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Review Policy

Trip reviews are a way for owners and riders to let the community know about their Riders Share experience. We believe that honest feedback makes the Riders Share marketplace strong, and encourage everyone to leave reviews and star ratings for every trip (and especially when they’ve had a particularly positive or negative experience).

Reviews should always be accurate and respectful. Reviews that do not satisfy the conditions below are subject to removal. Reviews must not:

  • Include profanity or vulgarity;
  • Contain misinformation about Riders Share;
  • Contain personally-identifying information, such as addresses, phone numbers, or last names; or
  • Reflect trips that were booked, but did not actually take place.

While we know that there are always multiple points of view and misunderstandings, we generally will not remove reviews in cases where the parties disagree about the events that occurred, one party believes the review to be unfair, or any circumstances not outlined above. For reviews to be valuable to Riders Share’s members, every person on the marketplace must be able to openly share his or her point of view.