock too, to further diminish the possibility of theft. While less than 0.1% of rentals result in theft, we want to prevent them from happening.
  • Helmet Laws Compliance. We advocate helmet law compliance. Feel free to cancel a booking if rider is not compliant with your local helmet laws, which you can find here.

4. Sit tight while you make money.

Receive your bike, ask how it went and say goodbye!

  • Document Damage. Please file claims and let us know of any issues within 72 hours of rental completion
  • Earnings and Fees. We take 30% of price you set. We may charge renters additional fees. We send payments roughly 3-5 business days after the trip is over.
  • What to Charge. Look at motorcycle rentals businesses in your area and price yourself below them. You may also give discounts for longer trips, which require less work on your part