Top Winter Motorcycle Routes & More

Oct 17, 2022

It is now November, and many parts of the country are getting colder and colder.

Alas, not all is lost.

Here is a list of destinations that have excellent weather year-round for riding, and some that have even better riding weather during the winter than during the summer. Or if you want to take a longer trip across multiple states and destinations, this is a fun southern trip idea, including a Mexico stop. If you prefer to stay at home and the weather is super cold, you'd be surprised at the effectiveness of windshields.

These articles contain roads to explore, and if you have suggestions for us, please email We tried to cover as many states as possible so folks from either coast or the Midwest have destinations to visit and ride without breaking the bank.

1. Southern California

This is an obvious one. Southern California is nice to ride all year round. It is mildly less fun during June Gloom, but the Golden state is a favorite - there is a reason why we started the company there before relocating to Austin, TX, and it definitely wasn't a business one. We have hundreds of bikes in Los Angeles alone for you to plan a fun trip, or maybe an escapade during a business trip.

Los Angeles:


Orange Country:

San Diego:

Riding Route 66 on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

2. Florida

The state actually becomes nicer to ride during the winter. Hurricane season usually is behind us by November, and then it becomes one of the warmer states to ride in the country from December to March without the pesky rain and humid heat of the summer. Florida has a reputation for flat straight roads, so we show you the hidden gems, nice beaches and unique nature to see.




West Palm Beach:

3. Hawaii

Rumor has it that Hawaii airfare is super cheap right now, but is still an expensive destination for most of us riders. If you can afford a trip to Hawaii, its roads are an embarrassment of riches, beautiful views and twisty roads.

4. Las Vegas

This state is pretty hot during the summer, well over 100 degrees, but it is common for it to be 80 degrees during October. There are very famous roads in the area around Las Vegas, and dozens of rental options on Riders Share.

Las Vegas, Nevada.

5. Arizona

If you are in Las Vegas, you can use this trip idea to head to Arizona next. Arizona is another state that is super hot in the summer, and perfect for riding in the winter. That is one of many reasons why people love to vacation here in the winter.

Indian Motorcycle parked near Sedona, Arizona.

6. Texas

Did you know motorcycles get free parking during Formula 1 and Moto GP events? That's right, and the Formula 1 race is coming up in Austin pretty soon, so book your rides before the entire city is rented like last time.


Formula 1, Moto GP, Austin City Limits, excellent BBQ restaurants, Riders Share's headquarters, bachelorette and bachelor you need more reasons to visit us?

San Antonio:

The Riverwalk in San Antonio is SO underrated. Seriously y'all, it's America's Venice and you can walk or boat around drinking margaritas (but no riding with margaritas, you troublemaker).