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How does Riders Share work?


Hello! We hope you find Riders Share easy to use. Click one of the links below to learn more about how it works:

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How does it work?

In some ways we are similar to Airbnb and Turo. After picking a bike they'd like to rent, prospective renters can message owners and then send a booking request. When a renter registers with us, a background check and credit check may be processed. Once owner and renter have agreed on terms, an owner has 12 hours to approve the booking request. Renters may cancel the booking with no penalty prior to approval. After an owner approves a booking, renters receive their contact info, including exact location and phone number.

Renters pick up the bike at the owner's location, or they can pay extra to have it delivered. Both will be asked to inspect the motorcycle and submit pictures of the condition of the bike before and after each trip.

Please review our flexible cancellation policy. We process refunds immediately although your bank may take up to 10 days to update your account. Please refer to the Help For Owners and Help For Renters for more detail, as well as the Terms of Service.

What is "motorcycle sharing", and why is it good for riders?

Motorcycles are ridden less than 3,000 miles per year, compared to 12,000 for cars. At the same time, there are about 30 million licensed riders and just under 9 million registered motorcycles in the United States. There are millions who would occasionally ride motorcycles if it wasn't for the steep prices of motorcycle rentals, or motorcycle ownership.

By getting rid of brick-and-mortar costs, Riders Share's goal is to make motorcycle riding more affordable. That way, we will get more motorcyclists back on the road; increase motorcycle awareness and maybe even spark a comeback for motorcycles among young people.

So, by "sharing", we really mean you can now start a motorcycle rentals business - all you need is a motorcycle. We want to put those unused motorcycles to good use; connect them to people who want to ride but can't afford it. It's a peer-to-peer motorcycle rentals marketplace.

Why Riders Share, and not Craigslist?

Mainly because Riders Share is able to offer insurance options that would otherwise be unavailable to them (please review our Terms and Policies for more information). Most personal policies won't cover your bike if you rent it out. Unlike cars, it is nearly impossible to get motorcycle rental insurance, and it is likely your personal motorcycle policy does not cover motorcycle rentals. On top of our policy, we may run checks to verify driving/criminal track records and make every effort to ensure the Riders Share community is safe. Furthermore, we advertise to find demand for your motorcycle(s). We are on quite a few major motorcycle publications already.

How many motorcycles can I list?

The more the merrier. Just make sure they are safe to ride and maintenance is up to date, and meet other requirements in our Terms of Service.

How much do I get paid?

You have control over the daily price of your bike, and you can also give discounts for longer rentals (Hint: longer rentals mean more money for the same amount of work!). Riders Share takes a 30% cut (25% for Power Owners!) of the rental price you set, and we offer options from 15% to 40% (see Owner Guidelines for latest pricing) . Please note we may assess renters additional fees or sell them ancillary services.

Can I message the owner before I book a motorcycle?

Yes! Please do. We require that renter and owner complete their transaction through Riders Share in our Terms and Policies. If anyone asks you to make an arrangement off the platform it could be a scam, and we request you let us know immediately to protect the Riders Share community by contacting us at support@riders-share.com.

We now require people to verify they have a motorcycle license before messaging owners, unless you explicitly waive the requirement.

Can I rent using Riders Share to pass the motorcycle license test?

No, unless you have a prior motorcycle license from another country or state. We have very strict requirements about who can rent from our marketplace to keep it safe: 21 or older, valid motorcycle endorsed license, and you must meet the requirements set forth in more detail in our Terms of Service. Or consult the tips found here that will tell you what other Users of our platform have found to be successful tips: Help For Renters.

Can I rent using Riders Share using a foreign motorcycle license?

Yes. Please select the country of your license when checking out. If you select the wrong country, the process won't work, and you will need to email support@riders-share.com to have us fix it!

What kind of motorcycles are allowed?

We allow all kinds of motorcycles on Riders Share, including scooters, as long as they meet all Riders Share requirements, and are newer than 20 years old, regardless of bike type. Our community has found that motorcycles 5 years old or newer are most successful and easiest to rent (less incidents of breakdowns or other mechanical issues). Our community strongly prefers touring, adventure and cruiser motorcycles as they are statistically less likely to crash. Remember our insurance does not cover mechanical issues, but we do offer roadside assistance!

I can't make my bike drop off day and time. What happens?

If you anticipate to be late, please contact the owner in advance to re-schedule a drop off time, Our community has found that when you are polite and courteous, and explain your situation, owners are often flexible and willing to extend the Reservation period!

I can't make my pick up day and time. What happens?

Please review our cancellation policy. No-shows can lead to cancellation of your Reservation, forfeiting fees paid, or having late fees assessed. Please give the Owner plenty of notice, as to avoid forfeiting any fees you have paid. Besides that, we always encourage you to be courteous to other members of our Community, cancelling causes major inconveniences to owners so please be mindful.

Do you partner with motorcycle tour companies?

Yes! We will add a page to promote motorcycle tours soon. In the meantime, check out our tour partners!


The Riding Obsession.

Arizona, Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois:

MotoRide Tours


Rocky Trax!

Other tips?

As a renter, never leave the motorcycle unlocked. Use the steering wheel lock and follow the instructions an owner gives you at drop-off. As an owner, we recommend having a wheel lock as an extra precaution. So far, theft only happened once in over several thousand trips; and we want it to happen even less frequently. Be safe!

One more thing...

People must be nice and polite to each other on this platform for things to work, no matter what. If you are rude to us or to each other by email, phone, text message or social media, we are probably going to ban you, because we can't have that type of behavior on the platform.

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Disclaimer: Riders Share offers guidance based on what we have found to be effective and helpful for our Users and Community members. In the event of conflict, remember our Terms of Service and incorporated policies will control. Review your Account Policies, and any Reservation Agreement presented to you. These strategies and tips our Community members have found useful are offered for informational purposes.