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Can anyone I know do the key exchange for me?

Yes, as long as they follow all the procedures: inspecting and taking pictures of the bike, making sure renter is capable of riding (ex. sober and skilled enough),  and verifying identity and valid motorcycle license. Read More »

When do I report a missing bike?

You must email Riders Share immediately if the renter is 15 minutes late to return the motorcycle. If neither Riders Share nor the owner can contact the renter after an hour of the rental termination time, the owner must report to the police. Read More »

After a few rentals, I'm noticing scratches and damage. What do I do?

Please examine the motorcycle after each rental, and make sure to complete the check-in and check-out processes: we can't confirm when damage occurred without proof. Read More »

I just got a parking ticket in the mail. How do I process it to get reimbursed?

Pay the ticket before it accrues late fees. The renter must pay all tickets (other than photo tickets*) for events occurring during the trip. Read More »

Will owners be sent tax forms from income such as a 1099?

Yes, depending on the state and federal requirements. Read More »

How many motorcycles can I list?

The more the merrier. Just make sure they are safe to ride and maintenance is up to date. Read More »

What motorcycles can be listed?

We allow all kinds of motorcycles on Riders Share, including scooters, and have the same strict requirements for renters, regardless of bike type. Read More »

What happens if someone doesn't return my bike on time?

In the event of a late return, owners are entitled to charge late fees to renters if they choose to do so. Read More »

How does damage protection work for owners?

We have damage protection plans that protect your bike from damage for the duration of the rental, up to $30,000. Every rental that is not under the Commercial plan is covered. Read More »

How much do I get paid? How do I get paid?

You have control over the daily price of your bike, and you can also give discounts for longer rentals (Hint: longer rentals mean more money for the same amount of work!). Read More »

What should I check/confirm before listing my bike?

Before listing your bike, please check and confirm the following, to protect you and our renters: Read More »

What happens when I get a booking request?

When you get a booking request, you will receive the trip details and contact information of the renter. Read More »

How does pricing work?

How does pricing work at Riders Share? Read More »

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