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Renter Terms

Riders Share Renter Account Terms

Please review the following terms prior to application to use the Riders Share service as a “Renter.” The following terms incorporate the Riders Share Terms of Service. At the time of application, you will be asked to acknowledge and agree that all the information you will submitting is true and accurate. You agree and understand that if, Riders Share, at their discretion allows a Renter account to be registered through this Service you will be under an obligation to ensure that any required information, your use of these Services, and documentation of licensure or driving record as Riders Share may require in the process of application, and thereafter, shall be accurate and complete. Your acknowledgement shall form a binding contract which allows you to use these Services for the purpose of contracting with other users through the Riders Share platform.


Application and Documentation

You agree and understand that Riders Share may require documentation, acceptable at their discretion, sufficient to demonstrate that you require proper motorcycle licensure, or proof of an acceptable driving record and that you have valid title. You agree and understand that Riders Share at their discretion, and as may be required by law is authorized to access your driving record. You agree and promise to check all communications received through your Renter dashboard and respond timely to all requests for documentation or further information.  You acknowledge that Riders Share relies on the information you submit during registration, and all further uses of these Services to be accurate and complete.


Renters Obligations

You acknowledge that your use of these Services and every Rental or use of these Services shall conform to all incorporated Terms and Conditions. Specifically, you have reviewed Prohibited Uses and Renters Guidelines. You acknowledge that you shall accept financial responsibility for vehicles rented from other Users of this platform, including but not limited to roadside assistance costs. You agree that you shall follow Rental and Reservation procedures as listed below. You shall observe all local and state laws regarding safety gear and safe driving, you must wear a helmet while using a motorcycle, you understand that you may responsible for demonstrating your compliance to all Terms and Policies, and the Terms of your Reservation Agreement, including identifying and accepting responsibility for Passengers you designate during the Reservation process. You further agree and understand that if you demonstrate in any way that you are not prepared to assume these obligations, Owner may decline to begin the Rental and you may forfeit your Reservation payment, or have your Renter account suspended or terminated as a result. You also re-confirm that you are at least 21 years or older. Riders under 25 must have at least three years of verifiable riding experience.


Renters Acknowledgment

Riders Share may make certain assumptions in reliance on information submitted by Users (Renters and Owners). You acknowledge that your application for a Renter account means that you warrant to Riders Share and our community that you possess a valid license and the requisite skill to operate any vehicle you reserve. Additionally, you warrant that you possess sufficient knowledge to inspect any vehicle delivered or presented in order to perform a sufficient inspection prior to beginning the Rental period. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to make a sufficient inspection and document any existing damage or other relevant issues you detect prior to the Rental period. You understand that Riders Share requires Owners to warrant that their motorcycles are in safe, operable, and well-maintained condition. However, you agree and understand that Riders Share cannot undertake to investigate and ensure the sufficiency and accuracy of information provided by all Users. Accordingly, you assume all inherent risks, and agree to document and report any detected issues or inaccuracies in Owners listing.


Renters Account

Renter agrees that the continued registration of their account is conditioned by their adherence to all incorporated Terms and Conditions. Renter further agrees and acknowledges that the purpose of these Services is to facilitate a rental transaction between Renter and Owner. You agree and understand that the Riders Share Service is provided for you to enter into a reservation and rental agreement between Users. Riders Share provides administrative support in this process, including model Reservation Agreements, and maintenance of the Riders Share platform. Riders Share is not a party to the agreement between Users, nor do we provide legal advice beyond providing a template for recording agreements between Users. Riders Share does not undertake to warrant the sufficiency or accuracy of information as communicated between Users, however Riders Share reserves the right to terminate or suspend User accounts deemed to violate the incorporated Terms and Conditions.


Acceptance of Riders Share as Agent

Riders Share, in order to provide these services shall act as a limited agent in order to facilitate transactions between Users. In this capacity, Users agree that Riders Share shall be appointed Administrative Agent as further set forth here. Riders Share, working with trusted third parties (including Stripe and insurance providers) shall act as Agent for Users with regards to processing Owner Payments and assisting in the Insurance process.


