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Wear and Tear Policy

Wear and Tear Definition

  • Dings, dents, and scratches to the motorcycle body and components such as body work, paint, frame, windshields, headlights, handlebars, seats, etc that are 0.5 inches in diameter/length or less; 
  • Weathering or deterioration to fabric;
  • Tire sidewall cracks or deprecated tread from use over time;
  • Any mechanical or suspension component unless it’s caused by an impact with an object (e.g. engines, transmissions, brakes, exhaust systems);
  • Any other cosmetic damage that does not impair the operation and safety of the vehicle and/or is designed or anticipated to wear down during use of the vehicle. 
  • Wear and tear also includes damage to accessories that do not render the accessory inoperable.

Off Road Addendum - Effective 5/30/2023

  • If the Owner allows off-road usage and the Renter selects the Off-Road option when renting a vehicle on Riders Share, the definition of wear and tear is extended to any scratch, ding or dent that does not render a vehicle part inoperable

Riders Share Support

  • Cosmetic Damage - In the event that the cosmetic damage is major as determined by Riders Share, we may elect to pay the owner up to the total cost of repair or replacement as appraised by Riders Share.
  • Paint Replacement - Cost of painting is limited to the cost of a new factory paint job for the damaged component or components as determined by Riders Share.


Cosmetic damage to accessories ( i.e. damage that does not render the accessory inoperable) is not covered by Riders Share. However, Owners are entitled to request reimbursement from the Owner as part of their Rental Agreement. Accessories include items such as luggage, crash bars, device mounts, tool kits, and vehicle locks, or other decorative components not part of the OEM factory condition of the motorcycle.

Riders Share Support

  • Owners are  entitled to request Reimbursement from the renter as part of the rental agreement. 
  • When the owner is unable to collect the Reimbursement directly from the Renter, Riders Share may pay the owner up to 25% of the value of the accessory cosmetic damage or damage that in some way impairs the operation of the accessory. 
  • In the event that the accessory is rendered inoperable and only when unable to collect Reimbursement from the Renter, Riders Share will pay the owner a reasonable amount to cover the cost of replacement of the accessory.

In the event of any conflict between this policy and Terms of Services, the Terms of Service shall govern.