Top 10 Cheapest NEW Motorcycles Available in 2024

Apr 8, 2024


row of motorcycles for sale top 10 cheapest new motorcycles

In today's motorcycle market, finding the perfect blend of affordability, reliability, and style can be challenging, especially for those searching for “cheap” new motorcycles. However, 2024 seems to be a promising year for enthusiasts and newcomers alike, with various manufacturers stepping up to meet this demand. This blog aims to spotlight the top 10 cheapest new motorcycles available in 2024, allowing riders to own a brand-new bike without compromising quality or draining their wallets. From sleek city cruisers to agile sport bikes and rugged adventurers, the list includes models that cater to every preference and need, all while prioritizing cost-effectiveness. 

List of Top 10 Cheapest New Motorcycles 

  1. Honda Rebel 300 - $4,849
  2. Honda CB300R - $5,149
  3. Suzuki GSX250R ABS - $5,099
  4. BMW F 750 GS - $9,995
  5. Kawasaki Ninja 500 - $5,299
  6. Kawasaki Eliminator - $6,649
  7. KTM 390 Adventure - $7,599
  8. KTM 250 Duke - $4,599
  9. Triumph Speed 400 - $4,995
  10. Royal Enfield Classic 350 - $4,699

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1. 2024 HONDA REBEL 300

BASE MSRP: $4,849

2024 Honda Rebel 300 nitric orange top 10 cheapest NEW motorcycles

The Honda Rebel 300 is ideal for new and seasoned riders, offering an unbeatable combination of approachability, style, and affordability. Its low seat height, comfortable ergonomics, and balanced handling instill confidence in riders, allowing them to easily hone their skills. The bike's reliable 286cc engine delivers ample power for city rides and highway cruising, wrapped in a package that boasts timeless cruiser styling, complete with a peanut fuel tank, blacked-out components, and LED lighting. Available in both standard and ABS versions, the Rebel 300 looks the part and is designed for user-friendly performance at a price point that makes it an attractive option for those seeking quality and value in their motorcycle investment.

2. 2024 HONDA CB300R

BASE MSRP: $5,149

2024 Honda CB300R pearl dusk yellow top 10 cheapest new motorcycles

​​The 2024 Honda CB300R marks another year of Honda's dedication to providing riders with high-quality, accessible motorcycles. With its $5,149 MSRP, the CB300R remains an attractive option for those seeking a sport-naked bike that doesn't compromise on style, performance, or build quality despite a minimal $100 price increase. This model year, the bike continues to impress with its neo-classic aesthetic, impressive build quality, and competent engineering, all of which have been previously lauded in comparisons and reviews. Although it sees no significant updates from its previous iteration, the CB300R's enduring appeal lies in its lightweight frame, agile performance, and smooth-running 286cc engine, making it an ideal choice for new riders, city commuters, and those who prioritize fuel efficiency and ease of handling. 

3. 2024 SUZUKI GSX250R ABS

BASE MSRP: $5,099

2024 Suzuki GSX250R ABS metallic diamond red and pearl nebular black top 10 cheapest new motorcycles

The 2024 Suzuki GSX250R ABS is an exceptional and affordable motorcycle option for those entering the sportbike scene. Retaining its position in Suzuki's North American lineup without any major updates for the year, its consistency in design and features continues to appeal, especially noted in our earlier highlight as a top choice for track day beginners. Despite a minor price increase to $5,099, the GSX250R ABS maintains its allure with aggressive styling, a 248cc parallel-twin engine producing a manageable 25 hp, and a suite of features that enhance its accessibility for new riders. Its low seat height, slim profile, and lightweight design make it an unintimidating yet fun introduction to sport riding. Practical elements like ten-spoke aluminum wheels, ABS, a tuned KYB fork, and a fuel-efficient engine further establish the GSX250R ABS as a sensible yet exciting entry-level sportbike. 

4. 2024 BMW F 750 GS

BASE MSRP: $9,995

2024 BMW F 750 GS in light white top 10 cheapest new motorcycles

Of course, we feel obligated to include at least one affordable yet reliable touring motorcycle option for 2024. The 2024 BMW F 750 GS is nothing short of that, with a starting MSRP of just $9,995. This mid-range motorcycle boasts a water-cooled 4-stroke in-line two-cylinder engine, delivering 77 hp and 61 lb-ft of torque, complemented by a suite of rider aids like BMW Motorrad ABS Pro and Dynamic Traction Control for a secure, exhilarating ride. Its tubular steel space frame and advanced suspension ensure smooth handling across various terrains, while standard features, including selectable ride modes, LED lighting, and a full-color TFT display, enhance safety and connectivity. Optional upgrades like Dynamic ESA, Ride Modes Pro, and a Gear Shift Assistant Pro allow riders to tailor their riding experience, making the F 750 GS a versatile, feature-packed option for those eager to explore the open road.