Riders Share Obligations

Riders Share does not act as Insurer, Payment Processor, nor are we a party to Users contracts. Our responsibility is to maintain the Services and Platform and provide administrative Services to ensure their continued operation and quality of User experience. For provision of this Platform, Administrative Services, and User Accounts, Riders Share charges transactional fees equivalent to 25% of the transactions between Users before Rental fees are distributed to Owners. Renters shall be charged additional fees on a basis calculated per trip, or for payment of additional Insurance for payment to third-party Insurer. Such Renter fees shall be calculated and submitted to Renter prior to booking a reservation.


Reservation and Rental Procedures:

Once you have selected a motorcycle you wish to rent please follow the Reservation procedures as indicated in the Owners listing. Owner is required to respond to Reservation Requests in a timely manner, if Owner should have any questions, or require additional information, Renter must also ensure all communication is timely, or Reservation Requests may lapse or otherwise be terminated for non-response. 


Once Renter and Owner have agreed to the reservation and rental terms, the Parties shall then be required to execute a Reservation Agreement that reflects the Terms of the Agreement between them and acknowledges Riders Share’s supporting role in the Transaction. Through the User dashboard, Owner will send the will send the address for the pick-up and drop-off of the Rental.


Please arrive at the Pick-up on-time with a copy of your valid license (no temporary permits accepted), and in a manner that satisfies the terms of your Reservation (i.e. with designated Passengers, required safety gear if not being provided by Owner, etc.). The Rental period does not commence until you have presented your valid license and satisfied Owner as to the terms of your Reservation Agreement.



At the time of Pick-up, Renter shall receive specific instructions from Owner with regards to the operation of their motorcycle. At this time make note, of any damage or defects to the motorcycle.


In the event you fail to produce a valid license, or otherwise are unable to meet the Terms of the Reservation Agreement between you and Owner, including presenting any obvious inclinations to operate the vehicle in violation of the Prohibited Activities terms listed below, Owner is under no obligation to commence the Rental period. You may forfeit any reservation fees for failure to produce a valid license for the vehicle, or inability to satisfy the terms of the Reservation Agreement, or apparent inability to operate the vehicle without violating the Prohibited Activities terms.


If you present a valid license, and otherwise are in compliance with the Reservation terms, understand that upon submission by the Owner of a photo of your valid license next to the odometer shall commence the Rental or Trip period. You are instructed to upload or document any photos of defects or damaged detected prior to the Rental period. Understand the submission by Owner of the Photo of your license will be time-stamped and considered the commencement of the Rental period.


Routine Maintenance and Fueling Responsibilities

Renter, during the Trip or Rental Period assumes all responsibility for checking fluid, fuel and air pressure levels, based on the length of the trip, as may be communicated to you in the Vehicle listing, Reservation Agreement, or instructions communicated to you by Owner. In the event of mechanical failure, Renter shall promptly report issues to the Owner. Upon return of the motorcycle, Renter may be held responsible for any damages beyond normal wear and tear deemed to be the result of negligent operation or failure to provide routine maintenance.



Please ensure that fuel levels are the same as when the Rental period commenced, or you may be charged for the difference.


At the time you return the motorcycle, please describe any issues encountered during the Rental period, to the extent you had not done so during the Rental Period. If the issues are the result of normal wear and tear, providing such information will be helpful to Owner and allow for safe and enjoyable use of the Riders Share service for the Riders Share community.


Safe Renting Policy

At all times during the Rental Period please retain a copy of the Reservation Agreement, and the Insurance card you have been provided through the Riders Share dashboard.


Renter agrees that they shall use all legally required safety gear, including helmets, as required in the municipality or state where the Rental shall occur. It shall be Renter’s responsibility to ensure that appropriate safety gear is used regardless of whether it is supplied or rented from Owner according to terms agreed by the Parties.


Further, regardless of whether the law in your jurisdiction requires mandatory use of certain safety gear, including helmets, Renter acknowledges that Riders Share requires use of appropriate safety gear appropriate for your riding ability, and in acknowledgment that you may be unfamiliar with the motorcycle you have rented.


Similarly, Riders Share requires you to identify by name any Passenger you shall convey during the Trip or Rental period at the time you submit any prospective reservation to be booked. Any Passenger must be at least 21 years or older.


