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Why Riders Share instead of old school rental shops, or Craigslist?


Riders Share vs. a traditional rental shop:

  1. Variety of motorcycles and locations
  2. Lower prices
  3. Flexible cancellation policies
  4. You get the exact bike you pick
  5. You help other riders afford their bike....or get more bikes!
  6. 6. 40%+ of our bikes are available for delivery

Riders Share vs. Craigslist:

Mainly because of the unique insurance policy we purchased. Most personal policies won't cover your bike if you rent it out. Unlike cars, it is nearly impossible to get motorcycle rental insurance, and it is likely your personal motorcycle policy does not cover motorcycle rentals. On top of our policy, we may run checks to verify driving/criminal track records and filter out the bad ones. Furthermore, we advertise to find demand for your motorcycle(s). We are on quite a few major motorcycle publications already!