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What is "motorcycle sharing" and why is it good for riders?


Motorcycles are ridden less than 2,000 miles per year, compared to 12,000 for cars. At the same time, there are about 30 million licensed riders and just under 10 million motorcycles in the United States. There are millions who would occasionally ride motorcycles if it wasn't for the steep prices of motorcycle rentals.

So by "sharing", we really mean you can now start a motorcycle rentals business - all you need is a motorcycle. We want to put those unused motorcycles to good use; connect them to people who want to ride but can't afford it. It's a peer-to-peer motorcycle rentals marketplace.

By getting rid of brick-and-mortar costs, Riders Share's goal is to make motorcycle riding more affordable. That way, we will get more motorcyclists back on the road; increase motorcycle awareness and maybe even spark a comeback for motorcycles among young people.