Renter is responsible for further ensuring that Passenger is familiar with motorcycle safety laws in your city and/or state. Passengers are required to review the Terms and Conditions of Riders Share. By submitting Passengers name and booking a registration with their information, Renter represents that Passenger has reviewed and accepted all incorporated Terms and Conditions. By so doing, Renter shall assume the responsibility and risk for ensuring that Passenger is in compliance with all applicable motorcycle safety and helmet laws.


Further Riders Share requires Renter to review the Insurance and Damage Waiver options available at the time of check out. Renter agrees and understands that they assume all inherent risks and responsibilities in selecting the appropriate coverage, for ensuring they have the requisite skill required for safe operation of the motorcycle to be rented, and that they have taken responsibility, financially and otherwise, for ensuring their Passenger shall comply with all laws and these Terms during the Rental or Trip Period.


Prohibited Activities

Renter agrees and understands that any of the following activities on the part of Renter or designated Passenger under Renters control, during the reservation period, prior to beginning of the Trip or Rental period may result in cancellation of the reservation, early termination of rental, and non-performance of the Rental, OR, if any of the following activity occurs during the Rental period may negate any Insurance coverage, or results in the termination or suspension of their Renter account, or forfeiture of any monies paid during the Reservation process. Using, or attempting to use a vehicle rented through these Services:


·       Without a valid appropriate license in good standing, presented and documented at time of drop-off

·       With a suspended license, or without full disclosure of driving record or infractions

·       Without demonstrable requisite skill at time of drop-off

·       While under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medications, or any type of impairment that might prevent safe operation

·       Authorizing persons not specifically disclosed on the Reservation to operate or ride as a Passenger

·       Without legally required safety equipment in acceptable condition whether or not provided by Owner

·       Operating motorcycle without proper maintenance (i.e. replenishing fuel, fluids, maintaining tire pressure)

·       Altering motorcycle in any way

·       Off-road operation, racetrack, or operation on anything other than finished, paved roads

·       In a reckless manner i.e. Stunt driving, wheelies, burn-outs etc.

·       Riding motorcycle in manner not intended by the manufacturer

·       Failing to heed Owners specific instructions particular to the motorcycle being rented

·       Using the Motorcycle to tow or push an object, or in excess of manufacturers load limits.

·       For commercial uses unless specifically approved by Riders Share or the Owner

·       While Renter is distracted, for example, smoking, eating, texting, operating a cellphone or other device while driving

·       To enter a race or competition unless specifically disclosed and allowed according to Reservation terms

·       In the commission of any criminal or reckless act

·       Without reporting an accident, or malfunction as soon as possible to Owner, and/or Riders Share

Riders Share may decline, cancel, or terminate early any Rental at it's sole discretion should such action be deemed by Riders Share in its or the owners best interest.

Owner may cancel reservation at the time of drop-off, if Renter is unable to provide valid motorcycle license, does not possess required safety gear, is visibly impaired, or demonstrates a lack of basic skill in the operation of a clutch, or manual transmission, or any skills fundamental to safe motorcycle operation. Owner is under no duty to perform any extensive assessment of skill and preparedness to begin the Rental period, but may in their discretion cancel the Trip or Rental if Renter is unable to provide a valid license or presents an appreciable threat to engage in Prohibited Activities or otherwise violate the Terms and Conditions of this Service or the Reservation Agreement between the Parties.


Riders Share shall defer to the judgement of owner, and may accept proof, documentation or narrative description of either party in the event an informal dispute resolution process in initiated pursuant to the Riders Share Administrative terms.


In the Event of an Accident.

•       Notify authorities and seek medical attention immediately.

•       As soon as practical, inform the Owner and allow them to retrieve and take possession of the motorcycle to prevent further damage or expense to be incurred that you may otherwise be held responsible for.

•       Obtain names, addresses, phone numbers (work, home) and license numbers of all persons involved, including passengers and witnesses.

•       Obtain license plate number and state of equipment involved in the accident

•       To the extent possible, take photos of accident and document any damages to Passengers, or third party or other property damage

•       For smaller incidents, do not attempt to repair damage or replace parts without the Owner's consent

•       File a claim on the Riders Share website

•       There are no refunds for trip days remaining in the reservation following an accident.