5. 2024 KAWASAKI NINJA 500


2024 Kawasaki Ninja 500 metallic spark black and metallic flat raw greystone top 10 cheapest new motorcycles

Kawasaki's unveiling of the 2024 Ninja 500 not only introduces more power and an updated aesthetic to their sportbike lineup but does so at the Ninja 400's same base MSRP of $5,299. This strategic pricing ensures that riders gain access to a significant upgrade in performance—thanks to the enhanced 451cc twin-cylinder engine producing a notable increase in torque to 31.7 lb.-ft.—without any increase in initial cost. With this model, Kawasaki enhances the value proposition, offering more power and an array of modern features like LED lighting and a new LCD instrument cluster, all wrapped up in a package that retains the Ninja's hallmark approachability and comfort. The addition of the premium SE model further diversifies the Ninja 500's appeal by integrating advanced features such as ABS, a TFT dash, and keyless ignition, making it a standout choice for those entering the sportbike category or seeking an affordable upgrade without compromising on power or style.



2024 Kawasaki Eliminator pearl storm grey top 10 cheapest new motorcycles

The 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator revives a classic name with a modern twist, offering a sleek, low-profile cruiser that's accessible to a wide range of riders. A 451cc engine powers this all-new model, a step up from the Ninja 400, ensuring ample power wrapped in a package that features timeless design elements like LED lighting and a round headlight. Priced at an affordable $6,649, the Eliminator combines heritage styling with contemporary performance, including a comfortable riding position, effective braking with an ABS option, and a trellis frame designed for natural handling. 

7. 2024 KTM 390 ADVENTURE

BASE MSRP: $7,599

2024 KTM 390 Adventure top 10 cheapest new motorcycles

The 2024 KTM 390 Adventure, known for its blend of performance and versatility, introduces two new color options while maintaining the enhancements from its 2023 update, including adjustable suspension. This affordable model features a powerful 373.2cc engine with 42.9 horsepower and 27.2 pound-feet of torque, integrated with a six-speed gearbox and PASC anti-hopping clutch for smooth transitions. Its steel trellis frame, WP Apex suspension, lean-angle-sensitive ABS, and traction control underscore its readiness for any adventure. Additionally, it sports a 3.8-gallon fuel tank for long rides, a 5-inch TFT display with Bluetooth for easy connectivity, and an adjustable windscreen for rider comfort. 

8. 2024 KTM 250 DUKE

BASE MSRP: $4,599

2024 KTM 250 Duke top 10 cheapest new motorcycles

The 2024 KTM Duke 250 is an affordable motorcycle with a brand-new 250 cc engine packed with power. It's part of the DUKE family, known for its cool style and strong performance. This 2024 model has a tough new frame, great suspension, LED lights, and high-tech features for a smooth ride on city streets or twisty roads. With specs like 25 Nm of torque, a 6-speed gearbox, and liquid cooling, it's reliable and fun to ride. Plus, starting with an electric starter is easy and has a strong clutch system. Safety features like ABS brakes and a sturdy steel frame make it a smart choice. With a comfy seat and smooth suspension, it's perfect for riders of all levels who want a great bike without breaking the bank.

9. 2024 TRIUMPH SPEED 400

BASE MSRP: $4,995

2024 Triumph Speed 400 carnival red and storm grey top 10 cheapest new motorcycles

The Triumph Speed 400, a result of the historic collaboration between Triumph Motorcycles and Bajaj Auto, emerges as a beacon of affordability in the motorcycle market. Its anticipated competitive pricing, aimed at making the prestigious British brand accessible to a wider audience, positions the Speed 400 as a formidable contender against established names like BMW's G 310 R, KTM's 390 Duke, and Royal Enfield's 350 series. Without compromising on the hallmark quality and performance synonymous with Triumph, the Speed 400 promises to offer unparalleled value, inviting motorcycle enthusiasts to experience the legacy of Triumph at a price point that is as attractive as its engineering and design.


BASE MSRP: $4,699

2024 Royal Enfield Classic 350 Halcyon black top 10 cheapest new motorcycles

The Royal Enfield Classic 350, drawing inspiration from the historic G2 model of the 1950s, stands as a beacon of affordability in classic motorcycles. With a starting Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $4,599, it not only offers enthusiasts a passage into the legacy of timeless British motorcycling but does so with an attractive price tag. This pricing strategy, combined with the allure of dual-channel ABS, various color options, and the assurance of a 3-year unlimited mile warranty plus roadside assistance, underscores Royal Enfield's commitment to providing value and tradition in a single, accessible package. This approach allows riders of all levels to experience the distinct thump and heritage of a Classic 350. It is a compelling choice for those looking to own a piece of motorcycling history without breaking the bank.

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Bottom Line: Cheapest New Motorcycles of 2024

The search for affordable new motorcycles has never been more rewarding, thanks to the diverse range of options available in 2024. Whether you're a seasoned rider looking to add to your collection or a beginner eager to embark on your motorcycling journey, selecting the cheapest new motorcycles provides something for everyone. The highlighted models from Honda, Suzuki, BMW, Kawasaki, KTM, Triumph, and Royal Enfield showcase that quality, performance, and style can come at a price that won't break the bank. With each brand bringing its unique blend of features and character to the table, riders are spoilt for choice in finding a motorcycle that fits their budget and lifestyle. Embrace the open road with these economically priced bikes and join the ever-growing community of riders who prove that the joy of motorcycling is accessible to all.