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I can't make my pick up day and time. What happens?

Please let the owner know, and then you can either request to re-schedule, or cancel the reservation. Read More »

Can I ride the bike over the border to Mexico?

Your adventure awaits, with just a few extra steps! Read More »

I’m about to return the bike I'm renting. Do I need to wash the bike?

The best bet is the old adage: 'Leave everything better than how you found it'. Thank you! Read More »

Do you allow one way rentals?

Yes, however we do not arrange them for you. Read More »

I can't make my drop off day and time. What happens?

Please contact the owner to re-schedule a drop off time. The owner may choose to extend the rental or assess late fees, so be polite and courteous when explaining your situation! Read More »

Can I rent using Riders Share to pass the motorcycle license test?

No, unless you have a motorcycle license from another state or country already. We have very strict requirements about who can rent from our marketplace. Read More »

Can I message the owner before I book a motorcycle?

Yes! Please do. Make sure to keep transactions on the platform to avoid scams, and report offenders to support@riders-share.com. Read More »

Can I rent using Riders Share using a foreign motorcycle license?

Yes. You can select the country of your license during the license verification process. Please make sure the motorcycle endorsement on your license is clearly visible. Read More »

What about gear?

You may bring your own or rent it from the owners. Some of them will let you borrow it for free! You can use filters in search results to find motorcycles that come with gear. Read More »

What are the requirements to rent using Riders Share?

We are very strict about who can rent to keep the platform as safe as possible. To be able to rent, the renter must: Read More »

How does insurance work for renters?

You may purchase a damage waiver at the time of checkout. Remember, most personal motorcycle policies won't cover motorcycle rentals! Read More »

How does renting work?

Browse through motorcycle rentals. Request to book a bike. Ride. Return the bike. Read More »

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