Riding a Harley-Davidson Across America

May 26, 2024


3 harleys on road (black_white) Take the Great American Motorcycle Trip with Harley-Davidson

Taking a motorcycle trip across the United States is more than just a journey—it's an embodiment of freedom and adventure, especially when riding a Harley-Davidson. Renowned for their rugged reliability and iconic style, Harley-Davidson motorcycles offer the perfect companion for exploring the vast, scenic landscapes of America. Here’s how you can make the most of your Great American Motorcycle Trip on a Harley.

Planning Your Route – Top Scenic Drives for Harley Riders

When it comes to choosing your route, the United States is riddled with roads that make for memorable rides. From the sun-drenched expanses of Route 66 to the twisting turns of the Pacific Coast Highway, Harley riders have an abundance of choices. Consider the historic Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and North Carolina for a ride through picturesque forests and pastoral landscapes. For those seeking dramatic views, the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado offers unrivaled vistas with a side of thrilling rides.

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Preparing Your Harley for the Long Journey

Preparation is key to enjoying your road trip without hiccups. Start with a thorough maintenance check of your Harley. Ensure your oil is changed, tires are in good shape, and brakes are functioning well. Equip your ride with suitable luggage solutions like saddlebags or a pannier system, and consider comfort-enhancing modifications such as upgraded seat options or handlebar adjustments tailored to long-distance travel.

Tips for Touring on a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Touring on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle can be a thrilling experience with the right preparation. Here are some tips: 

  • First, plan your route carefully to include stops and accommodations. Check your Harley thoroughly before setting out, focusing on tire pressure, oil levels, and brakes. 
  • Pack light but essential, including a tool kit, first aid kit, and weather-appropriate clothing. 
  • Opt for a GPS and maps for navigation. 
  • On the road, stay hydrated, take regular breaks to stretch and rest, and always wear appropriate safety gear. 
  • Lastly, familiarize yourself with your bike's handling and capabilities to enjoy a smooth ride.

harley chopper Take the Great American Motorcycle Trip with Harley-Davidson

Essentials for Every Harley Tourist

On a long motorcycle trip, the right gear can make a significant difference. Invest in high-quality riding gear—helmet, jacket, gloves, and boots—that provides both protection and comfort. For gadgets, a reliable GPS system designed for motorcycles is indispensable. Also, consider mounting a GoPro or similar camera to capture the sweeping landscapes and dynamic moments of your journey.

Roadside Attractions and Must-Visit Stops

America’s backroads and byways are dotted with unique attractions that beckon for a stop. Plan your itinerary to include visits to landmarks like the Grand Canyon or quirky roadside attractions like Carhenge in Nebraska. Make time to discover local diners and historic towns where you can experience regional culture and hospitality—integral parts of the Harley touring experience.

Safety Tips for Long-Distance Motorcycle Trips

Safety should always be a priority. Always wear appropriate gear and be prepared for changing weather conditions by packing rain gear and layers. Stay hydrated, take regular breaks to rest, and keep a basic tool kit along with a first aid kit handy. Additionally, familiarize yourself with your route in advance to avoid last-minute navigation challenges.

Connecting with Other Harley Enthusiasts

One of the joys of riding a Harley is being part of a vibrant community of riders. Look up local Harley owners' groups or online forums before your trip. Participating in events or meet-ups along your route can enhance your experience and provide local insights that enrich your journey.

The Journey of a Lifetime Awaits

Your Great American Motorcycle Trip on a Harley-Davidson promises not just a tour, but a voyage into the heart of what makes road travel profoundly liberating. With the wind in your face and the road stretching before you, each mile brings a new discovery, each turn offers a new vista, and every day ends with the promise of another adventure.

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Pick a Comfortable Harley for Your Next Ride

Looking for a comfortable touring bike for your next long adventure? 

For a comfortable long-distance motorcycle ride, Harley-Davidson offers several models with features designed for ease and enjoyment. Important comfort factors include a cushioned seat, relaxed handlebar and footpeg positioning, smooth suspension, and effective wind protection. Models like the Electra Glide, Road Glide, Road King, Ultra Limited, and Softail Classic are especially comfortable, offering plush seats, good windshields, and great suspension. The Ultra Limited also includes an infotainment system, while the Road King has detachable features for versatility. To find the best fit for you, consider renting different Harley-Davidson models to see which one suits your needs the best.

red harley motorcycle parked on side of road Take the Great American Motorcycle Trip with Harley-Davidson

Get Ready

Experience the ultimate freedom and adventure on your very own “Great American Motorcycle Trip” with a Harley-Davidson, traversing the vast landscapes of the United States. Carefully choose your route to include iconic roads like Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway. Prepare your Harley with a thorough maintenance check and equip it with necessary travel accessories. For a successful tour, pack light, stay hydrated, and take regular breaks to ensure comfort and safety. Opt for models like the Electra Glide or Road King for their comfort and handling, and consider renting different models to find the perfect fit for your journey. Connect with other Harley enthusiasts along the way to enhance your experience. Ready to hit the open road? Check out Harley-Davidson rentals and start planning your adventure today.