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Summer 2021 Listing Promo

  • Owners must list a motorcycle that has not previously been listed on the Riders Share platform to qualify as a "new listing" beginning on July 6th.  
  • New listings must be published by October 4th, 2021. 
  • For every new listing that has three booking requests by October 4th, 2021, owners will earn an additional $250 following the completion of those bookings. 
  • Booking requests must be completed within the July 6th to October 30th window for this promotion. 
  • In order to earn the $250 all booking requests must result in completed trips, and the total dollar value of the trips must be over $250. 
  • The maximum payment per new listing is $250. 
  • Owners that qualify will be paid by October 30th after the promotion ends