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Help For Renters

With Riders Share, you rent from a person who may end up becoming a riding buddy and close friend.

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What are the advantages of Riders Share over old school rentals?

  1. Variety of low prices, locations and bikes
  2. Unlimited mileage (unless owner otherwise states so, which is rare)
  3. Flexible cancellation policies
  4. You get the exact bike you pick
  5. You help riders afford their bike....or get more bikes!

What are the requirements to rent using Riders Share?

We are very strict about who can rent to keep the platform as safe as possible. To be able to rent:

  • 21 or older
  • Credit Card only
  • Valid motorcycle license (or equivalent), unless the vehicle does not require it. We do not take temporary licenses unless you have had a prior motorcycle license before.
  • Allow us to run a background check when you book motorcycle to look at your driving record and credit score

How does it work?

  1. Pick a bike, a damage waiver option and then request a booking. You will receive the owner email and phone number.
  2. Owner has 12 hours to approve or else we 100% refund you.
  3. Exact location of bike revealed upon approval, along with important info via an email from Riders Share
  4. Ride day! Meet the owner, show your license (and passport if non-US), document preexisting damage on the bike, get the keys and get going! Please be safe and wear a helmet.
  5. Remember, only YOU can ride the bike. Do not lend it to anyone else.
  6. Make sure the bike's steering wheel is always locked when you are not riding it. If available, always use the wheel lock too.
  7. Upon return, document the bike again for damage. Call the number on the insurance card for claims if you purchased insurance

We would love to hear from your trip. Send pictures, experiences, comments and suggestions to support@riders-share.com.

What about gear?

You may bring your own or rent it from the owners. Some of them will let you borrow it for free! You can use the filters in search results to find motorcycles that come with gear.

Is unlimited mileage included?

Yes! However, some owners may choose to limit mileage. If so, they will clearly state it in their motorcycle listing.

What about fuel?

Please be courteous and return the bike with a full gas tank, and you may be rewarded with 5 star reviews. If you return the gas tank below what the owner provided you, the owner may charge you for the difference.

There are reviews?

Yes, you have 7 days to leave a review from the end of the trip.

How does insurance work?

Full details here.

  • You may purchase damage waivers at the time of checkout. Remember, most personal motorcycle policies won't cover motorcycle rentals!
  • You can see the prices of damage waivers after you create an account and click the Book button
  • You have 72 hours to file a claim, and you can do it on our site. The Owner may file it on your behalf if you are unable to do so.

In case of accident:

• Seek medical attention if needed.

• Notify the police immediately.

• Obtain names, addresses, phone numbers (work, home) and license numbers of all persons involved, including passengers and witnesses.

• Obtain license plate number and state of equipment involved in the accident

• Take photos of accident and any damages to third party or other property damage

• If you purchased Protection, file a claim on the website in the Trips or Bookings section

Do you allow one way rentals?


Please CLICK HERE to fill out a form with your trip details.

Our team will quote you the cost within 2 business days.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy your ride!