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How does Roadside Assistance work?

Riders Share offers a Roadside Assistance package to every rider when booking a reservation. Roadside Assistance is intended to help cover renters for unexpected costs associated with their ride. When renters opt for it, they gain coverage for a tow, battery jump, fuel delivery, and a $200 credit towards the replacement of a punctured tire. Riders are covered for one service per incident. For example, if a renter drains the battery because accessories were left on, they will be covered for a jump start. If the battery was drained again later for the same reason, they could still order a service, but would be billed later for the second instance since it is related to the same incident. If the renter had a drained battery, but later needed a tow following a punctured tire, both services would be covered, because they are separate incidents. The renter would also receive the $200 credit towards the tire's replacement.

How much does Roadside Assistance cost?
The cost varies depending on the length of your rental, but RSA is generally between $5-10 per day.

How do I request assistance?
You can request assistance within your account dashboard by selecting "My Trip" and "Request Assistance." You can use the "Find me" option, or enter the address where you are located. Before you request assistance, we recommend reaching out to the host to see if they can help troubleshoot the problem. You can also reach out to Riders Share support at 657-200-5470 during business hours.

What if I am in an accident?
The cost of recovery will be considered towards the deductible carried with your Riders Share damage waiver.

Does a punctured tire need to be replaced? Why can't it be patched?
The patching of a motorcycle tire is a risk and should, at best, be considered a temporary solution. If a tire is punctured on your rental, you are responsible for the cost of replacement. If you carry Roadside Assistance, we will cover a tow to the repair facility, and offer a $200 credit towards the tire replacement and labor costs. We will not reimburse the cost of a tire patch during your rental.

If I didn't purchase the RSA package, when will I be billed for services?
Since we provides services through a third party, and are billed monthly for costs, you will be billed for applicable services up to eight weeks later following your rental. An agent will reach out by email to inform you of costs.

I list my vehicle with Riders Share, how does Roadside Assistance work for me?
If your vehicle breaks down during a rental, we will use our resources to recover the vehicle. We do not forward the cost of assistance to hosts, but we may reduce your payout to offer the Renter a refund and partially cover tow services. We feel taking responsibility for recovery on behalf of hosts lessens the burden of lost rental earnings and vehicle repair bills. For even more coverage in the event of a breakdown, consider our Premium Commission and Coverage plan.

How long does it take for assistance to arrive?
Unfortunately, ETAs for roadside assistance services can vary greatly depending on the supply and demand in the given area. It is often more difficult to contract tow providers for motorcycles, as it requires specialized equipment or a second person to help steady the vehicle while loaded. We are more than happy to cover the cost of your assistance services with RSA, but we cannot guarantee timeliness or satisfaction with service providers.

Do I need to wait with the vehicle until the service provider arrives?
We absolutely recommend staying with the vehicle, if possible. If you are injured or unsafe, please do not stay with the vehicle, but seek appropriate medical care or shelter before requesting a service.

I was in an accident and the authorities want to tow the bike. Should I use Roadside Assistance?
If the police are involved, it is generally a more serious accident, meaning the vehicle could be totaled, and involved parties possibly injured. If the renter is injured, it is likely best to have the authorities impound the vehicle. Riders Share will work with the vehicle Owner to remove it from impound. Otherwise, the renter or owner should contact Riders Share support and speak with an agent to discern the best next steps for recovering the vehicle.