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Power Owner Program

What is the Power Owner program?

The Power Owner program highlights and rewards the highest-rated and most experienced owners on Riders Share. Power Owners consistently provide excellent riding experiences for their customers. No application is needed for the Power Owner program. If you meet the qualifications, you will automatically earn the Power Owner badge. The Power Owner program and benefits are provided as-is. Riders Share makes no warranty, either expressed or implied regarding the program or benefits. We may terminate, discontinue or modify the Power Owner program and its benefits at any time for any reason, with or without notice.

What are the benefits of becoming a Power Owner? 

Greater listing visibility and a better cut (75% instead of 70%) for you. Power Owners stand out in searches because we “brand” their listings with a badge and a banner that alert customers to their exceptional performance. Customers can filter their search for Power Owner vehicles. We’ll apply the Power Owner badge in various locations throughout Riders Share. It’s important to note that you’re not authorized to personally use the Power Owner badge or related designation outside of Riders Share.

Am I eligible to become a Power Owner?

To qualify as a Power Owner, you must have a Riders Share account in good standing and satisfy the minimum performance metrics listed below on the quarterly assessment date. We look at this criteria from the 365 days before the assessment date to determine eligibility. 

  • 7 or more completed trips across all listings, including deleted listings
  • Acceptance rate: ≥ 90%
  • Commitment rate: ≥ 90%
  • Five-star ratings: ≥ 90%
  • Your account must be open and free of active policy violations

Please note that Riders Share may change the qualifications and/or performance standards from time to time at our sole and exclusive discretion.

How often does Riders Share assess Power Owner eligibility? 

Our system automatically assesses eligibility for the Power Owner program once every quarter (September 1st, December 1st, March 1st, June 1st). The evaluation looks at a host’s metrics and behavior from the previous 365 days. Check your current status on the Performance tab of the Host dashboard. 

If you become a Power Owner, you’ll retain that status for the full quarter, even if you dip below the required qualifications during that time. If you fall short of achieving Power Owner status on the assessment date, you won’t be eligible until the next quarterly assessment. If you’re already a Power Owner but don’t meet the performance standards and other qualifications at the next review, we’ll remove your Power Owner status and badge and aren’t obligated to notify you of your status change. You can regain your Power Owner status at the next review  date if you meet the performance standards and other qualifications. Riders Share can remove a host’s Power Owner designation at any time for any policy violations. Note - Commitment rate above means following through on accepted bookings, i.e. not cancelling after acceptance. You will not be penalized if the Renter cancels.

Does being an Power Owner mean I’m endorsed by Riders Share?

Riders Share doesn’t claim and you may not claim that as a Power Owner you are endorsed by or an agent or representative of Riders Share . You may not misrepresent your affiliation or relationship with Riders Share . Riders Share doesn’t endorse any Power Owner, and being a Power Owner doesn’t mean that Riders Share endorses, certifies, or approves of any vehicle listing or you as a host. 

Can I lose my Power Owner status?

Riders Share may revoke your status as a Power Owner and related privileges at our sole discretion if you violate the terms of this program*, Riders Share’s Terms of Service, or any other Riders Share terms, conditions, or policies applicable to you. Riders Share will automatically suspend or terminate your Power Owner status and related badging or branding if you no longer meet the qualifications, stop hosting, or if your Riders Share account is suspended, banned, or deactivated.

*In the event of a conflict between the Power Owner Terms or the Riders Share Terms, the Power Owner Terms will control with respect to the Power Owner program.