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License Requirements and FAQs

To rent with Riders Share, you must be age 21 or older, and hold a valid license with motorcycle endorsement (for vehicles not requiring an M license, see "Other vehicles" section below). We accept licenses from any state or country, as long as we can confidently identify your motorcycle licensure.

How do I submit my license for verification?
To verify your license, begin creating an account (Log in > Sign Up). Once you enter and verify your phone number, a link is sent via text, prompting you to verify your license. If your mobile browser does not have access to your phone camera, you will need to allow access! Follow the directions provided in the pop-up and then submit your license. The verification flow may ask you to take a "selfie" in order to confirm your identity. Most licenses can be verified within minutes, although some may take longer.

If you have issues submitting your license, please email the submission to support@riders-share.com

Do you accept motorcycle permits?
No, we cannot accept learner's permits. We can only accept those who are fully licensed. If you have been licensed with endorsement in another country, you can submit a copy to our support email to see if an exception can be made.

I was given a temporary paper license, will it work?
No, we cannot accept paper licenses. They imply a rider is inexperienced, and are not suitable for identity verification purposes. If you currently hold a paper temporary license, you will not be approved for a rental. You may apply when you have received your new, hard copy license with endorsement.

I am licensed in Europe, can I rent with Riders Share?
Most likely, yes! If you live within the EU, you need to carry the "A" class on your driving license. Tiers below "A" will only be approved for scooters below 50cc.

Why was my license declined?
Licenses can be declined for many reasons. Your decline notification email should cite the specific reasoning. If you are under 21, hold a paper license, permit/restricted license, or have an expired license, verification will fail. Email support if you believe there has been a mistake regarding your license.

Will I need to submit my license again?
Your license is stored securely within your Riders Share account, so you won't have to verify each time you rent. The vehicle owner will ask to verify your license when you arrive, (like checking in to a hotel). We require them to submit a photo of your ID to confirm they have done so.

I'm in the military, and my license doesn't expire.
If your license does not denote your active military status and expiry exception, please email your (US) military ID to support@riders-share.com.

Other Vehicles
The Riders Share marketplace is home not only to motorcycles, but to scooters, Can-ams, Slingshots, and more!

You do not need a motorcycle license to rent:
-scooters under 50cc
-Polaris Slingshots (except in NY, AK, and MA) - please note, some are manual transmission!
-Can-ams in California, Nevada, and South Carolina ONLY

We hope to offer dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and more in the future!